Mold Mitigation & Remediation

When it comes to remediation efforts, the “M” word is not one that Bigfoot throws around lightly. This particular service offered centers around a subject that is incredibly misunderstood; much more so that water damage Denver, smoke damage, or fire damage.

Honestly, mold, in general, is pretty much everywhere. It exists indoors, outdoors, in dry environments, as well as in environments that humidity and moisture levels are heightened.

Unfortunately, many water damage Denver restoration companies focus on this fact and resort to using extreme language and recommendations to property owners..yes, the “scare tactic” is incredibly prevalent when it comes to the mold dynamic.

Bigfoot Restoration, however, is assuredly not caught up or interested in this approach.  In fact, it’s one of the main reasons they have a stellar reputation. They will always educate the client about the reality of their specific situation and the most appropriate way to create the safest environment for the property in question.

To be brief, mold is simply a fungus that grows in the form of hyphae. Molds can be very diverse, and can assume a presence in a number of different environments, and for many different reasons. Obviously, trying to comprehend a potential situation can become overwhelming very quickly. Understanding this, Bigfoot makes every effort to help the property owner navigate through the language that is typically a part of a visual and/or professional testing assessment.

To be sure, there is really no such thing as a typical mold problem. Each situation is purely dependent on a number of qualifiers including: a specific cause for growth-there has to be a source of moisture..usually some sort of failing component..that is providing a major player in the game. Additionally, the material present in the affected area-there has to be some amount of organic matter to foster growth. Also, the environment of the loss-is the area of loss creating a situation that encourages growth. There are certainly other factors, but diagnosing these three are of utmost importance to gathering information and developing the plan.

Bigfoot is big on results…results that are definitively measurable. Because of this, they will always advise the inclusion of a professional indoor environmental specialist. Many water damage Denver restoration companies offer this service in house…which makes a lot of sense. It’s very convenient and probably streamlines the process. The founders of Bigfoot, however, have been involved in the industry long enough to have seen how this can sometimes lead to a conflict of interests. Instead, they believe that it is the best practice to have a third party come in to execute professional testing to determine the exact types of mold present (if any), the spore counts of the strains, and the relative counts for other areas of the affected property, as well as the counts present in the immediate outdoor environment. In addition to the benefit of including a non-interested testing professional, the test will provide a baseline..a reference point that is extremely helpful as work progresses and ultimately, as a significant part of determining whether or not the property is safe to inhabit as the post test is performed and results are compared.

The indoor environmental specialist will not only provide quantifiable information for Bigfoot and the client to review and discuss, they will also provide recommended protocol for remediation. As Bigfoot then works through the job scope, the final test will typically give very accurate information as to if further work on the property may need to be considered. Finally, the aspect of mold remediation that property owners seem to appreciate the most is that Bigfoot is typically able to give a very accurate bid on the final cost of the project…with necessary work based off of the findings and suggested protocol of the indoor environmental specialist.

Although the potential presence of mold is never something that should be taken lightly, there are certain situations that, quite frankly, should be taken extremely serious including: property where small children are present, properties where elderly folks are present, property where immunocompromised individuals are present, or commercial properties where numerous individuals are present and it is impossible to know the specific sensitivities of all of the occupants. In these cases, Bigfoot recommends that the property owner immediately commission them to assess the property..not only for mold, but also for the potential of residual water damage Denver as well. It is possible that the property may need to be evacuated, however, it is also possible that a number of measures must be taken to isolate the area of loss..and if this is the case, the property may still be able to be occupied.

The length of time involved in a mold remediation process can greatly vary. Bigfoot has definitely executed projects that are completed in 48 hours or less, but the timeline can become exponentially more lengthy dependant upon the extent of damage, water damage Denver that has led to growth, and other operating factors specific to the project.

In any situation where there is simply a suspicion of mold, a call to Bigfoot is to the property owner’s benefit. Bigfoot is here to listen, to understand, and to professionally advise based on the customer’s best interest. Unfortunately, the very popular “indifferent” approach to a seemingly small amount of water damage Denver may result in an incredibly challenging and costly mold project.

There are usually two aspects with respect to the “suspicion” of mold.

Primarily, visual…the property owner sees something that just doesn’t look right..most often in a bathroom, crawlspace, basement area, but realistically…there is potential for growth anywhere that the conditions dictate an environment for growth. Secondly, the “feeling” that mold is present on a property. It’s possible to step into a room and literally “feel your skin crawl” due to mold presence. It’s also possible for one person to experience severe difficulty breathing in an affected area, while the next person may not experience anything near the same. As mentioned previously, different people have different sensitivities.

Believe in Bigfoot to be your trusted source for mold identification, removal, and remediation. The certifications and experience that they possess is extensive and is a valuable resource to the water damage Denver Metro Area. They are ready to help in your time of need.