Here we go. Water damage Denver friends and family. Oh my goodness. We have a, we have a situation in the world guys. And I want to take just a second before we dive thing, dive into things here too Water Damage Denver. I’m just empathize with probably, I guess what it seems like 97% of the world is going through this week and that that is, um, game of Thrones, uh, ending derangement syndrome. I don’t know if there’s a clinical term for that yet, but, um, I think there probably will be pretty soon. So it’s sad. It’s, it’s incredibly, um, depressing. I, I, I’ve come to understand that, that the wizard and wardrobe or the wizard and dragon, uh, shows over that nobody knows who will ultimately sit on the iron throne does, does the little disabled guy, um, you know, what happens? Apparently there’s gonna be some spinoffs here, HBO, which doesn’t surprise me at all, but I don’t know. And I think the, the, the context of this particular article was that, you know, if you just have a leaky faucet as if it’s kind of dripping out of the right there at the faucet head, obviously be going right into the drain. So no, no water damage Denver concerns there.

I Dunno. I’m really, really worried for a lot of people out there that, uh, it’s just not going to be the same for them. They’re not gonna get to see the dry, the mother of dragons anymore. And I guess quite honestly, I can identify with that. She was, she was, uh, she was a good one, but, uh, she went a little crazy, I guess. And she’s dead poor gal. So, um, you know, I, I’m not, uh, not really sure what think, you know, with the series finales I would say more often than not, people, uh, people aren’t real impressed. There’s more critics that, that don’t like the way it wrapped up then do. But whatever. I, uh, I hope that people build a rebound their lives and, uh, perhaps spend that couple of hours a week and I’m in a little bit more productive way, but I’m sure there’ll be another TV show that takes over and consumes people’s hearts, minds, lives, psych, psyches, everything.

So, uh, I just want to say I, um, I’m there with you people and, uh, I hope, I hope we can rebound from game of Thrones being over, but I’m curious, I’m curious, you know, what, what started this whole thing? I’ve, I’ve not ever read the books. I don’t know the history, but I’m just gonna Kinda, I’m gonna suggest that, you know, how, how do kingdoms and contingents come to hate each other? And how, how do people within the same house in the same, uh, ruling structure come to be so much at odds with each other to the point of craziness? I’d have to say it’s, it’s probably from some sort of restoration situation gone bad. Uh, I, I really think that, you know, if we traced all of all of this hatred back and all of the contempt and everything that, um, you know, probably West rose, uh, was going, maybe they had a big flood, maybe, you know, they live right there on the, on the sea and the coast. And I know it’s not Water Damage Denver, but we don’t live on the coast, so we, we just don’t know how, how that sort of thing might work. But perhaps there was, you know, some sort of a tidal wave or some sort of a deal where a bunch of water came through and really mess the city up and they had a decision to make, who are they going to go with? Um,

you know, the West rose


crew or [inaudible] or the Leon Gray Joy, uh, mitigation specialists. I don’t, I don’t know, but I mean, we can, you can reasonably think that, you know, it probably came down to that and something went wrong. And, you know, Sir Edmund Frank of House Perth or whatever said I told you so, we should have gone with, uh, you know, the seven kingdoms restoration company. And the other gal was like, no, you know, you just didn’t give the, uh, mighty north water pirates the, the time and the patients to get, you know, their father, fire breathing, dragon water drying out team to, uh, to get the castle dry quickly. And in there we went. Things just spiraled downhill from there. And, uh, the world obviously was never the same. It’d be interesting to interview the author of the whole series someday and, and kind of get some more information on which water damage restoration company was used, which one should have been used.

The decision that was made there. And um, Kinda how the whole thing kicked off. Probably a different subject for a different day. But um, for my water damage Denver people, um, I came across a statistic in the last little, little bit here in the last few days that said it had, it was talking about procrastinating when it came, when it comes to water damage Denver situations when it comes to little things that you might not think are that big of a deal and it might not really resonate as to what the longterm effects could be of a certain tiny little things. So anyways, to start out, the one that really caught my eye was one drip of water out of a faucet. You got a leaky faucet. A drip every second for a year will essentially turns into 3000 gallons of water. And, uh, that for whatever reason have having been in the water damage Denver Restoration Industry for 20 plus years. So reach out. We’re here when you need us. Seven, two, zero five, seven, five foot. You take care. Do not, uh, be too depressed about game of Thrones being over. There will be another show that will captivate your life and everything will be well again, take our Denver.