What is up my water damage Denver friends. It’s good to have a few minutes here to drop some knowledge, some, um, little, little bits of of gold today on the big foot podcast of gold. Apologize for my baritone voice today. Got a bit of a sinus thing going on with, with allergy season here. So, um, try not to lull you to sleep with my nice vibes, the socks and water damage. Denver. Um, just a couple of little thoughts for, for all of us on this Monday morning

and we’ll start off with a call that we received from a gentleman last week who had been referred to us from a a handyman company. We’ve talked about the different source sorts of, um, kind of resources that we can provide to different types of vendors, plumbers, GCs, HVAC, people add handyman to the list. Um, we have lots of work for handyman type companies, so we’re happy to pass, um, those names and numbers along when folks need service reading, build, that sort of thing. But, uh, the way that this particular water Gammage Denver job came about is this, this guy, um, he was actually having his air ducts cleaned and as, as the air deck crew, as the technicians were going along cleaning the vents and such, they noticed, you know, a fair amount of wet drywall and actually, uh, a register that was rusted. So obviously you would have to assume that if you’ve got some metal there that’s rusted, it’s, it’s been going on for a little while, at least stuff doesn’t typically rest overnight.

So, um, there’s actually a slight drip right out right by this register and they called this guy’s attention to it. And his first thought was to call a handyman out. Well, handymen, um, I guess, you know, just kind of depending on the company, they may do certain types of work but maybe not others. And this particular company is super solid and they realize that, you know, before they could go in and fix anything they needed to have. Um, this gentleman consult a water damage Denver company to come out and chase, chase the drip. Take a look at where the, you know, kind of the extent of the damage and um, certainly eliminate the problem or find the source too. So the problem could be eliminated and then work from there. And then, um, you know, perhaps they could help at that point. So that’s pretty much exactly the way everything went is, uh, this guy called the handyman company, the handmaid company said, what’s your issue?

And he said, I’ve got some water damage, Denver people. I’ve, uh, I’ve got this drip, you’ve got these, got this rested out, register, got some mud drywall. So they, uh, they referred us over to provide service to them and we were able to get out there real quickly. And what this guy, you know, is interesting and this guy was pretty, pretty solid homeowner. He said, you know, I, I’ve done some kind of searching on my own and the only only water sources above where this drip has happening is like, um, I think he said like, uh, a bathroom vanity on the second floor or something like that. So he’s said, you know, there’s, it doesn’t really make sense as to why I’m getting a leak right here. I’ve went up, I checked the bathroom, the plumbing, the both the supply and the drain lines. There’s nothing, I don’t see any possible way. Uh, this drip should be happening, just doesn’t make sense, which allows me to do a little quick, uh, reminder. One moment. Let me sneeze here. It is really allergy season. I told ya.

Okay. Sorry about that. Um, quick little reminder that water doesn’t always make a lot of sense when, when you’ve got a leak, when you’ve got water damaged and it doesn’t mean that there’s some sort of a failure right above or right beside where the water damaged universe is occurring. So, um, you have to investigate. We have to get our out, our little diagnostic tools to had to take a look around and see, uh, what might be happening. But in any case, uh, one of our lead techs was able to get out and take a look at this guy’s water damage Denver.


actually got kind of lucky. We got kind of lucky. The homeowner got kind of lucky in that it, it actually did happen to be, um, a pipe very, very near to this particular register that had failed. It was, I believe, uh, that elbow. So, um, must not have been under pressure. Must’ve been, um, sort of some sort of, uh, a drain or release pipe, probably like a PVC that just had a minor little failure right on route, right at an elbow and there was the slow drip and so kind of kind of all made sense for once that that’s exactly, um, the source of the issue and pretty easy to identify and eliminate. And we were in and out of this guy’s house in less than an hour, probably more like 40 minutes. And so, you know, that that’s kind of a nice little, uh, I would say unicorn when it comes to what we typically deal with, the awesome, if our experiences were always like that, where it was just some super simple, super close, super easy to identify and ultimately super easy to eliminate and fix and get this guy back. Um, you know, I think he was good re sell his home or put it on the market. And one of his main comments to me is he was,

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you know, lob in that initial phone call was, you know, I’m going to have a real problem on my hands here. If I list this house and I have this water issue, I’ve got this water damage Denver and my, my drywall got arrested out register, it’s going to be a

it’s going to be a red flag to potential buyers and I don’t want to deal with that. So it’s exactly the way it should be handled. You want to be proactive in those situations. And for him, um, it was a super easy thing. So the problem was identified. We’re now referring that work back out to the handyman that referred us to come in and fix that minor plumbing issue and do the very small amount of drywall damage or you know, attend to the drywall damage. I’m not sure how they’re going to do it if it sounds like they just are going to cut it out. Re re patch better drywall, tape, texture, skim coat paint, that sort of thing. Pretty simple stuff. And again,


You know, kind of a

kind of hitting the lotto for him on that particular situation. So you know, uh, we’ve talked about a number of things in the past where folks have similar issues, got water damage Denver, um, that they’ve noticed, not, not sure where it’s coming from. And you know, we get in there and it’s kind of hard for us to tell too, I mean we were able to use our tools and find out which walls or which surfaces are wet and kinda trace things to certain potential spots. But at the end of kind of the diagnosis, it’s still not incredibly clear because it’s not happening currently with the problem. It’s not like a pipe is dripping or you can see some sort of definitive, um, culprit for, for what’s going on. So those can be the frustrating ones. And I guess by the numbers, that sort of thing typically happens a little more than not where you know exactly where things are coming from.

But it sure is nice when things work out for the customer. We’d love for it to be nice and simple and cost effective and those sorts of things. So, um, if you have a water damage, Denver job, bigger small, if you’re confused as to why you have something like this guy had arrested out, uh, event or something just doesn’t make sense. Typically, you know, you’ve got a gut feeling that, um, you know, the, this little puddle in the kitchen wasn’t here yesterday. Why is it here today? Nothing happened. That should be the cause of this. Um, I’ve got a, got a rusty supply event. I’ve got, um, a piece of, um, floor trim in my bathroom that looks awfully, uh, suspect kind of bubbly, kind of soggy. I’ve got a, I’ve got a, a drip in my basement that is on the concrete floor that I don’t have a water line above it.

All these different things where you either can see for sure or you just kind of suspect that something’s happened and you want to get it taken care of. Said no water damage Denver job is too big or small. We’re happy to help and advise and um, that’s just the way we’ve always done it. So seven, two zero five, seven, five three, six, six, eight is how you reach out for anything. Water damage, Denver related, smoke, fire, mold are all in our wheelhouse as well. So give us a call if you or someone, you know, needs restoration service. We are here to help tell next time, stay safe.