What’s up water damage Denver friends. Good to have you. Just a few minutes with you today to discuss what’s on my mind. You might ask what’s on your mind. Well glad you asked. I’ll tell you and recently did a podcast on, you know, kind of why,

why should I hire a water damage Denver company, especially when I see perhaps a mitigation check cut, you know, to me, I’m the insured, it’s cut to me on behalf of the insurance company, but the water damage Denver company has done the work man. They were only in there for a few hours to start and yeah, they came back and checked on things and provided me readings and uh, had equipment that they continued to monitor and check on and they showed me reports and read outs and um, answered my questions. But man, I just can’t imagine that they made whatever, 6,000 bucks off this job. I could have done that. I could have cut out drywall, I could have put fans up and I could have pocketed that money. All of those things are true. But again, as I kind of summarized in that previous discussion, what’s the risk worth to you?

You’re going to feel good about yourself in six months if your little baby is got some sort of a respiratory situation that you can’t figure out what’s going on and you have a mold test down in your home. And for sure for sure enough that water damage Denver job just didn’t quite get executed like it should’ve, could’ve, should’ve, would’ve, could’ve by you, you know, and obviously best efforts tried to do everything you could, but you didn’t have the diagnostic equipment to find out everywhere would that moisture levels were heightened. You didn’t have the drying equipment available to you to place and to keep and to monitor and all of the other, all of, you know, literally the litany of other things that take place in a water, water damage Denver situation. And it’s not a shame game. It’s not, it’s not a to judge necessarily, but it’s just to say that, um, you know, it is a necessary industry.

It is a necessary profession. And the reason that checks are cut for the amount they’re cut is because it is industry standard. It’s very, very, very, very, very rare that a water damage Denver company or any mitigation company can just come up with arbitrary numbers for their services and an insurance company will cut a check for that amount. It’s going to have to abide by standards, um, pieces of equipment, um, that are put in place. First of all, you have to justify that the equipment that you have in a certain, uh, water loss, you know, is, is legitimized. You can’t just put in whatever you want. It’s gotta be, again, according to the standards. Um, you, again, you can’t charge more than what industry standard charges are. Um, you can’t leave them in longer for what they should be. So it’s, it’s very say regulated, but it’s, it’s not a free for all.

And as a matter of fact, just on this subject, it’s, it’s even rarer that a company that submits its scope of work, it’s readings, it’s documentation. Everything that is necessary and applicable for that water damage. Denver job, it’s pretty rare that the insurance adjuster won’t call up and say, Hey, I don’t know why you did this. I’m not going to pay you for that. And so the check amount that you may see probably isn’t what that company actually should be paid yet. They did all the work, all of the equipment was there for the time that it needed to be. The customer was taken care of, um, in a very professional manner, but they are not in fact paid for the legitimate work that was done. So, um, you know, I, it’s, it’s rare that other industries follow that same scope. You know, an individual goes in to work for the day. They, um, do what they’re supposed to do, abide by company guidelines, stay on task, um, check all the boxes. Dot. All the I’s, cross all the T’s, go home from work for the day, do that for two weeks, get their paycheck and they get paid 70% of what contractually they were supposed to make doesn’t happen. And I would imagine that those individuals would be pretty upset and there’d be lawsuits going on if, uh, if that was the case. But in the insurance industry and the water damage Denver industry, that’s pretty much

daily, weekly, at least conversation of a gesture that probably, you know, not probably, you know, maybe has very little experience, hasn’t seen very many scenarios but wants to be a tough guy, wants to show his boss that he can drive down this claim and he, he has no problem, um, taking money out of restoration company’s pockets because he wants to watch the bottom line for, for his insurance company. So it’s, it’s not great. It’s not the most amazing part of a water damage Denver job, but yet is kind of this the way it goes. And that’s why we always back up our billing 100% we do not do anything but what is necessary and we keep things to a minimum and we find that we consistently beat our competitors bids by at least 10% which is a good thing for everyone. So, you know, not that we’re trying to play, play a game or undercut whatsoever, it’s just what we found when we bill for what we do and approach jobs properly and get in and out in the amount of time. Our bills that we submit, not worrying about necessarily what anybody else comes up with is at least 10% below the next company that steps in. But along those lines, um, one major component of

the drawing process of the mitigation process as equipment and it’s to a water damage. Denver company’s benefit to have a nice inventory of drying equipment of L air filtration devices of zip poles, of containment material, uh, of water moisture meters of, you know, cameras, the list goes on and on. And if you have multiples of everything that I just mentioned, uh, that’s easily an investment of 50 to $200,000. The stuff is not cheap. It hopefully it’s built well. A lot of it is built well. Um, it’s usually pretty reliable, but things break, things need maintenance. And in the case of a lot of the stuff, um, there are very expensive filters that have to be replaced quite often if not on every single job. So when you add all of those items into the mix, you’re talking about an incredible investment and incredible outpouring of money for assets that will hopefully generate income over time to both recoup the cost of the equipment in the first place, cover the costs of the maintenance of the equipment, cover the cost of the filtration devices for the equipment and then make a little bit more, maybe make a little money once you’re free and clear of all that to actually, um,

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you know, save up for the next round of stuff that you have to buy. Cause the stuff doesn’t last forever. It, uh, it has to be replaced every so often. But when, again, when people see rental charges for equipment and this and that, sometimes it’s real easy to flip out and say, Oh, I can’t believe, you know, you had this stuff in for five days and you’re billing the insurance company. This what, that’s crazy. You weren’t even here that it was just the machinery running. And that’s exactly true. It’s the machinery that’s running, it’s been properly set up. It’s been strategically set up. You can’t just put a pile of equipment in a room, plug it into the wall and have it perform efficiently. Uh, there is

of right way to do it in the wrong way to do it. And there again that comes with the knowledge that a typical water damage Denver technician would have. So

physically being at the property, physically doing demolition, um, all of the very physically demanding and you know, tougher things scope wise to do. You know, that’s obviously one part of, of the effort when it comes to any sort of water damage, Denver job, but being able to have

the equipment that’s necessary to be able to place on a job in a timely manner. And then also having the ability to monitor that equipment, to check on it, to switch stuff out if need be to um, move certain pieces around as the job. As you know, levels may be going down in one area or not another. All of that stuff is integral in getting the water damage, Denver job done correctly. So we don’t ever pretend like our services are cheap or whatever you would want to call that. Um, but there again, it’s, it’s not something we made up. It is industry standard and we abide by those and, um, uh, standards should be something that all parties abide by. So, um, just a little bit explanation about a few things that we deal with on a day in day out basis and we love to educate. So that’s our goal with these big foot podcasts of gold. We sure hope you never have a water damage Denver situation, but if you do, we would be humbled to be your restoration company of choice. Until that happens though, we hope that you’re doing well and that you stay safe.