What is up my Water Damage Denver. A friends just wanted to spend 10 to 12 and a half minutes with you on another superb, legendary, invaluable big foot restoration podcast of gold. And although this podcast is dedicated to our water damage, Denver friends, uh, you know, today I’m gonna open it up and say, you know, anybody that um, appreciates a hot sports take, um, jump on, spend some time with us and uh, consider what, what my thoughts are. And and uh, yeah, if you agree, call seven two zero five, seven five three, six, six, eight and let me know why you agree. If you think I’m out of my mind, call up, let me know. Or if you ever have a water damage Denver situation and you want to discuss hot sports takes, that would be just, that would be the dream phone call for me. So welcome that phone call as well. We are three weeks into the 2019 2020 NFL season. Not even a quarter of a way, quarter of the way.


what I know from watching the NFL on loving football and being a sports nut in general is that typically you can take a certain sample size of games and you can make some super objective

decisions. Observations about truly what a team is and you know, different sports are, can kind of, uh, present different dynamics when it comes to that. With the NFL, obviously there’s only 16 games. Basketball, hockey have 82 and baseball has 162 games. So baseball team, you can have extended winning streaks and extended losing streaks. Most teams, even if you know, even if they’re really bad, they’ll have a nice little wind streak throughout the season. Most really, really good teams have a bit of a hiccup and have a, a prolonged losing streak, but it’s okay. They can rebound from that and they can, um, you know, kind of even out and become the team that, that they are. And the, the dynamic with respects to win wins and losses and in baseball is, is so much different than the other sports. You can win at a clip of maybe just above 50% of your games.

You know, if you’re a 600 baseball team, you’re going to the playoffs. That’s a pretty good record really to be above 500. I think just about every team year in year out would take that as a baseline. Obviously you have some, some teams that get up into the 90 and 101 marks and they’re killing it. But still that’s the only like uh, you know what, 66, high six, you know, maybe approaching 70% when Mark and that’s, that’s it. And that’s what’s exceptional. And baseball, hockey and basketball, again, a little bit different. You might go on a bit of a, a dive during the season. Maybe you have some players out due to injury and you have a bit of a rough, rough stretch or you get a little hot, you go crazy, you go nine and one, uh, 12 and three, something like that. And you, you string together a nice little record, but still, um, typically the clips for for winning percentage are, you know, I mean, let’s see. So if, if a team wins 60 games and loses a 22, that’s a great, great record, but still that’s winning about 75% of your games. And that’s, that’s great. I, I think across the board with respect to every sport, 75%

percentage of one percentages is fantastic. Everybody take that. But football, it’s just kind of different and you don’t have the opportunity to go on extended losing streaks or else your season’s over. You better throw together a few wins or else again, it, you’re just not, you’re not going to get yourself anywhere playing 500,

um, football is not gonna get you to the playoffs playing slightly over 500 foot ball, which again, with just 16 games as opposed to way, way more, that’s probably not gonna get you the playoffs. You’re going to need to go 10 and six. 11 and five, 12 and four. Um, and then if you want of course the first round, yeah. Around by our home field advantage, something like that you’re going to need to be, and I guess 12 wins might get it done, but 13 or 14 wins is really where you want to kind of be. That’s winning 13 games only, losing three winning 14 games only losing two. And that’s, that’s a pretty stellar season. So anyways, I’ll put a little bow on this with respect to water damage Denver and restoration companies and everything that we do on a daily basis is that three weeks in to the football season, we know who most teams are. We know kind of what to expect, um,

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as far as where, where they’re going this season. Now, there could be a couple outliers. You might have a team, let’s say right now, and I don’t know all of the team’s records, but, um, I dunno, there’s gotta be like a three and O team that it’s a nice, cute little story. Like they’ve, they’ve done some good work these first three weeks, but you know, they’re not as serious Superbowl contender. On the flip side, you’ve got a team like the Steelers, that’s Owen three that I would say probably most people thought they win their division certainly compete for it. Um, but they’re all in three and based on history teams that start, Oh in three, I don’t know what the chances are that you’re going in the playoffs, but it’s not very high. Even O and, T you start off, I want to say 11% of teams end up going to the playoffs and start Oh and two so it Owen three [inaudible] your season is not looking so hot.

And unfortunately as a huge fan of the Denver Broncos, that’s exactly where my team is at right now. Now it doesn’t matter that they should be two in one. It doesn’t matter that in my opinion they, I mean they came out opening game of the season and completely laid an egg, looked flat, looked awful, didn’t show up, complete dumpster fire. But second and third games, I literally feel, and not not to be a Homer, but they literally gave those games away. They had multiple opportunities. They made mistakes that cost them that game. And every team’s gonna make mistakes, fluid part of the game. But they did things that were just incredibly disappointing that in my opinion, um, put the nail in the coffin for them both in week two and week three. So here we do. Here we are, we were sitting at O and three, we’re S we’re three weeks into the season and the narrative around town is essentially, um, to give up and start looking to the future.

Let’s trade all our best players. It’s rebuild and let’s call it a day on the season. Well, I don’t know. I mean at Owen three, there’s not a lot that you can really defend as far as, you know. No, we still have a shot here. I mean, things aren’t looking great to even just get to 10 wins and have a shot at sneaking in as a wildcard team. Um, you know, we would have to go, what would that be? Uh, 10:00 AM and three the rest of the year probably not going to happen. It would be awesome. Um, but again, after three weeks, we’ve seen the Broncos do some really stupid things, do some good things, but we know who, what that team is and we know what to expect from them. And unfortunately this year, it’s just not that great. Well, restoration companies can be the same way.

Water damage Denver. Um, people, we, we want you to rely on people, businesses, companies that have shown consistency in their ability to treat their customers right, be punctual, be fair in price efficient time-wise that, those sorts of things. And even though, uh, you know, relatively speaking, big for restoration, uh, in our specific 24, seven water damage Denver efforts has only been around for probably about three to four years. Mmm. We’ve got, we’ve got a track record of consistently performing when we’re given the opportunity to serve. Our community would never say we’re 100%. We, we would love to be perfect, but we don’t consider that a, um, you know, something that if we’re at work, we ever fall below that Mark, that we just have a huge pity party and put our tail between our legs. Um, but we know from our reviews online, from the feedback we get from our customers and just the general um, kind of culture that we’ve created, that big foot restoration will bring their a game every time they’re called out to a water damage Denver job.

So we are that company that whether you look at us after two water damage, Denver jobs, if you want to take more of a, you know, a bit of a larger snapshot and say, okay, I saw those two reviews, but I’m going to look at a larger sample size. I’m going to look at 10 or 15 water damage, Denver reviews, what do say? And you like what you see there. And some people might say, Oh, that’s nice. Maybe they thought they had a nice little stretch there. Maybe, maybe they solicited everyone that they knew personally and said, Hey, give us a give us review. I want to look at

at a bunch of reviews. Let’s see what they got right now. Oh they got about 60 reviews or something like that. So let’s take an overall look at these guys and really take a look at the last, you know, several years of of work being done. Uh, when they, when they go out and do water damage Denver jobs. Well, if you want to do that, which is totally cool and you should, you should do whatever makes you feel good. It really doesn’t matter though. If you take a look at one review, two reviews, 10 reviews, 25 reviews or 50 water damage, Denver reviews, you’re going to see that we’ve always received five stars and every single review. And that doesn’t mean that every job has gone. Just peach gain, no issues, no problems, customers never been mildly irritated, whatever. Um, but it does mean that at the end of each job when we say, could we please ask you to give us an objective review, look, give us feedback. We’re very intentional on quality control. We want to know exactly how you feel and what you know, what you thought of our service. And when those water damage Denver customers consistently come back and say, you know, I’m gonna give you five stars for this.

All you can, that’s all you can get is five stars. You can’t get six stars, can’t get seven stars. Be kind of cool if you could for extra credit, but five is as many as you could get in five, as many as five is what we’ve got on every single review that we’ve ever been privileged to receive from our water damage, different customers. So if you want a winning team, if you want someone that will consistently bring all of their passion, all of their skills and ability, all of the sympathy, all of the um, ability to communicate and uh, execute in a timely manner, uh, that team would be big foot restoration repair. And we certainly never want anyone to have a water damage, timber loss or fire smoke loss or anything like that. But it’s going to happen at some point probably in your life and we want you to have an excellent crew locked and loaded and ready to get to work for you when that happens. So (720) 575-3668 is how you get ahold of us. We are ready when you need us. Stacy.