All right. My Water Damage Denver friends. It is the end of October. And my question for you is, have you picked out your Halloween costume? I’ll give you a second. Well, since I can’t hear you or see you or smell you, feel you test you, touch your tastes, you, which I would not want to do any of most of those things. I don’t think he’d want me to do them to you. The awkward, um, I’m just gonna count that as a rhetorical question. If you haven’t figured out your Halloween costume, get on it. It’s like September or October 28th. We had our annual Halloween party Friday night. It was amazing. Like it always is so much fun. And now we’ve got some freezing cold temperatures and I think actually Halloween day is supposed to be not too bad, but, um, anyway, we’re, I mean, we’ll dress up with the kids and go around and do the typical Halloween trick or treat thing.

Maybe cut it a little bit short this year if it’s super cold. But, um, we shall see. You know, there’s just, there’s not that many years that your kids want to do the trick or treat thing or the Halloween thing. Those years come and go way too quick. So we will milk milk that and let those little suckers go out and beg for all the candy that they could possibly get. What we do though is we buy that candy from them with a toy. So rather than have them eat copious amounts of sugar for like the next month after Halloween, we let them go for it, get all the candy. They can feel like they’ve got the biggest, heaviest bag. But then we will purchase that candy for them with one toy and then we get the candy and maybe we go through and pick out our favorite stuff.

Maybe we don’t, I don’t know. But then we can give the candy away, eat it ourselves basically. As long as our kids don’t eat all of that candy, that’s all that matters because we pay the dental bills. But what I need to get off my chest this evening before Halloween is have you been tricked or treated with your water damage Denver company? Have you ever had the need to reach out to a water damage Denver company? What’s been your experience? Have you gotten a spooky one? One that was super scary that you would never ever in a million years, go back through. If you ever had another situation that you know where a restoration company was needed, would you go back with that company or would you


like a crazy man or crazy woman away and literally use anyone else in the world. But then I think on maybe a podcast or two before we’ve talked about some of the nightmarish type, the stories, unfortunate things that have happened with maybe not just exclusively water damage Denver companies, but a couple that I’ve known here in town. Um, man, they, and I’m assuming and hoping that most of these weren’t intentional or by any stretch, but they were mistakes and they were things that happened that were just incredibly, incredibly

challenging for, you know, it really, it all trickles back down on the client. You know, I mean, yeah, the company and the manager might have a headache on their hands if something goes wrong, but really it’s just all about the client. They’re the ones that are being disservice. They’re the ones that the job is going longer than it should, not in the scope that it was supposed to and an absolute freak show when it comes to what they had hoped would be a fairly smooth process. And we’re talking about things like, um, water damage, Denver companies going into a water loss and not properly identifying the content that needs to be salvaged and can be salvaged and should be salvaged immediately. You know, the clock’s kind of ticking from the second, especially with a water damage number situation. Um, you know, obviously the quicker it’s found and attended to the better.

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But in any case, whatever timeframe that is, if it’s immediate or it’s an hour later, four hours later or a day later, wherever you are at at that point, you can only do your best based off that timeline. So it’s pointless to sit there and whine and wish, you know, you’d caught it sooner or whatever the case may be. The point is you have to act now and if now is right when it happened, that’s awesome. If it’s an hour after it happened, that’s not too bad. A couple hours later, yeah, whatever day later. And it’s a bummer, but let’s get after it immediately have two time’s ticking. But um, again, regardless of the timeline, it’s incumbent upon the water damage Denver company to get in there and first of all get all the water extracted possible. So if you’re talking about carpet or you know, soft goods or whatever, getting all that cart, that water extracted out sucked out as quickly as possible.

Then when we’re talking about customers content, um, you know, if they’re on site, maybe they can lend, um, a little bit of perspective as to, um, what they, what they are, um, you know, maybe what things that are super important to them, less important stuff they don’t care about at all, whatever. Um, but if they aren’t on site, then it’s, uh, you know, it’s basically everything gets saved, you know, within reason. We’re not talking about trash and stuff like that, but it’s not our job. It’s not the water damage, dim water damage Denver company’s job to decide, Oh, this is an old tee shirt. This is, you know, not, we’re saving, Oh, this is something that I think is really cool and really nice. We’re going to, we’re going to save this everything you just don’t know. Um, and to illustrate that point, um, the story goes on a relatively recent water loss for another company here in the Metro area that, uh, the technicians went in and made some personal calls on a couple of rugs that just happened to be, uh, kind of waterlogged and they took kind of a quick peek at them and determined that they were nothing special, don’t know what they looked like, don’t know what size they were, have no idea of the particulars.

But what I do know is that those textiles were just kind of thrown in the corner, kind of not rolled up, not lay it out, certainly not taken out and um, put on a T, you know, attended to as far as getting them back speed dried and you know, clean properly so they’d be salvaged. They literally were just kind of crumpled up and tossed off to the side. Well that was a massive

Aaron judgement as I believe the total of both of those rugs was well into the five figures. I don’t remember the exact value of the rugs, but I want to say that they were in the neighborhood of about $16,000 each for ground total of right around $32,000. You can imagine the problems that that would create the nightmares, that that would create the spookiness, the nastiness that that would create from a number of different areas. With that mistake being made, not only do you have an upset customer that would obviously value those rugs and want them to be saved and to be [inaudible] dried out and cleaned appropriately and salvaged. See, you’ve got an upset homeowner, you’ve got an upset insurance company because they’ve got to decide are they going to allow the value of those rugs to be claimed

as a part of the insurance claim? That’s a substantial hit. If they could have paid, let’s just say five to $800 to have those rugs properly attended to. Um, let’s ask a really stupid question and say would they rather pay $800 to have the rugs salvaged and brought back in great shape to the customer or $32,000 to buy the customer new rugs? It goes without saying and it would be up to them I suppose on a case by case basis of how, how much they wanted to write that check. I won’t go into the specific specifics but it seems like those higher end type things are typically higher end insurance companies which will do anything and everything they can to make the customer happy, which as they should great customer service, but can you imagine the animosity and the level of frustration and probably vehement disapproval said the least with a restoration company, if they cost you essentially probably about $31,000 not a good thing, then you’ve got the company side that is probably going to lose any chance of ever being able to maintain a relationship with that insurance company.

They may even have to pony up for those rugs. It’s possible. So horrible, horrible situation on all sides. Super scary, super nasty, super spooky. All of the different Halloween terms. So just before I wrap this up, you know what I mean? Things are things, right. So we’ve got, you know, people make mistakes, they don’t take care of content properly. That sort of thing happens. But at the end of the day, those things can probably be be replaced, you know, hopefully it’s never a family heirloom or something that literally can’t be replaced. But still, even in the worst case scenario, it’s still a thing. It’s just an inanimate object, no substitute for something that is a human life. And I know of a specific instance where a Water Damage Denver company was attempting to do the right thing, get a job dried out, but because of some of their heated drying equipment that they had used in a property, um, you know, there were a few challenges and a few things that they needed to let the elderly homeowner know that they didn’t.

And the cause of the, the end cause of that is that this old person passed away because the heat levels Rose so high due to this equipment and they weren’t notified of the danger or the temperature that would probably be present inside the home and these, this part of, I believe gal went to bed and didn’t wake up. She died of heatstroke. That is something that cannot be bought with a price that is obviously the worst of the worst of the worst of the worst. Would never wish that with that which wished that situation on anyone anytime, any place, whether obviously it was the poor gal, the company, the individual in. Those are things that will be lived with for the rest of their lives and [inaudible]. It’s awful. So we don’t want anybody to ever go through anything like that. It, it’s in comprehensible. We’re so thankful. We’ve never had a situation like any of those. Not to say that we’re perfect or anything like that, but we do put an incredible priority on taking care of our customers, their things, and making sure that if there’s anything that we can do to make the process as smooth. And I don’t know if I’d ever say enjoyable, but relatively speaking, you know, kind of


positive as opposed to negative. We will go to every length to try to ensure that that’s the case. So if you ever do have a water damage dimmer situation or anything like that and you don’t want to be scared, please think Bigfoot happy Halloween till next time you stay safe.