Good morning water damage Denver people rise and shine up. And Adam, let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s, uh, let’s make it a great day. So as we prepare for the day, I’m uh, going to speak about some more sports related stuff. We, uh, we were able to go this weekend to my son’s hockey tournament and what always tickles me is, um, you know, just kinda how amped up you get. And I thought I was a professional sports fan, which I am love all the

love, all the local teams, but um, you know, the butterflies get going, the anxiety gets going just as much for a 12 year old rec league hockey game as it does for, you know, a play off game for your, for your home team. And you might wonder how in the world this is relatable to water damage Denver and the water damage industry, smoke, fire, everything that we do. Well, it’s, cause it’s like this, and I’ll just speak personally, but I know this is the case for a number of kids on our team. Uh, I don’t think that my son is going to be a professional NHL or I don’t think he’s going to be playing in Europe making lots of money playing professional hockey.

I’m okay with that. Actually, after I watched one particular high school game this weekend while we were down at this tournament and watch kid get absolutely blasted into the boards checked. Um Hmm. Yeah. Not uh, that incredibly cool with the possibility of watching that happened to my son. I know it’s part of the game, but this was a dirty play and it takes one dirty play. Don’t even really take a dirty place sometimes just takes a crazy turn of events and you have potentially all sorts of industry injuries. So, uh, what though, what kind of is the theme of our team is we’ve got some kids that have definitely got some experience. I’ve got a few years that they’re a little age ripe old age of 11 or whatever. Um, that they’ve been playing for a few years. They’ve been in the program, they’ve come up, they’ve had training, they’ve learned different things and they’re hopefully able to apply that on the ice.

Then you have kids that, uh, are newer to the program. Maybe this is their first year in a organized ice program, which is the case for us. And then you’ve kind of got a spattering of everything in between it’s way it is with water damage Denver, it’s industry as well. Uh, we’ve got people that are lifers that have been in it for a long time, been doing this day in, day out for decades. We’ve got people that are brand new, that are interested, that have some functioning knowledge of what the water damage Denver industry is what we’re trying to accomplish. And they’re good. They want to do it. They’re, uh, they’re ready to roll. [inaudible] and then you’ve got everything in between. So,


When, um, when, uh, when in, what does a person have to accomplish? When are they ready to be a part of the water damage Denver industry industry? When are they

professional and Annette professional enough I guess to, to help to be a lead tech, to be a manager, to be a supervisor, to be an estimator. Fins, right? Sometimes things just come naturally to some people than they do to others. And I think that’s kind of the case with these kids. Um, you know, God bless them. There are certain kids in the program that have been in for three, four, five years and they’re still kind of average, maybe even just a little bit below for what they should be for their age group. You’ve got kids that are brand new to the program that are just rocking it, that are, you know, clearly, um, some of the better players on the ice when they get out there. And then you’ve got a bunch that are in between that are, you know, maybe newer or a little more experienced.

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But when it comes time to game time, um, you, you might not necessarily know who’s who, which is, which. He might think that some players that are brand new and haven’t been doing things for very long are the ones that have been in on their skates since they were two years old. And, uh, it’s interesting that way and that’s why, um, you know, in this industry, uh, it’s a very fluid situation from individual to individual. Um, there are definitely a lot of technical aspects that someone needs to learn that they’re not just going to know and have built into them regardless of how sharp they are.

They’re going to need that, that book, smart aspect. They’re going to need to get into some research and some classes and things like that. But, uh, there are definitely individuals where things just kind of come natural to them as far as being able to perform and execute their, uh, their daily responsibilities. And then there are others that it just takes a little bit longer. Um, and who knows why that is. It’s not always one thing or another. Um, but again, from a owner’s perspective, um, you, you have, you have better have that, uh, that individual kind of dialed in and you wouldn’t be sending them out to high profile jobs that require a lot of, uh, you know, technical skills and fundamental knowledge, maybe advanced super advanced knowledge, just depending on the context of the water damaged in job, smoke, fire, job, the mold job. So anyway, watching all these little rug rats scream around the eyes for a weekend, um, made me think, well, what, what exactly is, are the goals fruit to these kids? And when you’re

kind of out of town with the team and have a little more time with the parents in between games and at the hotel at night and different things, you get to talk a little bit more to them about them, their kids, just kind of what they’re, what they’re up to, what they want to do, how they, how far they want to take it. And again, you get answers all over the place. Uh, one father was telling me that, you know, his kid’s been doing this for three, four years and he’s just never really taken off with it. Like he’s okay, he’s decent, he’s a good kid, great kid, but he’s just a, you know, he doesn’t care enough to really push himself to be a crazy hyper competitive hockey player. And that’s okay with his family, with everyone. And then there’s other kids on the team that that’s all they want to do is live, sleep, eat hockey, and they will do anything and everything they can to just be the best little hockey player they can be. All great kids, all uh, all super cute, all I’m pretty pretty darn good hockey players too. There’s not one that’s just, you know, some kid that really shouldn’t be on the ice.

So that again is something that has an owner or a operator of a company has kind of diagnosed each individually individual as well, regardless of where they are now, where could they be? What, what do you see in the future for them? Are they somebody that has the temperament to be potentially a manager or a supervisor, someone like that. Are they a little more introverted and they can’t, um, you know, they can’t or really don’t function well in a conversational type environment. So are they more of a, a technician type or are there, are there those folks that are good people again are plenty bright, but for whatever reason there they just need to be kind of more in that helping role and that assistant role. And is that the best place for them to be to, um, you know, just succeed in the water damage Denver industry?

There’s all of those different pieces and places have to be filled. It all can’t be the head guy. It all can’t be, I’m the technician. It’s gotta be a healthy mix of a bunch of different types of people and personalities. And the main thing is that they all work together, right? So it doesn’t matter. And I think we’ve seen this on a professional level a number of times. Um, just an incredible amount of talent. Tons of individuals that are just cream of the crop. Just amazing. But there’s no chemistry, there’s no teamwork. Nobody’s working together to accomplish the goal of winning.

Same thing with, uh, with the water damage Denver industry. With everything that we do, everybody’s got to be pulling in the same direction. There’s not a higher person on the totem pole, a loader, lower person on the totem pole. Everybody is respected and is needed to accomplish our daily goals of running a top notch water damage timber company. So anyway, loved the weekend, loved watching the competitive nature of these little ones. Loved the butterflies that got going in my stomach to, to root these guys on. And today they play for the championship because they put it together and played amazingly as a team. So rocket in whatever industry you are in, whether it’s water damage Denver or something else, and don’t dis value that teamwork. Don’t devalue that competitive nature and, uh, go watch, uh, an 11 year old hockey game sometime if you need some inspiration. All right guys, been good. One till next time. You stay safe.