Bigfoot Could Be Big $ For You

Bigfoot is unique in that the company is designed to monetarily conscious with respect to insured customers, insurance agents/adjusters, and referral partners.

For the insured customer dealing with an emergency situation, Bigfoot offers a guarantee entitled “See Bigfoot in 90 or less”. Read below to learn more about this program which frames the punctual commitment they make in each party in need.

For the insurance agent/adjuster, Bigfoot is committed to offering the most professional service at the most competitive rate. Read below to learn more about this program which ensures that claims will be handled very efficiently and with a monetarily conscious approach.

For all referral partners, Bigfoot has developed a proprietary “Shared Marketing Program”. Read below to learn more about the efforts that Bigfoot takes to support and contribute to other companies that trust Bigfoot with their referrals.

Property Owners

Look no further, as Bigfoot Restoration & Repair is the only water damage Denver company to offer the type of substance to their “See Bigfoot in 90 or less” guarantee. The primary objective with every emergency that calls in is an insanely quick response time. Understanding that the clients need peace of mind as they anxiously wait for help to arrive, the founders of Bigfoot have established a guarantee that goes even beyond the timeliness initiative. If, for whatever reason, the Bigfoot Crew exceeds the promised time of arrival, the customer will receive $10 for every minute of delinquency. This isn’t a gimmick and it’s not to be taken lightly. It is simply an extra staple of accountability that should solidify the dedication that the Bigfoot team applies to every emergency call that calls for service.

Put Bigfoot to the test! Should you ever encounter the need for emergency services, get the stopwatch out. Once there is an agreement of a certifiable emergency, followed by an official work authorization from the property owner, Bigfoot is officially on the clock…and you will see Bigfoot in 90, or compensated for every single minute until they arrive.

Scout’s Honor here people! We see those wheels in your head turning, smartie pants. Yeah..Mr. I’m going to go get my Red Ryder BB gun, shoot a hole in my water line, call Bigfoot, and then sabotage the arrival. Impressive ambition there…but c’ us help you get your water restoration Denver project going asap, deal? So here’s a list of no-no’s when it comes to the $10/minute deal:

  • No fair getting your buddy with the fifty foot big rig to drive over and box us in.
  • No fair saran wrapping our building so we can’t leave.
  • No fair cutting our brake lines, popping our tires, putting a club on our steering wheel, or putting a banana in our tail pipe.
  • No fair hacking the city’s street light server and making us hit all red lights.
  • No fair enlisting neighbors to form a human chain across the entrance to your subdivision.
  • No fair giving us the wrong address that just happens to be 60 miles away from where we are supposed to be.

Of course, we know our customers would never resort to any shenanigans, but there’s always that one funny guy…you know who you are…

Insurance Agents/Adjusters

Bigfoot understands the importance of a respectful and trusting relationship between the restoration company and the insurance office staff. Bigfoot’s project managers are trained and expected to provide elite service to our insurance partners in the same way we treat the property owner. They know that it is imperative to be as efficient as possible in wrapping up claims; thus allowing the file to be taken off of the proverbial desk. Agents and adjusters can rest assured that their insured clients are receiving exactly what they deserve: elite customer service as well as an exact and streamlined approach to restoring their water damage Denver or other loss. Again, there is typically a financial component to this dynamic..and more often than not, the insurance adjuster will be skeptical of the restoration company’s job scope and corresponding charges. Bigfoot is well aware of this and is always very transparent, exact in job scope, and incredibly detailed in the documentation of each project. As an IICRC certified firm, Bigfoot will always reference and perform work in accordance with the S500 standard for water damage Denver restoration, the ANSI/IICRC S520 procedural standard for the remediation of mold damaged structures and contents,  and the S740 standard for professional Restoration of Fire and Smoke Damaged Personal Items. Stellar work, alone, just isn’t quite good enough for many adjusters in this day and age. Understanding this, Bigfoot took the initiative to extend an olive branch by offering a generous 10% discount incentive to prove that there is truly money to be saved by trusting Bigfoot throughout the claims process. To clarify, Bigfoot will honor this 10% advantage for all projects that are bid by local, qualified, and reputable water damage Denver restoration companies. The job scope and line items must be appropriate, thorough, and run through industry standard software. When these conditions are met, Bigfoot will happily apply a 10% discount upon work authorization.

Referral Partners

Bigfoot is dedicated to being the trusted source for water damage Denver and restoration needs for all referral partners, but they also want to help their partners succeed and experience growth in their professions. Bigfoot sincerely invites all potential work referral sources to take advantage of their proprietary “Shared Marketing Program”. Examples of individuals/companies that have benefited from the “Shared Marketing Program” include:

  • Property managers
  • Real estate agents
  • Landlords
  • Insurance Agents
  • Insurance Adjusters
  • HOA boards
  • Home Builders
  • Plumbers
  • Restoration companies that may need back up help
  • Carpet cleaning companies that don’t offer restoration
  • General contractors


Here’s how the program works~

If a referral source is interested in participating, a Bigfoot representative will be happy to schedule a luncheon to answer questions and clarify the arrangement and benefits to the referral source. A significant portion of this discussion will focus on Bigfoot’s commitment to the partner’s marketing budget and efforts. The #1 goal of this meeting is to ensure that the partner believes in Bigfoot 100% and is comfortable referring Bigfoot’s water damage Denver and other restoration services in any and every situation.