Hey water damage Denver friends, we are back at you with another intense super licious Bigfoot pasta podcast of gold. I’m going to learn how to speak one day.

I, uh, I gotta be honest, when I’m driving down the road, I’m pretty to, to myself, I’m, I’m not, uh, trying to look around. I’m not trying to, uh, check out other cars or scenery or anything like that this day and age. You can’t really be a Sunday driver. It’s not safe for you. It’s not safe for other people and you want to handle your own business and you want to make sure you don’t get hit. Don’t hit anybody else. These people on their scooters, especially the ones here in Denver that, uh, apparently they just don’t think they need to obey traffic traffic laws. It’s super scary and you just don’t know when one of these things is gonna pop out off of a sidewalk right into the road. And if you’re looking around or letting other people get under your skin with their nasty driving habits, you could have a, you could turn a bad day into a bad life. So I like to focus on driving and getting to where I need to get safely, whether I’m in a work vehicle or in my own vehicle. However, I’m getting yelled at a lot lately on the road and I’m wondering why is everybody yelling at me? I, I think I drive well I think I’m cautious. I think I’m respectful. I am not

going 20 miles an hour under the speed limit and I’m usually not going 20 over. So I don’t know. I didn’t, it took me back a little when I’ve got people yelling at me specifically just this last week where I had somebody honking and just kind of going a little nuts and I’m wondering, did we do a water damage, Denver job for these people in there? They’re upset about something. Did we drop the ball on a water damage Denver estimate that they were supposed to get, that they didn’t get what, what could possibly be going on? But the honking, it wasn’t like [inaudible] like mad and I don’t know, like I guess there’s interpretive honking techniques that I possess, but the honking didn’t sound like mad, nasty, aggressive, honking. It kind of sounded like lighthearted, like BBB, BBB type thing where, I don’t know, it just, it kind of seemed clear that these people were trying to get my attention.

So they’re again wondering are they going to get my attention and then pop me with a red rider BB gun. Are they former water damage Denver employees that are happy to see me on the road. I don’t know. I got a little freaked out but I was at a stoplight so they’re pulling up next to me in the course. Their windows are tenant so I can’t see anybody. I have no idea what’s going on. And the guy rolls down his window and he’s like, bro bro, I love the van, I love the name, I’m going to call you bro. Check this out. And he holds up his hat and it’s like a profile of a big foot with um, I don’t know, kind of looks like, I mean I was in the next lane so I wasn’t able to get a super close look at the hat, but kinda like look like a big foot walk and cross mountains or something like that.

So gave him a thumbs up, turn that 20 seconds later I just happened to have the big foot water damage, Denver hotline phone forwarded to my cell. And so phone call comes in and I said, big foot restoration, do you have a water damage? Denver emergency. And if you do, how can we help? And he re spotted on the other end, bro. Is that you in the van? Is that you? Is that the one? Are you the one? And I said bro, I am the one that was me. Is that you? And he said, bro. Yeah it was. And it is. And I just want to talk to you about your super cool van and your logo and dude, tell me all about it. So I, I told him all about it, explain where the thought came from and maybe in a podcast down the road I will elaborate on where the beauty of big foot restoration came from and where that thought initiated. I think it’s a fun little story. Hopefully you will too. So check in from time to time and see if that is one of the next few additions. But he was, he was interested in the service that we offered. So I told him all about the water damage, Denver service that we perform, the mold mitigation, the smoke and fire help that we provide the Denver community. And then he was equally, or maybe even more so intrigued in

Water Damage Denver | Why The Yelling?

in just discussing big foot in general, which I don’t know a whole lot about, but I was happy to engage in conversation with him cause he was such a, a nice, happy and genuine fellow. But, um, he just loved the concept and you know, it’s, it’s kind of cool. It’s kind of validating to hear from time to time because that was one of the main reasons we went with the name, big foot restoration repair. You know, we’ve got other companies that we certainly could have just added the restoration division onto and it would have been cool and actually it probably would have been a lot easier, um, to start a completely new company where your marketing brand new water damage Denver is, is grassroots. It’s brand new. Nobody knows the name. Um, it, it’s a much different effort. So it probably would have been easier and maybe it would have allowed us to, you know, gain traction even quicker than we have, but just, just a, this little

experience on a given day. And we’ve had others kind of give us thumbs up and, and let, you know, tell us they love the name and tell us they want to want to know what we’re all about and everything. But this guy was just, he was kind of the cream of the crop when it came to how much he loved the, uh, the idea of a water damage. Denver company named a Bigfoot and he loved our little tagline, which is believe in us and he loved, you know, we just sat there and kind of had a little mini marketing talk about, you know, how, how and who Bigfoot is. Mythologically and some, I guess people think literally who he is or she or it, however that creature identifies, I guess is the PC way to put it these days. But, um,

yeah, I mean, you don’t always see Bigfoot, right? I mean, he, he’s kinda supposedly in the shadows kind of hanging out. Um, but he’ll make an appearance every once in a while. And especially if you need him, then you know he’s there. And that’s when you see big foot in real life is you’re not going to need water damage Denver service every single day. You’re not going to have a fire, hopefully in your house every single day. People don’t go out shopping proactively for mold mitigation. Nobody’s, you know, sitting down to dinner with their spouse going, honey, let’s shop for water damage Denver services tonight. I know we could watch them wheel of fortune. I know we could watch a episode of the bachelor, but I really think we should surf the internet and let’s just go out looking for water damage. Denver companies probably not going to happen.

And so out of sight, out of mind. Well what if you do a one day have that unfortunate situation of having an appliance fail or having, um, you know, a kid watering the flowers and you leaving the, the hose on and having that water saturate the ground and ultimately find its way into your basement. You know, where you find a nice little pool of water in your basement the next day and have that lovely little water damage, Denver situation materialize. Um, at that point you need a company to show up and you need them to show up fast. And that’s when big flight response, we’re here when you need us. So it’s always kind of gives us a, a little a kick when people appreciate the, the branding, the marketing, the effort that we’ve put in, you know, to sincerely trying to, to be unique, to be fun, to be professional. And if we can wrap all those things into one, I think we’re going to be a force to be reckoned with in years to come. So water, water damage, Denver is what we do. It’s who we are and it’s the service that we want to provide for you. Should you ever have a water damaged Denver situation or if you ever have any disaster that requires our assistance, we would be honored to help. So keep us in mind.

Check us out, give us any marketing tips you might have as far as, uh, how we can be more creative and we would love to hear any and all feedback. It’s all good. 70 zero five, seven five foot is how you get in touch. If you ever have a water damage Denver situation or find yourself in desperate need of Bigfoot and you need them to appear and you see them, believe in us. We’ll talk to you soon.