Well, it’s a water damage Denver friends going to just give, uh, a couple of nuggets here on this big foot restoration podcast of gold. You know, we go into every job trying to minimize the scope, believe it or not. And I think probably that’s one thing that sets Bigfoot apart from so many other water damage dimmer companies is that we really truly do not try to make the bill two, three, five, 10 times what get honestly can come in at, which I think is great. I think most of our customers think it’s great. Um, I think other restoration companies, what other water damage Denver companies might not appreciate it so much because it, it can, um, I dunno, maybe make them look a little silly when it comes to, uh, bids on jobs. I know, uh, last fall, um, a gal had called us out to do a little bit of work and I think our invoice was 900 bucks or something like that.

And she let us know after the fact that another company had come in and quoted her like 6,000, so that was kinda cool. Um, I guess, um, yeah, that’s, you know, the work that we did, that’s what needed to be done and we weren’t trying to charge her any more than what was necessary. So that’s our goal with every single water damage, number, job, smoke, fire, mold, anything that that were called out to do, we do try to keep it reasonable for folks, um, insurance companies to just because it’s an insurance claim, we’re not, uh, we’re not gonna treat it like, you know, they’re going to pay out any exorbitant amount. It’s always going to be fair, honest and correct. So, um, just a little snippet on, on that sort of thing I guess. Um, we were just at a job today that a gal had reached out on, on Sunday and thought she had a water leak in your kitchen.

The reason she thought that is that downstairs, kind of in the garden level basement, they have a kind of an exercise mat type thing, but it’s not really an exercise mat. I guess it’d be more like a, like a, a floor mat to put your exercise equipment on top of. So they have a nice, really nice Peloton, um, spin bike and, um, you know, they have wood flooring, so they want, they want this nice little protective cushion thing on, on the wood floor and it holds it in place. It’s great. They, they were wonderful, but what they did last weekend was they moved this mat and it was literally butted up right against the wall, right up to the trim. So there was no space between the, this mat and the trim. And when they kind of repositioned this, this mat and put a, I guess a new bike in there on top of the mat, they realize that that wood floor right there was pretty stained and pretty damaged and just kind of assumed, well, the sinks right above us upstairs, it must be leaking.

And so that was their initial, um, request from us is to come out and take a look at, you know, what we thought needed to be done because they assume they are there. Water damage Denver situation was from the sink. Not a bad thought, but, um, upon just kind of investigation and using some of our tools, um, it just didn’t seem like that was probably the case. So we use these diagnostic tools that help us kinda hold them up to walls, floors, different her types of materials and determine if there’s change in temperature, if there’s heightened moisture content and based off everything we saw, it really just didn’t seem like it was from the sink. Could be, but probably not. So we always do as an inclusive of a kind of a walkthrough as we as we can and we want us, we want to kind of not pigeonhole ourselves into certain type of thinking.

So we took a look around inside really wasn’t any other water sources or anything like that. So we went out back and discovered that, um, it was a kind of a nice deck built over where this garden level area was. Um, gutters, downspouts, things like that. So he checked those. Um, didn’t really see anything problematic with those. But what we did see was an older water spigot that had obviously been capped off and wasn’t being used. The handle was off of it and a, a different, um, spigot was about, you know, 10, 15 feet down the house from that. So, uh, the guy said that the previous owners had done that, um, sometime before, you know, they had purchased the home, so he wasn’t really sure why they had done that or what the deal was, but, um, it wasn’t something that they had done personally.

So they’re going just based off the way everything looked and the way everything presented. Um, our thought was that there may be still something kind of going on with this old water spicket perhaps, you know, there was a slow leak from it. Perhaps it re like the source to it really hadn’t been turned off completely or something. Um, yeah, that’s just the way it kinda kind of same. So, um, we set up a time to go out and do a little bit of investigation today. Um, he just, and we really just, uh, suggest it just kind of doing some minor stuff, setting up a little containment as a desk barrier and doing some cutting, removing the baseboard, um, to kind of examine and doing some cutting to find out exactly, you know, what the extent of the damage was and um, you know, hopefully try to find an, eliminate the source that’s always the first objective and you know, the, the invoice, uh, the, the amount that we were going to charge just to do this, just to go out and do some, some work for him.

Of course, we’ve already done, you know, one trip out on Sunday, no charge at all just to look at things, try to help, help him out and figure things out, but put some time and effort, you know, kind of putting together a plan for him. And uh, but the invoice was going to be pretty small. Well, we got into the job and probably about five minutes into the job we had to shut her down and that’s because all we did was cut the bead of cocking going along the top of the trim baseboard to the wall and started to pry off that baseboard. And folks, there is a moderate to major amount of mold behind the baseboard. Super bummer. Didn’t never want that to be the case with any of this. And um, you know, certainly are not hoping for any of that to be the case.

Water Damage Denver | You Will Need To Shut Down

Um, again, based off what the homeowner suggested as far as, you know, what they had experienced didn’t seem like anything that would would include the possibility of growth, but sometimes you get surprised and I was shocked, couldn’t believe it. So super bummer. Water damage Denver small job turned into what will probably be a fairly large one and still we’re going to try to keep things to a minimum, but what we can’t do is just start to cut that stuff out. Um, without the proper precautions. And we’ve talked about before, what some of those are, but that’s for our health, for the health of the folks that live there and for the indoor environment as well. Um, a lot of, you know, mold is, we consider, you know, we see it, but in effect a lot of that stuff can be in the air, not necessarily visible.

So we’re going to have to go back in and put up heavy mill containment and make sure it’s super secure. Um, put the containment under negative pressure so that all the years being filtered very efficiently and we’re going to have to get in there and cut some stuff out, probably cut some of the flooring out that we now know has mold, you know, under it. And um, certainly have to cut out quite a bit of the drywall to explore there. So, um, hopefully the costs will still be kept low, but unfortunately it’s not as simple water damage Denver job, it’s one that turned into something that, um, we just have to do it the proper way. And if we were to have just started cutting things out, uh, it would’ve made things a lot, lot worse. It would have spread all of those spores immediately.

And that is a potential huge danger. Um, you know, you just don’t know what type of spores they are. And again, with different peoples, um, since Tivity is to different things, it could be a nothing short of deadly sometimes. So we take that stuff seriously and we will do it, uh, according to standard and make sure that this job gets done efficiently but properly and um, and completely. So anyway. Um, water damage. Denver jobs, sometimes they’re small, sometimes they’re big, but we will help out in any situation. So for water damage Denver for smoking, fire for mold, please give big foot restoration a shot. We’re here when you need us. And until you do you stay safe.