What’s going on. Water damage Denver friends up, you’re having a fabulous, fabulous day, evening, morning whenever you are turning into this latest edition of the water damage. Denver big foot podcast of [inaudible]
gold. I think that more and more when people search on the internet for

the, a scenario of a water damage Denver situation, he gets more and more common that people type in questions. And that’s cool. I mean there’s, there’s different ways that you can get answers and you can type in what you think are keywords. You can tie them kind of short verse, you can type in questions and this day and age with the crazy info that’s out there, you will get pretty pertinent information back for just about anything that you type in and um, whether or not you type this exactly in or not. I think that the question in a lot of peoples minds is who do I call first?

I have a water damage Denver loss, what do I do if my basement floods, my basement flooded? What’s my first step? Something like that. Those are examples of I think what people commonly just type in and it’s just what’s on their mind. And so, um, certainly they’re going to get back some good water damage, Denver information no matter what. But let me just, uh, spend a couple minutes explaining what you should do regardless of what your brother says, what, you know, what you read, you know, on a blog somewhere or whatever. Here is, as an insured property owner, here’s what you should do each and every time. God forbid you have a water damage, Denver loss, you should have a professional restoration company. Denver water damage, Denver company mitigate the damage as soon as possible. A lot of times people think, well, it’s the middle of the night. My insurance agent’s not going to answer the phone. I don’t know what to do. I do not want to get a water damage Denver company involved until I am given the go ahead by my insurance agent. Fair enough. Totally get that. Uh, that reasoning. But what you can rest assured on, if you have a legitimate

property and casualty,


What are the insurance policy there will, there should never be a reason why your agent or insurance company would do anything but praise you for getting a certified professional water damage number company out to mitigate the situation as soon as possible. Companies, companies like Bigfoot are willing and able to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Water damage. Denver’s situations do not happen just nine to five. They happen in the evenings, they happen in the middle of the night, they happen on weekends, they happen on holidays and it is super extra, extra not special when when you have a loss in your basement, floods, when your toilet overflows, when your irrigation system runs all night on a weekend, holiday, evening, whatever, and you know that it’s outside of business hours and everything is just going to be exponentially more.

I have a challenge,

well, as a policy holder, the very first thing that you should do is

hopefully first thing always is to find an eliminate the source. So if you know or can figure out what is going wrong and stop it or have a plumber stop it immediately, that is step one. But right along with that literally step one, barely under a like step one, not even a is to get a company out to do the damage control. Step D stuff’s already been damaged. The water damage, Denver’s situation has occurred. There’s going to be some amount of necessary cleanup, potential demo drying, things like that. And the longer you wait, the more work is going to be required. So the fact that you as a interested and responsible homeowner get a company out ASAP is going to be nothing but a positive thing for you for the claim. Everything all included. I mean obviously you know there are a few things that you want to make sure of before,

Water Damage Denver | We Could Have The Biggest Return

before you get going full swing. I mean if it’s relatively minor damage, I mean if you have a huge deductible, um, you know, you may want to know exactly what a company is going to give you an estimate for if you’re going to be potentially paying out of pocket. If you have a small deductible and it’s, you know, it’s a certain slam dunk that you’re, that you’re going to file a claim. Um, potentially not as big of a deal to know all the ins and outs of that before a company gets started. But there again, if you’re dealing with a reputable water damage Denver company, they are going to be charging industry standard prices. It’s not, it’s not a free for all. Shouldn’t be arbitrary figures that a companies are throwing out there. You can’t happen, but it shouldn’t be the case. So

if you have a flood, if you have a water damage Denver situation at nine o’clock on a Thursday night and get on the phone and call, you know, certainly leave a message for your agent or your insurance office and say, Hey, this is what’s going on. I’m going to go ahead and get, you know, people out here to get, get this, you know, get right on this. We’ll talk to you tomorrow. But then go ahead and get on the phone with your big foot restoration. Hopefully company water damage, a Denver company of choice. Say, Hey guys, I need help ASAP. Can you help me out? And in the case of big foot, the goal is always to be there within 90 minutes. So that is the projected timeline, hopefully even sooner. But the whole point is to get on it immediately. And if you, I mean literally if everything had been attended to that needed to be and all the drying equipment was in place and by the time your insurance agent called you the next day to say, Hey, got your message, really sorry this happened to you, what’s up? And you said, yup, everything happened. These guys got out

here, you know, right around 10 o’clock last night, they wrapped up right around one. All the trying equipment is in place, everything’s looking good. And they told me, you know, to think in terms of about 72 hours of this equipment being here and then we’ll, uh, they’ll, you know, be in touch with you or whatever or get the rebuild process going as an insurance agent. Again, if they are serious about their job and serious about helping their clients, they’re going to give you an air high five. There’s no doubt about it. They’re going to say you are a rock star. That is amazing. Good for you being so proactive on getting everything going. I love you. I want to take you out for dinner. I want you to, you know, your kids to marry my kids. I, I can’t imagine an insurance company going well back up. You may or may not have made the right decision. Uh, that would just be crazy talk. So, um, the, the whole message here, the whole point,

the whole,

you know, kind of bottom line that we want you to take from this is again, like most of the info we put out there, be prepared, have a plan and be ready to execute if and when you ever have a water damage Denver situation, have a com, a couple of [inaudible] each type of company on file, have big foot restoration right at the top. Um, give us a call if we humanly can possibly can. We will be at your doorstep ASAP. If for some reason we can’t, we will help you find someone that can, but that would be super rare. It would be incredibly rare and let’s not even, it’s not even think negatively like that. So let’s just say we will, you know, get, get right out to you. We will help you find a plumber if you need one. We will help facilitate the entire process.

And by the time your insurance agent calls you the next day to say, okay, what do we need to do? How do we need to proceed? And you say, well, Nope, I don’t think, uh, think there’s any issues. Just need to get a claim number going for big foot restoration to follow up with you. Um, they’ve got everything taken care of, they’re drying equipment’s in place and it’s looking great and it was a bummer that this happened, but we’re well on our way to having everything taken care of. Um, that again should be music to their ears and um, yeah, just can’t think of any negatives that would be legitimate at all. So having a plan, being ready to pull the trigger if and when necessary for any water damage, Denver job or any loss that you may face as paramount. Go ahead and write this number down and put it in your Rolodex on your [inaudible] refrigerator, whatever. Seven two zero five seven five foot foot is three six, six, eight. We want to be able to help in your time of need and we are there. You need us. So, um, I have a plan B ready to rock. If anything, water damage Denver related ever happens to you. Hopefully it doesn’t listen to other podcasts. Find out about the other things that we do to say to tell you to protect yourself. And hopefully we never have to meet, but should, we will take great care of you until then you stay safe.