Well, it’s a water damage denver of friends. Hope you’re doing good. Hope you are happy, warm, safe and not growing. Mold on your back. Might want to look in the mirror and check just to be sure. I’m sure you would know, probably feel a little tingly, but take a quick peak just for sure. Hope that the next 10 minutes do something for you. Um, and the subject of today’s water damage Denver big foot podcast of gold is going to just touch briefly on some of the commercials that I’ve been hearing on the radio lately. And um, just in general and we’ll kind of take it to a macro level here and uh, maybe get a little bit more dialed in and specific by the end of this episode. I’m a big, I don’t know if I’d say I’m a big entrepreneur, but I’m a big fan of entrepreneurship. I think it’s super cool when people take it upon themselves to just invest their time, their energy, gather money into something that they believe will provide a necessary product or service to their intended target market. Now that’s general


There are many, many, many examples. You may know of some yourself, maybe you’ve been involved in some yourself of people that, uh, maybe you get a little sidetracked on something that is probably not actually something people want or need, but maybe the individuals kind of obsessed with. We all have our hobbies. We all have our little, um, kind of things that we’re, we geek out about. Whether it’s, you know, shoes, guns, knives, swords, memorabilia, you know, football cards, baseball, court cards, sports memorabilia, vehicles, whatever, all sorts of stuff, jewelry. And so a lot of times I think people look at their hobbies and stuff that they really love or enjoy and um, decide, Oh, I’m going to do something with respect to this and maybe with the right intentions but may not necessarily be something that people will spend money on there. Again, you know, with products you can spend a ton of time and money on fabrication and patents and things like that and you know, absolutely have your heartbroken. Um, at some point along the way after you’ve just invested a ton of time and money into it,

I may not be

with the prospects that you had once thought, so not here to give you business advice or

um, throw a wet blanket on, on your idea. But

do you want to talk about today is the niches


constantly come and go specifically in the water damage Denver industry, but an industry

general and

just talk for a minute about the stuff that I’ve, I’ve seen a little more recently and stuff that still seems to be kind of prevalent. I think that people that are doing right on are probably finding it to be incredibly, incredibly lucrative right now. If you look at, um, the statewide map of radon levels over the last four or five decades, you’ll see that somehow some way,

um, the, that map

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has gotten bigger and bigger. Uh, whereas levels were quote unquote heightened 40 years ago, 30 years ago, that area spread 20 years ago, that area spread even more. 10 area, 10 years ago. Same thing today, you might as well just color the whole state of Colorado red because just about everywhere all of a sudden, um, is subject to heightened radon levels, which what does that mean? Well, you need it tested and if it shows at or above acceptable levels, you have to mitigate it and you have to install a system, which is awesome for the people that are in that line of work. And so what you have is if you look at the secretary of state or any other resource like that, you will see that probably in the last five years, a several hundred percent increase in radon testing and mitigation companies, installation companies, and a lot of these companies both test and then install. So I would never outright say that that’s a conflict of interest, but it can be a conflict of interest when you test for something and, and then also provide

the immediate, um,

gear for it. I

don’t know, sometimes just seems like those posit, those tests seem to come back positive about 100% of the time. So it’s just about a thing. No matter what these days, if you’re buying or selling a home, somebody’s going to be installing a radon system. And why is that? Well, nobody wants cancer and Ray Don’s been leaked to throat cancer or some other type of cancer that do you want it or not? No, you don’t want it. Okay, then you have to drop a couple grand to do this, whatever. I mean, I guess it’s better safe than sorry, but I’m, it’s just interesting to me that progressively over the last

10 years, 20 years, 30 years, um, this is all of a sudden a seemingly huge concern. And I know a lot of things kind of follow that same trajectory as we learn more as we understand more and as people, whatever. I mean it’s just not necessarily in a bubble by itself, but that is the current state of radon. Another commercial that I just heard and this is more a little bit, uh, applicable to the water damage. Denver subject is a company marketing whole house pipe replacement and there are, they are suggesting their service under the premise of calcification. Um, just deterioration over time and

I don’t know what else. Low water pressure, things like that. So their, their play is, have us take out all of the water lines in your house and have us put in all new water lines. I don’t know, I’ve not seen it done, but to me that sounds pretty invasive. It sounds like kind of a nightmare. Holes in walls all over the place. And of course they offer a one stop shop to have everything patched up, fixed, painted that uh, is necessary to cut holes in or to get access to, to get to the water pipes. But I don’t know, I mean to me, I literally cannot imagine

deciding that that was something that I would do in any property that I ever owned. On the other hand, and something that we talk about constantly is how do we prevent water damage Denver situations? How do you, how do you take precautions? How do you be proactive in taking care of your property and getting the best bang for your buck, using your money the way you want to as opposed to having to spend it on fixes from damage. There’s definitely a lot of things that you can do and we’ve talked about that a bunch. I won’t go into the specifics of, we talk of what we talk about today, but we do go over things that you can do throughout the year to prevent a water damage Denver situation and the money and the challenge and the annoyance that comes along with it. Your deductible might be low. You, you know, you might not necessarily have a lot of money come out of pocket, but, uh, I have yet to meet a person that says, man, I’m really glad my basement flooded. I’m really, really glad that, you know, I’ve had all sorts of different strangers in and out of my house for the last, um, you know, two months. It’s not something I’ve ever heard.

And so the same thing I think would be the case with what this sort of service is that’s being offered. I’m obviously, I’m, I’m sure that they’ve identified a market that will take advantage of their services because otherwise they wouldn’t have started, started the business. But what could you do as a homeowner to prevent having to replace the water lines in your entire home?


are there supplements that you could put in to your system somehow to prevent hard water buildup? I know there are, are there precautions that you could take to make sure you don’t have the potential of freezing or compromising any, any copper lines? We talk about that and that’s a water damage Denver subject. Um, I think there’s probably a good list of other things that pre preventative wise a person could do that probably wouldn’t cost a ton of time, ton of money and take up a lot of time and prevent people having to come into your home, tear into your walls, tear into your appliances and your fixtures to take out all of the water lines and completely replace everything and then do their best job at replacing drywall, getting the same texture back. What if it’s wallpaper? What if it’s a different kind of material on the wall stone you, it was a lot of foe applications these these days that you’re in telling me that they’re just gonna get that to look exactly like it did before and there again, just the time and the demolition and the process and then the cleanup tough for me to think that again, that’s an option that uh, many people would just jump on without considering a lot of different things. So, um,

not the foremost authority on that whatsoever, but just like we talk about a lot in the, in the space of water damage, Denver related things, ways you can prevent, avoid, protect yourself, spend a little bit of time and a little bit of money to avoid spending a lot of time and a lot of money on something that, uh, wasn’t necessary to have to experience. So if you like that type of thinking, please make a plan. Do these things. Protect yourself, your family, your home, your property, and your pocketbook. If you don’t like the sort of thinking and you end up experience experiencing a water damage Denver’s situation, please give us a call. Let us know how we can help. We’d be happy to 70 zero five, seven, five, three, six, six, eight. And I hope you have a good day. We’ll talk to you soon.