Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

When a fire or smoke damage has occurred in a home or business, there is a lot that has to be dealt with in the aftermath. Knowing what to do and how to do things is essential in properly mitigating the damage that has occurred. After most fires there will be smoke and fire damage but also usually water damage Denver as well. We have had the experience handling almost every type of fire and know what is necessary to bring things back to normalcy. We follow several steps when addressing a fire and or smoke damage.

Evaluate and assess the damage caused by the fire and or smoke.

When we evaluate the damage a trained technician will come into the home or business and examine the damage caused by the fire and or smoke. There will be some type of damage but the extent of this damage varies with each fire. Depending on how severe the fire was will determine how much fire remediation is necessary and what mitigation process is needed. In this process of evaluating the fire the trained technician will help begin the healing process and give steps on remediation. Again, the assessment of water damage Denver is a necessary component as it was most likely the means of extinguishing the issue. It is very important to hire a company fully trained in this fire and or smoke mitigation, trying to do this yourself will usually only temporary cover things up and will lead to further damage or health issues for the occupants.

Isolate the affected areas

With most fires and or smoke damage the areas that were affected can usually be is isolated and the occupants can safely live the unaffected areas of the home or office. With most fires and or smoke damage time is of the essence and Bigfoot Restoration has the know how to begin the cleaning process in a timely manner.

Water removal if necessary

Water damage Denver is part of most fires because of the process in which fires are extinguished. This in itself can cause severe damage and must be one of the first things mitigated before the cleaning process can begin. Very similar to the water damage Denver mitigation process stated above if left unattended other issues can arise like mold and structural damage. Bigfoot Restoration has the training and technicians familiar with handling these issues and will begin the mitigation process in a timely manner.

Smoke and Soot Removal

Leaving the soot or smoke damage in a home can cause just as much damage to a home as the fire itself. This is way it is important to begin the clean-up process quickly and properly. Based on what was on fire and how much was burned will determine how much and how severe the soot is and what is necessary to remove the soot. As one may guess the smoke can travel in every knock and cranny making the removal quite difficult. Bigfoot Restoration has seen and mitigated every type of fire and we have the knowledge and experience to make sure every proper procedure is used to ensure the odor and damage has been mitigated and removed. This can be a painstaking process but one we take great pride in making sure it is done correctly

Removal of content

Some fires can cause such damage that major reconstruction will be necessary. In cases like this the damaged content will be placed in 3 groups, 1. Able to be cleaned and restored completely. 2. An attempt to restore the content will be made and there is a possibility that some piece will not be restored to its pre-loss condition. 3. The content can’t be restored to its pre-loss condition and will need to be replaced. Bigfoot Restoration can bring precious items that may look like they are a loss back to a pristine condition, impressing even our most discerning clients. We will pack and inventory every piece of furniture and item that is removed from the home. Every pertinent party will be notified with a detailed inventory with the initial move out. A new list will be generated with items we know can’t be restored and those that are attempted but not successful will be added later. The content will be taken to a secured location where they will be thoroughly cleaned and stored until the reconstruction has been completed. Once this has been done the content will be moved back to the home or business and the areas affected by the fire/ smoke damage/ water damage Denver are but a distant memory.

Property Cleanup

The property cleanup is another important process that needs to be done with the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure all odor and soot has been properly removed. With the cleanup some walls and or structural items will need to be removed and replaced. Even with our vast knowledge we understand not everything can be properly restored. Our main goal is to bring the home or business back to the pre-loss condition whatever that entails. Much like when dealing with content, some things can be restored, some things will need to be replaced and some things will have an attempt to restore and a determination as to what is necessary after such attempt. With this cleaning process, walls will be cleaned and painted. Lights and fans can be cleaned and made sure they are in a properly working condition. Stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, sinks, countertops all things that can be restored, even after the most severe smoke damage. Cleaning can be a very tedious process but one Bigfoot Restoration has mastered and enjoys bringing items and property back to life and in many cases better than what is looked like before the fire.

Fortunately, few people will have to deal with and experience a fire/ smoke damage/ water damage Denver in their life but those that may now know that Bigfoot Restoration has the capability to properly restore the home or business. It is a very difficult in one’s life but knowing things will be restored, rebuilt and cared for will put you at ease. This is our job and what we do very well. So whether you need our help or know someone who does keep in mind that Bigfoot Restoration is here for you whether its water damage Denver or fire and smoke damage we are here, so when Disaster Strikes, Believe In Us.