“See Bigfoot in 90 or less”….Guaranteed.

In the water damage Denver and restoration industry, responsiveness is the name of the game, and this is one of the fundamental pillars at Bigfoot Restoration & Repair. From day one, the founders of Bigfoot have demanded excellence and immediacy with respect to each and every client. This commitment was made to ensure that the customer understands from the first phone call that their priorities are Bigfoot’s priorities, and that starts with the effort to be on site as fast as possible. Read below for details on Bigfoot’s guarantee.

The “See Bigfoot in 90 or less” guarantee is very straight-forward. Following is a fairly typical scenario that would exemplify the Guarantee in action. In the event of water damage Denver, or any other emergency, the client reaches out to Bigfoot to explain the situation and the need. The Bigfoot representative will answer all questions and advise appropriately…as well as gather all necessary information. At the end of this brief conversation, the Bigfoot rep will ask for an authorization to deploy from the customer. At the customer’s direction, Bigfoot will deploy and will guarantee arrival to the job site within 90 minutes.

“I hear water damage Denver restoration companies make lofty promises all the time that ultimately end up completely useless. How is the ‘See Bigfoot in 90 or less’ guarantee any different?”

As the founders of Bigfoot have witnessed in the last 20+years, the water damage Denver industry is littered with a fair amount of smoke in mirrors and hollow promises. As you may be aware, many companies in the industry throw out pretty lofty statements, only to leave their customers confused and frustrated. Bigfoot has noted this as well, and, initially, there was a bit of hesitation in making a “guarantee” as they didn’t want the requisite assumptions to be made. After all, a guarantee is no good without some level of accountability. Fair enough. They decided to put their money where their mouth is. So, to start, they knew that that the “See Bigfoot in 90 or less” guarantee is the “cake”..the culmination of a host of ingredients including aspects such as proper equipment, competent, certified, and ambitious staff, tried and true protocol, and a logistical system that allows them to execute on the services that they provide. A cake can be phenomenal, but you would have a hard time finding too many people that would suggest it wouldn’t be improved by a delicious frosting… here is the frosting for the cake. If, for some unforeseen reason, your Bigfoot response team isn’t onsite within 90 minutes, the client will receive $10 for every delinquent minute. We show 10 minutes beyond the promised time…you get a crisp Ben Franklin. Not Monopoly money. Not a jelly of the month club membership valued at $100. Not a groupon to the Dress Barn worth $100. Not even a $100 gift card to Golden Corral. It’s real cash, because money talks. And in this case, it says “We apologize for not being onsite in the time frame that we promised and now we will get to work while you decide where you want to go shopping.”

This is not a gimmick. It’s simply an extra level of assurance should we not be able to fulfill our primary obligation. By the way, no one else does this. We already checked…but feel free to do your own research. At some point, other water damage Denver companies may attempt to copy this formula..and it will be flattering when they do. But for now, Bigfoot Restoration is the water damage Denver ONLY company that makes an honest promise and holds themselves monetarily accountable. Just to be clear, the need to go to the ATM to withdraw cash is the last thing we want…and hopefully the client feels the same way. The hope here is to please the customer by arriving on site way before the ninety minute threshold..and promptly start to mitigate their loss to ensure that damage is kept to an absolute minimum.

“Is it necessary for me to have Bigfoot out immediately? Can’t I just request a day/time that fits my schedule?”

Full disclosure: every loss is different..and different situations necessitate different types of attention. Water damage Denver caused from broken pipes, overflowing toilets, torrential rains, or sewer backups typically need the most immediate response. Smoke damage or loss from the result of a fire may not be in that same category..sometimes it may be appropriate to actually walk the property after a bit of time has passed..strictly as a safety measure. Finally, mold considerations can vary as well. In any situation, however, reach out to Bigfoot to receive professional advice as to the necessary actions for the reality you are facing.

“Is there anything else I should consider as I chose the company that I will trust with my restoration project?”

Bigfoot operates strategically in a number of ways that larger companies may not. For example, they market on a lower advertising scale. Rather than running high priced ads, they chose to invest significantly in cutting edge equipment and industry related software, high quality employees, and all of the proper protection policies to ensure that their clients and crew are always safe. You also may be considering the risk/reward between an independant water damage Denver company and a large national chain. Understandable. But when disaster strikes, do you want to be a name…or a number? Do you want to be one of the cattle in the heard of hundreds or thousands? Or would you appreciate the personal touch of project manager and crew that make you their top priority? Can you imagine the thought of literally seeing no one on site for days at a time. Sometimes the volume that a company assumes can be to the detriment of the customers that are counting on them.

With Bigfoot, you will never have to consider this possibility. In fact, you’ll find that the “See Bigfoot in 90 or less” guarantee is really just the tip of the iceberg…a precedent that will set the tone for the entirety of your water damage Denver or other restoration needs.