Hello and welcome to another bigfoot podcast of gold. Want to extend a very special, very special welcome today to all of our water damage, Denver friends and enemies. I’m feeling all-inclusive today, so I’d love to, I’d love to, uh, welcome those that love us and hate us to just a quick hopefully inspiring nugget or two for you today as we attempt to be the bestest water damage Denver resource we can possibly be. And that is the word of the day, not on sesame street, just on bigfoot street. The word of the day is best B for best. Buh Buh B. I used to, when my little, my kids were little and they were learning their, their alphabet and their letters and their sounds, I’ll never forget and I have no clue why, but the stuff sticks in my head. They had this song that went Allie alligator, bubba bear, Katina cat and DD deer and I won’t go on. Um, and I wasn’t trying to be in tone or anything like that, so zero feedback don’t need, uh, any criticism of, of the singing there. But we went over our alphabet sounds over and over. Allie alligator, bubba bear Ba. And so I’m pretty sure that if you’re listening to this and cognitively understanding what I’m talking about, you know your alphabet, you know your letters and you’re probably an educated human, so congrats on that. Love it. Keep going. Don’t stop there. Let’s learn everything we can phonetically and um, be the best.

I hear people in every industry talking about how they are the best or the best or the best. We’re the best accountant. There’s no better accountant than us. We’re the best car dealership. We’re the best carpet cleaner. Nobody is better than us. We can clean a carpet better than anybody else can. We’re the best lawn mowing team you’ll ever find. All of those things are awesome and I’m not discounting that those people aren’t the best or are the best. All I know is that the way that we look at things with any company that I’m involved in and for purposes of this podcast, but big foot restoration and repair, we don’t, we don’t try to compete with any other water damaged in our company. We don’t try to repeat compete necessarily with any other restoration company. We have standards that we compete ourselves with ourself against every day. And our goal is has and always will be to be the very bub.

But the best that we can be to our clients, we’re not concerned about other companies, whether they’re big, small, amazing, not some amazing whether they acknowledge us as the best or the second best or maybe today were

the third best, but tomorrow we might be, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. We will grow and we will gain more opportunity and more market share just by proving that we’re a committed customer service company. And that’s really what I think boils it, boils down to with just about every successful business is what is your perspective on customer service? Are you so incredibly sure that you are the best technically at what you do? And you know, steps one through 463 as far as drying out a structure and you know, your relative humidity content tables and you can memorize exact domain front and back and yeah. Does the customer really care about most of that stuff?

They want the result for sure. They want the result. If they’ve had a water damage Denver situation, absolutely. They want you to execute on getting their house dried out. Absolutely. They want and need you to help them get their life back in order as quickly as possible. But they also need, let’s go on Catina cat customer service. They need communicate. Oh, there’s another [inaudible] communication. They need empathy. I think Ellie elephant was empathy. It was for [inaudible]. So Eh, and English is a jacked up language. So empathy does not phonetically suggests that an e is what starts that word. But horrible example. I apologize. Empathy though. They need it. They need responsiveness. They need patience as a restoration contractor, as a water damage. Denver business owner, you have to know how to Ba, Ba, bite your tongue and you know what that is. Uh Oh, okay. Usually, and I don’t always go through this with, with clients and customers, but you know, if they seem like they can reasonably absorb what I’m saying, I’ll, I’ll go ahead and let them know.

As we’re getting started, you know, you’re going to love us and you’re probably going to be frustrated with us during the course of this project. Now you’re not going to be frustrated with us because we’re doing a bad job or that we’re not returning phone calls or that something’s gone wrong. You know, kind of specifically, you’re just going to get frustrated in general that this has happened to you. That you know, I mean the, the only thing that we could do that would make you 100% super duper happy is snap our fingers and have everything be totally done right now and to give you an invoice and the amount of $0 million and 0 million cents, that’s the only thing that would have you a hundred percent ecstatic. So the fact that you’re going to have to deal with the headache [inaudible],

you’re probably going to associate us as a part of that headache. Just the fact that you’ve had this water damage Denver issue or you’ve had a small fire and now we need to, you know, we need to um, mitigate for smoke odor and all these different things or mold or whatever the case may be. It’s going to be a mild to moderate inconvenience or irritation to your life. Nobody loves going through this and at some point they’re probably going to get frustrated with their contractor just because, man, I wish this never happened to me. I am irritated and I’ve just got to find somebody or some buddies to be annoyed with. And that’s okay. I mean, we know that that’s a part of just kind of the human psyche and that’s the way things go. And so again, if, if it’s a conversation I think people will understand and will kind of connect with, then I’ll mention it and just say, hey, just let’s communicate.

If you’re questioning something is something doesn’t seem like it’s going as fast as you think it should reach out. Laba question to us doesn’t mean we’ll have the answer that you want to hear. But we’ve been doing this for a long enough. We’ve dealt with enough folks to where, you know, we can be big boys and we can, we can have a hard conversation sometimes. And there again, um, you know, we won’t just roll over and say, you know, smack us again. Thank you sir. Can I have another, if we’re being, um, you know, told that we’re doing something incorrectly and then in fact we’re not, we’ll explain kind of the protocol or the process. So the, the why behind the question, um, that’s no problem at all. We have zero issue with that, but it all just boils back to customer service and, um, the ability to,


To have to be right along the way, you know, kind of be right by these people side by side as they go through their water damage, Denver issue or whatever they’ve got going on. So do I get annoyed as I hear companies say, Oh, we’re the best you, you have to go with us cause there’s nobody better. No, I mean that’s a play. That’s marketing technique. There’s, there’s a little bit of


understanding their, um,

but I, I think that when I, when I look at who I’m going to do business with, when I, when I have options of who to deal with for a product or a service or something that we offer water damage, Denver wise, reactionary type, um, contracting it okay is never something that we’re going to get too caught up. Yeah. And as far as WHO’s the biggest company who has an award, who has the most radio spots or anything like that, rest assured they put restoration and repair is simply focused on each individual customer. We want to be our bat, our best every day. We’re competing against ourselves. We are competing against the very high standards that we have set. And we hope that other water damage Denver companies succeed and that they have high morals and ethics and Kinda levels of, of kind of how they do business for themselves. But at the end of the day, we’re, we’re really not worried about what they do or don’t do. Um, we’ll, we’ll keep trucking, we’ll, we’ll be the best.


To us. And to our customers and we’ll grow very organically and improve very organically, just being incredibly committed to customer service. So that’s all I have you today. We hope that you think we’re the best. We will try to prove it to you each and every day and, and hopefully you don’t have a reason to experience that too much, meaning you don’t have excessive water damage, Denver issues or something like that. But if you would be a referral source for us, perhaps you would get to know our, um, continual high, high level of customer service and the way we execute on jobs. So that is all I have for you. Bit of a ramble, but of the preachy type vibe today. I apologize if that was not as entertaining, but I’m going to sneeze. So I’m going to get off this podcast and you have a wonderful day.