Well, it’s going on water damage Denver friends certainly hope you’re enjoying yourself today. Certainly hope you are water damage Denver free and that you are spending just a couple of minutes to find out what the topic does. Your is for this big foot restoration and repair podcast of gold couple of days ago was Martin Luther King jr day, so we took a second to speak on leadership revolutionary thinking.

Those that value their convictions and their beliefs over even their life and certainly took a second to appreciate Dr. King and all that he stood for and all that he did today is not nearly as momentous or certainly not a national holiday, but it was the day. It is the day that the national baseball writers association selects or I guess notifies recipients players, former players if they have made it into the hall of fame. Baseball hall of fame is probably just one of the, probably the most iconic and historic hall of fames out of the four major sports. Not that

any of them are not to be taken seriously, but obviously baseball is just the oldest sport and has the most history around it. And so comes a certain bit of dramatics when it comes to getting in Cooperstown. And for the first time in franchise history, the Colorado Rockies had a player selected to the hall of fame. So Larry Walker played here for 10 seasons. He had a short stent in Montreal before he decided to sign as a free agent with the Colorado Rockies in 1995 I believe. And he put up just insane numbers regardless of your perspective on Coors field and the altitude. He was a true five tool player, had one of the prettiest swings I’ve ever seen in my life. And it was just an insanely gifted athlete and incredibly talented baseball player. So he got in his 10th year of eligibility, which is as I understand the last year that he would have been eligible as a modern era player.

He’d be eligible again as, I don’t know what they call it, like a senior recipient or something like that. So, uh, he got in there right at the end of his little 10 year window of being eligible. Super cool. It’s very well deserved. It is cool to have that to celebrate as a huge Colorado Rockies fan. But it is definitely something that the folks that vote for this sort of thing got right. Had they not put them in, it would have been pretty disappointing and not just because it would’ve meant snubbing on Colorado Rocky would just, um, it just wouldn’t have been the correct decision. This guy is one of the best to ever play the game and his numbers and just the eye test back that up. So in our industry, um, we definitely have what, um, you could consider a hall of fame of water damage Denver icons of water damage, icons in general, people that have done a ton of stuff and really paved the way, um, in certain respects, but also just been incredibly talented and

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super, super helpful to the industry as a whole. Um, maybe not so much water damage, Denver related but more on the cleaning side was a gentleman named Ralph Blas who I met a handful of times back in the day. It was certainly the time that I was in the water damage Denver industry and the cleaning industry that, uh, honestly thinking back to those times, I, I wasn’t thinking of this as a career, wasn’t thinking of this as something that I would be doing for a long time really at all. And, um, even though that was my perspective, I still went into, um, this vendor that was here local in town and this gentleman that ran this company that we used to purchase from still do kind of, um, he was always right out front, shaking hands, introducing himself if he hadn’t met you before, reacquainting himself if he had. And then certainly if you knew him on more of a personal level, he, uh, he loved to have a quick conversation and from everything I ever saw had a sincere interest in and a hope that everything was going well with the individual and really wanted to, to, uh, just make sure everything was good. That’s about the family. Super cool guy.


You know, just both personally, but then professionally. Well, um, there’s a couple other handful of people that definitely would be hall of Famers and I’m sure there’s something I believe they do give out.


Like water damage

awards, no clue what the criteria are, but definitely people that deserve to be recognized and definitely deserve to be shown appreciation for everything that they do, um, both to the public but then also for a B2B type relationships and, and helping the industry grow and succeed and so on. Um, the people that I think of right off the top of my head that I would put in the water damage Denver hall of fame or just the water damage hall of fame in general at the top of that list, probably I think probably at the top of everybody’s list would be a guy named Barry Costa who still teaches, is still instructs, but as I understand, um, gives a huge amount of his time to helping and just mentoring people, businesses, uh, without really border there. Um, and I think people, if they’re smart, take advantage

of his, of his, um, generous

time that he will kind of donate to whoever suggests that they need it. Um, when I’ve taken a couple of his classes, he always hands out his cell phone number and, um,

you know, just really wants to know if you’re ever in a bind, if you ever need help, if you ever need something in a pinch, when you’re on a job and you just can’t remember this or that or need a perspective, he, uh, he’s willing to pick up his phone and help you, which is incredible. Um, at all the conferences, water damage conferences, uh, haven’t seen him at any water damage, Denver conference conferences, but he’s just about at all of these things, um, as a volunteer, as a speaker, as a helper and um, you know, just super friendly guy, always had a smile on his face and, um, just a pleasure to have met him and have a little interaction with him. Not a ton, but I think he’s just incredibly worthy of a hall of fame designation in the water damage Denver industry and water damage industry whole.

Um, one of the other instructors that comes to mind that I have only met during this course, but again, just going off of everyone else’s, um, encounters with her and um, experiences is a gal named Rachel Adams and I think that she’s probably married, so I don’t think her last name is Adams anymore. But, um, again, one of if not the most, um, well versed and respected people in even more than just the water damage Denver industry or the water damage industry specifically, but more appropriately like the mold anti my um, yeah, just microbial remediation, um, subject that is certainly enough off spout of, of water damage but um, man does she know her stuff and uh, again is an instructor is a helper as a resource to the water damage Denver industry both locally and the water damage industry as a whole nationally. And I think probably internationally as well.

And there are definitely a host, a good strong pool of people that have impacted the water damage Denver industry. The person that I guess would kind of come to mind, I know he used to have almost kind of a network and used to be in the water damage Denver industry himself and have a company, um, is Larry Cooper. After he got kind of out of the business, I believe as a company owner, he, he would go out and assess as a third party. You know, sometimes you need that, you need that third party to come in and kind of mediate between, um, you know, either, uh, a business in, uh, a customer or whatever and he would come in and bring a real objective voice to, um, to the situation. So again, another great water damage. Denver individual hall of Famer for sure, and a good handful of others that, um, you know, I’ve gotten the chance to know.

And then some that I’ve just heard of that, um, you know, sometimes you just don’t get the chance to meet all of the best and brightest water damage Denver people or restoration professionals that may or may not be around the Denver area or whatever. Um, but you know, they’ve done great things, you know, they’ve accomplished a lot and you know, that they’ve, uh, been a huge asset to the water damage industry. And so be interesting to see, um, again, some of the lists that people that have received these awards and have, uh, given a lot to the water damage [inaudible] industry and the water damage industry. You know, like I said, nationally or internationally. So hall of fame day for Larry Walker, super excited for him and reflecting on a few hall of Famers and the water damage, Denver industry, and then more even nationally and internationally. Hope I didn’t bore you to death. Hope you got something from this and tell we drop another big golden podcast of gold on you. I hope that you stay safe.