Hey, Hey, my water damage Denver friends want to wish you whether you like it or not. A happy three Kings day. What is three Kings day? Well, from my Spanish speaking friends, it’s DIA de Los Reyes and a actually have a Puerto Rican friend and neighbor that uh, introduced what they call this holiday in Puerto Rico. Um, kind of interesting. I think it’s kind of a, I don’t want to assume or say it out of turn, but maybe it wouldn’t be a Catholic holiday. I don’t know. Um, but it celebrates, uh, the three, three Kings, the three wise men that followed the star, uh, when, um, as the birth of Christ happened and as a lot of many, a lot of, uh, activity scenes portray that they were there at either at the birth of Christ or shortly after really wasn’t the case. If, if you study that just a little bit, you can see and understand that they actually arrived, uh, probably more like a year and a half to two years after the actual birth.

So dedication to following what they saw and what was, um, something that they were convicted was something that they needed to do and pursue. And, um, that’s the extent of kind of, uh, the, the spirituality that I will introduce into this podcast. But I think that it’s a phenomenal, um, indicator of what we should all do in life and business and family and anything that we pursue is be convinced to be convicted. Follow that, that, that pathway that, uh, you’re convinced Water Damage Denver is going to lead you to what you need to see, what you need to experience, um, in each aspect of your life. So for them, obviously, uh, they had heard the prophecies, they had no doubt in their mind that something was going to come to pass. And sure enough, all of a sudden this star, um, appeared in the North sky and they followed it. And that’s the way a lot of navigation was done back then is they,

they traveled according to the stars. So pretty interesting. And they obviously were so convinced and so dedicated that they took years out of their life. And these were not people that were bums or had nothing better to do or were drunks or bored or wanders or anything like that. They were literally royalty. They were Kings. And if you understand and recall the gifts that they brought, they were not cheap, ordinary gifts, uh, gold, frankincense and myrrh. If you study those gifts and the reality of what they were back in that day, especially, those were incredibly luxurious gifts. And that’s what they brought

to, uh,

to Christ and to who they believed and were convinced was, was the savior born as a human. So, um, pretty cool whether or not you believe, um, anything and everything about the reality of uh, the supernatural, they’re coming into human being. That’s okay. That’s not the point necessarily. Um, it’s that when there is a path, when there is a end goal, something that you want to be or something that you, uh, you believe wholeheartedly follow, that don’t give up. Even if it takes a long time, you know that what you’re going to experience the, the end result, the conclusion of that is going to be potentially life altering. And that’s really the way that we approach our craft with water damage Denver situations with anytime we go into a home or a business to help out with a project. Um, again, not to say that we’re perfect or I’m certainly not comparing, uh, the purity or the perfection of, of the story I just shared with you to, to what we do. It’s very clearly different, but our goal is to have a plan in place, um, to derive something specifically for those folks to accomplish something as quickly and efficiently as possible, as professionally as possible and follow that path with conviction so that we can get to that end goal for them as quickly as possible. And hopefully that presence is a gift to them and makes them super happy and gets them back on track to just kind of living in normal everyday life that they’re used to. Uh, similarly,

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in business and in this company. Um, it’s a younger company. It’s about,

uh, four ish years old. So relatively speaking, kind of a younger company, but, uh, from day one we’ve had goals, visions kind of stars off in the distance that we know. Um, you know, that’s where we want to get to. That’s where we want to go. That is, um, just kind of the, the place we’re looking to be, hopefully sooner than later Water Damage Denver. But, you know, we want to be systematic and, and intentional on how the business grows and how, what sorts of relationships we acquire. Um, so that certainly the business can succeed, but at the same time it can be a good, um, properly, you know, kind of well tuned machine, um, to benefit our customers, our employees, um, our networking partners, all those different entities that, that we deal with. It’s not all about the individuals in the company, the owners, um, you know, the brand itself.

But the desire is to really grow something and achieve something that is a well respected, but also just in general, uh, a great, great resource for all sorts of different people and businesses in the different Metro area. And that that really does apply to each, uh, service that we offer, whether it’s water damage Denver smoking, fire, um, mold, all the odd jobs that we do with respect to just general demo or, um, you know, helping out with cleaning things out that have been compromised by animals or whatever the case may be. Uh, we really do take that mindset with every type of job we do. So, um, hopefully that provides a little perspective on how we believe and feel about, um, our company and our efforts. And not that you should take us up just off of, of that sort of thing. But we do offer, it’s a sincere, um, effort on, on being that type of company for, for you and for anybody else that, uh, may experience, uh, a loss of some kind. So please reach out to us if you would appreciate that sort of service in your time of need. Again, water damage, Denver smoke and fire mold and many other various odd jobs. You know how to get ahold of us and until you need us, you stay safe.