Water Damage Denver them with friends. It’s a beautiful morning here in the mile, high city, hope, wherever you are, however you’re listening, you’re enjoying a fantastic morning as well.

Right about this time of year, mid January one would think that Denver, Colorado is literally frozen over that. Uh, our weather patterns resemble something similar to Siberia. Uh, 50 to 60 degrees below with windchill, maybe 140 below snowing, constantly, just miserable. Um, I w I would be okay with that being the narrative, um, just to maybe slow down the current status of people moving into this state. Not that I don’t welcome people and think it’s great for our economy and all that, but, um, it’s kind of crazy. There’s a lot of people coming, just tons of houses being built where I thought we, um, we had kinda hit somewhere near the pinnacle for that, at least according to the news T goes to tell you what the news knows, but whatever. Um, the fact of the matter is that Colorado has over 300 days of sunshine per year.

And although we do, uh, have definitely our fair amount of moisture, which is a good thing because we do supply water source for lots of different States, including our own. We have our fair amount of very mild, very seasonally warm weather, um, throughout the year, but in the winter time, so to speak, that, uh, that can certainly be the case. Um, I think I’ve talked about how moody the weather can be here. No, it can be anywhere. It’s not just a Colorado thing, but it, uh, it can certainly fluctuate and fluctuate very quickly, which we’ve talked about, uh, that dynamic causing people to kind of get into a state of maybe not thinking so much about what’s going on inside their home, outside their home, things that they can do to protect themselves from a water damage Denver inverse situation and thereby maybe good, uh, the water hose out, do some, some winter watering. That is a thing, by the way, it’s actually really important a watering your plants and trees during the winter. Um, maybe perhaps leaving that hose on the hose bib accidentally and then you have freezing temperatures and we have problems. Um, but what I kind of wanted to talk about briefly today is

the, again, the randomness of water loss and the randomness of [inaudible] a water damage Denver in that you cannot, cannot, cannot, should not, you will not assume you know exactly what’s going on. If you suspect a water loss or see just let’s say for instance, like the family that I went and took a look at yesterday, um, that you have some evidence of water damage in the basement. And so it’s gotta be from right above wherever this, uh, evidence is occurring. Not always the case. I’ve talked about it many times. Um, water does wacky things. It can severely mislead, uh, people sometimes. Um, and I’ve been guilty of it myself for sure. As a matter of fact, uh, back in the day I can remember, um, one of my first condos, uh, one morning I randomly had water saturating my carpet in my little hallway and it can’t probably depict exactly how the layout of my condo worked, but it was really, really weird why the carpet in my hallway would be wet. Um, I had, it was kind of an L shaped but very small hallway. Um, bathroom was on one side, Jack and Jill bath and on the other side kind of more in the middle of the condo was my washer dryer, my little stackable unit and my hot water heater. But both were very visible. I could see connections, um, on both. It wasn’t something that was buried where, um, it could be leaking back behind and you wouldn’t know. Um,


That wasn’t the case. Um, the bathroom likewise, pretty obvious if, uh, you would think if there was a leak, um, it was accessible and

would be [inaudible]

fairly obvious if the toilet or

something in the bathroom had an issue as well. Um,

I didn’t see anything. So my suspicion was that something was happening above me in one of the units above me. I, um, I lived on the garden level. I, uh, had two units above me and

Water Damage Denver | We Cannot Assume The Damage


That was just where my mind went that there must be plumbing running up to those units and something was happening from a, so my mind immediately went to that and I had a plumber out and literally was getting ready to give them the okay to start tearing into drywall and um, you know, basically tearing my apartment apart. And I did one last check under, um, the sink and found I had installed these kind of fancy vessel sinks and they weren’t incredibly high end. So I remember, you know, their, the way they came, they needed some extensions, some extension braided lines, and it just always seemed like they were kind of finicky, a little bit, um, prone to having issues. And the more I thought about it, I started checking those connections and I don’t remember exactly how it went, but I found um, something, but it was, you know, it was at a point in the braided line where it was kind of back where they kind of went below the cabinet.

So there wasn’t a ton of evidence inside the cabinet. It wasn’t like the inside of my vanity base was flooded out or anything like that, but I did notice a little moisture there. And what had happened was it had gone down, um, back behind the cabinet and the floor for my bathroom was tile and like said I was a garden level, so, um, wood sub floor and it was a crawl space underneath my unit. And so it had just followed that wood sub floor underneath the tile, avoiding showing anything on the bathroom floor and then was coming out into the hallway where there may have been a low point and coming up and soaking my carpet there. So, uh, man, am I glad that I didn’t have these people start tearing anything out? They didn’t try to necessarily problem solve. They just kind of followed my amateurish thinking and you know, they were just gonna take my, pardon me if I wanted them to, to start, pardon me, cutting out walls and ceilings in my condo. So got off on a little bit of a personal side note there. But back to yesterday’s adventure. Um, these folks had some staining on some wood flooring in their basement. They had had a pretty good size exercise mat, um, over that butted right up to the wall for an extended period of time. Um,

so when they pulled this not back, they, uh, noticed, Oh man, our floors are kind of messed up here. Um, pretty good. Stating pretty good evidence of, of something

have having happened. Um, at some point

wasn’t soaked. It wasn’t like there was water, um, present. But again, with some of our diagnostic tools, when I went in and just, uh, took a look at the moisture content, it was clear that, you know, moisture content was very high right around this wall and at the base of the wall. And what this gentleman had told me is, you know, we’ve got our kitchen sink is right above this. We much must have a leak in our kitchen, kitchen sink somewhere or the drain. And that’s what his wife, when she had reached out, that’s when she said we have a

drain or kitchen or a trade, a sink leak, something of that nature. So

upon just literally like 10 to 15 minutes of kind of looking around the rest of the wall wasn’t that wet. If a water source above you is leaking, uh, we would imagine that the ceiling would be affected. There was no moisture content in the ceiling, nothing coming down the top of the wall. It was just at the base of that wall, which there again, we don’t make any definitive judgments or anything like that. It can be still a number of things wasn’t ruling anything out just, uh, based on the logistics of this home. So, uh, that was where my mind went. However, that’s why we always take a look outside as well. And by going outside and taking a look around, um, right under their deck and kinda in their backyard area, there was an older water spicket that had been supposedly kept off or deemed unusable and another spigot was about 10 feet over.

And the guy stated that the old owners had had put that in. And interestingly, that old spigot was essentially right over where this water damage Denver had occurred. So, um, again, without tearing anything out, just trying to help these people theorize and have a better understanding of what potentially they might have going on, my suspicion would be that yeah, maybe that other line had been kept off. Uh, so that water wouldn’t be used anymore, but perhaps there was still some sort of active pressurized lines, something that had been susceptible to a freeze. And then, you know, it was kind of a warmer day yesterday and it had been several days before that. So in my mind that was, that was kind of where we should be focusing. So kind of blew the guy’s mind, but he followed it and understood. And, you know, we went upstairs into the kitchen and literally there was nothing problematic, both visually or by diagnosing with instruments.

There was nothing that indicated any sort of a failure from any of the plumbing, fresh water or drain in the kitchen. So just another example of kind of wackiness uh, why you have to kind of go in with an open mind and not, not jump to conclusions, um, unless you just want to start tearing into things and, uh, finding it that way. But most people don’t want to do that. So we like to help them out with, uh, with some of our tools and some of the resources that we have. So if you have a situation like that, we’d be happy to help you out as well. Please reach out to us by phone, by text, by email, by smoke signal, by a braille. You can bring a braille by the shop. Anything you need, please let us know. We happy to help and tell then you stay safe.