But this one was, um, by the time we got there, you kind of have a time frame of when you have to make sure things are done. And we were past that point. So we would have to, instead of attempting to dry it out, it’s best to re remove it and then you know, a 100% things, all things are dry. So in this recess ceiling, we went ahead and cut out the drywall around it. I remove the drywall, Water Damage Denver remove the insulation. Um, so once you do that, you have to then the framing of the home is generally wet as well. So nor did it dry that framing out, we need to set air movers, dehumidifiers, um, get some air flow up in there and then that dehumidifiers in pumps out the moisture, um, and then you’re ensuring that everything gets dry. So that’s what we had had to do in the family room there. Um, so this water damage, so the master bedroom kinda jetted out. So underneath that also was two, um, porch areas that were outside. So these porch areas, um, effected all the content underneath it. So as far as drying things out, those would, those were fine. Um, just that all the content then was affected by this fire, suppress it chemical and all those items had to be cleaned as well.

So once we, um, kind of contain these rooms so we wanna kind of keep it separate from the rest of the house. And this helps us control the temperature of these affected rooms. Anytime you have a water damage Denver area that you can confine and, and separate from the rest of the house, she wanted to do that. Um, we can then once you start using your equipment, this generates some heat. And so that works in your behalf as well as to kind of get the temperature up, which will then increase our, um, drying, um, decrease our drying time, um, which is ultimately what you want to do. Um, utilizing the, the house Thermostat, air. Um, there’s formulas that we use that will determine, um, at what point do we want it. You know, initially we wanted at a higher temperature, uh, but day two, three, we want to level that temperature out and then that by science gives us the best drying possibilities and, and speed of drying and ideal dry and condition. So that’s what we had done here. So we contained the hallway. We contained the, the family room, and we contain the bedroom, um, separate from everything else within the house.


So we then go down to the basement to the rec room where we then can see, uh, the water continued to drain down into the rec room, into the basement. So in this basement area, um, quite a bit of the ceiling was affected. Um, and so we had to, uh, remove the ceiling removed. There was once, um, installation, this was, uh, a higher end home here that we had done. So we moved installation down there as well. Um, once again contained, this is family room. Um, they had, uh, a golf simulator area, um, that we had to protect and contain that area. So we did that. Um, contin contained it, uh, away from a hallway as well. Um, so this, once again, we can control the drying conditions of the basement rec room. Um, once we removed the, the base or the ceiling, we then, uh, we’re able to drop some equipment and air movers.

So in this particular, uh, water damage Denver job, we used quite a bit. We use six dehumidifiers, Henry’s seven air movers, um, to help dry it out, even though you, you’re removing, um, 90% of the moisture. Um, so we, you still have the framing, um, to ensure that it has to get dry. Um, if not, then you don’t, you’re not able to, to get the drywall back in there correctly and, and it can be a slew of issue. So with the dehumidifiers in there movers, we were able to dry all the structure out and everything like that. So on this particular one I had quite a bit of content that was affected. So, um, another service that big foot restoration offers is to move content offsite to our warehouse where things are then cleaned. I’m taking care of, make sure everything turned out as expected, um, and then returned back to the homeowner. So on this particular water damage Denver job we did, uh, it was about a s, uh, a truck full of furniture. So I’m moving truck size of furniture. So you loaded it there, their furniture moved it back to our warehouse and in there these water damage Denver items

we’ll be cleaned. Um, wrapped, protected, moved back when everything is rebuilt. So on this particular one we are rebuilding it. The original homeowner is going to be rebuilding it. Um, so we’re working hand in hand with them to ensure everything gets done in a timely manner and then we can move everything back in and take care of that. So, um, there are some items that, uh, when they’re severely affected by water, they’re just damaged and will have to be replaced by insurance. So, but our job has a restoring company. Anytime we’re dealing with water damage Denver items, we want to try and restore first, um, and get it back to a pre-loss condition. So, uh, there are a couple items that, uh, weren’t able to be saved, but for the most part, um, all the items will be able to be saved. So that was this particular, uh, three-story water loss that we serviced and took care of and, um, are on the path right now of getting it back to their pre-loss condition. So if you have any other water damage needs, hopefully it won’t be as severe as this, but if it is a severe damage, you know, you can count on big foot restoration and repair.