Alrighty. Water damage Denver friends. Hope you’re doing well. We are getting pounded with snow here in the Denver Metro area. I honestly do not remember the last time that we just kind of got

probably at this point about a five or six day string of precipitation at some point during the day. It’s kind of crazy. It’s beautiful. It’s actually a snowfall that you would like if you had to pick just very, very beautiful flakes falling down. Not crazy windy, not just Sub-Zero cold temperatures. It’s cold, it’s chilly, but it’s not like minus five or even in the single digits. I think it’s, it’s been kind of in the 20s in the 30s, which thirties was sun on you feels great. It’s not a big deal. So anyway, uh, we are in the, in the dog days of winter, you’re in Denver, but uh, certainly hope that you’re doing great wherever you are, however you are listening, whatever time of year you’re listening. So, um, we’re going to continue on our little water damage. Denver streak of why big foot restoration has set itself apart, how it does so and how that benefits our customers. So in the last uh, episode, we talked about our 90 minute guarantee. We talked about our commitment to getting to a customer’s house as fast as humanly possible. And we talked about our, basically our,

our, a way that we decided we would make it right to anybody if we ever exceeded that 90 minute response time. And that is by giving them $10 for every minute past the 90 minutes. So for 12 minutes late, it’s 120 bucks for four minutes late, it’s 40 bucks for 38 minutes late, it’s $380. It’s very simple math. And we just wanted to set ourselves apart from other companies. Everybody wants to have fast response times. Everybody says that, you know, they’ll be there as soon as they possibly can, but we wanted to just take that a step further and say all of those things are true, but we will actually put our money where our mouth is. So that was kind of the first part of our benefits, I guess you could say or how we try to set ourselves apart. So let’s move on to another one. Let’s see, what shall we talk about today? We shall talk about hour. Ha ha. You know, and how we used to term it, we don’t anymore. But how we used to term it is

in a business to business relationship, how we could financially benefit those companies that would refer. So we’re talking about power partners, we’re talking about other companies that would typically have the ability to refer a water damage Denver company out. So just give you a handful of examples. They’re plumbers. People have a leak that’s flooding their basement. They’re going to call a plumber. They may be prone to asking the plumber for a recommendation for a water damage Denver company to come out and extract the water, make cuts where necessary, put in drying equipment. And so plumbers are just one of the businesses that types of businesses that we love to create relationships with a property management companies. These folks, uh, are dealing with many, many, many, many, many properties. They are dealing with pretty much problems all day every day. People that live in their communities are not calling them up to tell them how great of a job they’re doing. They’re not calling them up to just wish them a great Friday. Hope everything’s going great. They’re calling them up to complain about their door or not working right. Their wood floors squeaking their roof, leaking their windows being drafty and


they’re disasters, water floods, smoke damage, fire mold, all of the different things that we handle. And so when you’re a property management company, you’re going to need a healthy list of contractors that you can have on speed dial to take care of the people that you manage or the properties that you manage. The people that didn’t happen, those properties. So there’s another example. Real estate agents, general contractors, maybe carpet cleaning companies that don’t do restoration. A lot of people call carpet cleaning companies knowing that they at least have some of the equipment to extract water. Mmm. HOA boards,

Water Damage Denver | We Share A Marketing Program Here!

there’s just a few. There’s a handful there. So again, the way we used to term it is that those people or those companies should consider us because we offer financial benefits. When we are referred out by those people or businesses, well we knew what we meant by that, but we didn’t want it to get taken the wrong way. We want to be a water damage timber company that has an impeccable reputation, that is always on the up and up as far as being honest and trustworthy and all those different things. So it just kind of occurred to us that that might come out a little wrong. Like it was a pay for play type thing. So, um, we would literally, you know, walk in and put a stack of cash on people’s desks when they refer to us. And you know, even that might be okay sometimes, but sometimes it’s also taken as maybe just a little bit of shadiness or gray area there.

And we, we don’t want any part of that. So what we, um, what we were, what our thoughts were all along the way and what we needed to clarify is that, um, we developed something called a shared marketing program. So what is shared marketing program is, is a program that we’ve developed that when a person that has their own business or is involved in a business, um, they obviously have a marketing budget. They have dollars that they have to spend every year to get the word out and to remind people that they’re around and to keep people, you know, keep top of mind for their service where they’re, whether there’s they’re a real estate agent or they are a plumber or a property manager or whatever. Um, they have money that they have to spend and sometimes big money to accomplish their marketing goals. Well, what we do is when people, when businesses or individuals in business refer us, we take some of that burden off of them. We use our marketing dollars to help promote their businesses, to help reach their customers and to help bring them more revenue.


We do have a little bit of a selfish reason for this because we feel like if we’ve created a great relationship with them and they trust us and they’re willing to refer us, that inevitably as they grow, we will grow. And so it will end up benefiting us as well to help them market their products or services to people and just playing it by the numbers.

Their referrals to us will exponentially grow. So we feel like that’s a pretty cool thing. We feel like as a water damage Denver company, we’ve never again heard or seen of that with any other restoration company. We like to be innovative, we like to be unique and we feel like that accomplishes both of those things. Um, a lot of people do kick backs, a lot of people will send gift cards, those sorts of things, which that’s okay. And a lot of different industries, uh, will do that quite often. But for us, for our water damage Denver company, we, we don’t ever want to be confused with, um, anything that would be misconstrued as being a little bit shady and whether that’s the right way to look at it or the wrong way to look at it. We just want to distance ourself or anything like that.

So we have developed a shared marketing program. We believe that it really takes care of a lot of work that that other business has to do. It helps promote them. It actually makes them more money because it’s going directly to their marketing efforts and the more customers they have, we feel like the more water damage Denver jobs are possible. Again, just by the numbers. And so the more clients we’ll have at some point down the road. So if you’re a business or an individual that’s involved in a business and you would like to ah, reach out to, um, a company that tries to take care of you both in word and indeed we would love to talk to you, your water damage. Denver company of choice should be big foot restoration and repair. And the way it has to start is just with the simple conversation. So please call (720) 575-3668 or email and get more information from this water damage Denver company of choice to see how we could help you with your marketing budget and participate in our shared marketing program. Like I said, reach out if you have any questions or you would like to start that conversation, but until then you stay safe.