Ooh, Water Damage Denver, Fred true. Something’s burning. Know you smell that. I don’t know. Uh, if it’s just me being smoking hot or perhaps there’s a fire in the area, um, which if that’s the case, big foot restoration repair, be happy to help. Hopefully it’s not the case. Hopefully everybody is not on fire, not swimming in a basement full of water. Not, not, uh, wondering what that green and black stuff is crawling across your ceiling that, uh, kind of makes your skin itchy. Whoa. Sorry about that. Okay. Um, anyway, lost my train of thought. Apologies. It has been a scorcher of a week. And what’s funny is we had a, a pretty, pretty decent string of close to a hundred degree days earlier in the summer. It never really felt that crazy hot to me. But this last week, week and a half where we’ve been in the low to mid nineties, which doesn’t really seem all that incredibly ridiculous as far as heat, it just has felt so intense. I do not understand it. You’re not like it. And I’m not ready necessarily for the seasons to change, but I’m just, uh, asking all of those of you that have any ability to modify the weather patterns, please do so. Get it down into the mid to high seventies. That would be phenomenal.

I buy your Slurpee. Uh, okay. So enough rambling enough therapy. I appreciate you dealing with, uh, with, um, you know, the minor complaints, my Water Damage Denver friends, you’re, you’re priceless. So what, uh, what we’re going to just dive into for a minute or two while I have your beautiful ears today on this big foot restoration podcast of gold is something we’ve talked about before, but we’re gonna relate it directly to a case study that unfortunately is kind of unfolding right before our eyes right now. And, uh, so it, it goes back a few podcasts when we relayed the story of a gal coming home from a business trip, water damage, Denver coming through her ceiling, she said she could hear it in the garage before she even opened the door. And she knew it was not something she wanted to walk into the house too, but yeah,

was unavoidable. And so props to her and her friend, they did everything they could to, to get some results. But again, like we’ve talked about before, there are reasons my water damage to her friends that you have homeowners insurance policies. It is so that you do not have to kill yourself. Extracting a ton of water from the, with something that plugs in from the store, which isn’t going to get you very good results anyway. It saves you from not having to go out and rent 15 fans from the local hardware store. Um, that may or may not be

the best fans, the most sanitary fans. You don’t know where those fans have been. You don’t know if they’ve ever been cleaned. I’m can guarantee you they haven’t. And then you have to spend your time and effort getting those to and from your home. Uh, chances are you don’t have a large enough vehicle to get the amount of fans that you need anyway. It’s just, it’s not something that a homeowner should, should really need to participate in. What they need to participate in is they need to participate their little fingers in dialing the number of a water damage Denver company. They can get out there, lucky split and help them with their situation. And it is incredibly noteworthy and it’s very ambitious for people to try to do quite a bit themselves. But in the case of this person, they are now going on two to three weeks of attempting to do things themselves and not even in the case of getting things drawn out, dried out, pardon me and dried out.

Water Damage Denver | What Is Burning?

They have tried to schedule all the different sorts of services that we recommended two weeks ago that we would facilitate as in hiring, um, a company to come drop off a onsite storage unit for, uh, their content of their home, uh, employing our, our labor, our, our crews to get things moved out. Um, they, I don’t know, it’s, it’s, it’s just very interesting. Uh, the scout has tried to go back and forth with us. I think maybe another company or two getting information, having us come back out, give recommendations and then kind of trying to do this stuff theirself. I’m not 100% sure why they would really want to do that. Um but they have done that. But in the meantime it’s been three weeks since the initial water damage Denver issue occurred and I do not wish ill on anyone but I have been doing this for long enough to where I would say with a fair amount of certainty that they have some sort of growth somewhere [inaudible] in their home as a result of this massive amount of water damage Denver that they had. And at that point, and we’ve talked about this before but it’s so important and we will continue to harp on it if they have gotten into that growth phase where there’s mold that is exposed when you know those ceilings are opened up or whatever the case is, insurance these days is more likely to not cover that than to cover that. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of policies that specifically exclude mold from what they cover. So not only is she

killed herself, you know, physically the last few weeks, her friend has done the same thing. She’s missed work, she’s missed appointments, um, definitely stressed her out trying to get through life, having to deal with this. But then can you imagine getting to this point and having your insurance company deny any sort of claim because they found the hole, the homeowner negligent and will not cover the mold and the growth and the all the steps that have to be taken now at this point to mitigate what could have been probably avoided from the beginning. So please, please, please Water Damage Denver friends when you have a dire situation like it, like has been described today in the last couple episodes. Uh

There’s a point of of gathering information and doing your due diligence as far as vetting the companies and the people that you decide to work with. But you don’t have a lot of time. You don’t have a lot of Liberty of, of waiting, uh, because it, it can kind of backfire on you in a number of ways. So those water damage, Denver situations that pop up, like we’ve said before, if there’s a plan in place, feel comfortable with, um, a company like big, big foot restoration and, or any other reputable water damaged Denver company, you’ve got to have those people, those companies ready to rock and roll on speed dial and be able to confidently make that decision. So that number one, you don’t have to worry about, um, any more than you you have to worry about. I mean, there’s always going to be a sense of, of challenge and there’s going to be a headache to a certain degree. But if you have a reputable water damage Denver company, they’ll get out there, do all of the necessary steps. You literally don’t have to kill yourself. You can avoid yourself a lot of stress. And ultimately you will almost guarantee that every single little bitty bitty, bitty bit of your claim is covered and accepted because, um, because you’ve handled it promptly, correctly and haven’t allowed any further damage to happen, uh, by dragging your feet, by letting it go on days or even weeks. Um, but you’ve had hopped right on it. So

one of my main pet peeves in my life is to repeat things, but this is an exception and I will probably say it many more times as we continue on our big foot. Podcasts have goals, gold, water damage, Denver people, friends, please, please, please swiftly act promptly when you have the unfortunate experience of getting water damage Denver in your home. Got to make those decisions quick. Got to get people in there that know what they’re doing, attending to the situation, getting things dried out, making that water damage. Denver disappear as quickly as possible. Getting your life back to normal as quickly as possible. Please count on big foot restoration repair to handle that for you. We would be happy to help. We don’t want you to have to go through a situation like this gal is going through. Be safe, be dry, talk to you soon.