What’s going on. Water damage Denver friends. Hope you’re doing well. We are living the life here in Denver, Colorado. Another beautiful January day snow was in the forecast, but uh, apparently we had other ideas. No snow, blue skies, few clouds. It’s very pleasant. High forties, January in Denver, Colorado.

We like to, um, educate. We like to answer questions. We like to expound on the why of things. And so I’m going to spend just a few minutes with you today to maybe go into a little bit greater detail on maybe not questions that we are asked to our face, um, crazy amount of the time. But we know what’s going through people’s heads and we know what’s going through people’s heads because we see what people do and the ramifications of that. And we know that they’ve basically asked themselves this question and made a decision and perhaps that hasn’t worked out for the best. So pretty vague there. But let me get a little bit more specific. We know that a big question that goes through people’s minds is, why should I hire a water damage Denver restoration company? Why should I do it? Why should I hire people that are strangers to me to come in every day, throw a wrench in my schedule, maybe making mass, maybe doing okay job, maybe do a good job, maybe do a terrible job. But to them, you know, it’s probably something like a coin flip as far as what their experience might be. In addition to that, the question would be, why am I

going to not try to DIY this? Why can’t I take care of it? Why can’t I do just as good of a job is any water damage Denver company that might come through my doors? And probably a good portion of that question would be, if I can get insurance money, why wouldn’t I do this myself? As opposed to allowing another company to do the work? Oh, not horrible questions, but here’s the ramifications of, of some of that thinking. So you have a clean water leak, uh, let’s just say your, your toilet flap, you know, kind of gets stuck, whatever. Or, let’s not even say that, not even in the toilet, but let’s just say the line going through the going from the water supply out of the wall into the toilet malfunctions. Maybe somebody actually accidentally kind of jerks it or is cleaning behind there and, and snags it and puts a kink in it that you might not necessarily see immediately. But it Springs a leak probably while you’re not home. So it floods your top floor, your main floor and your basement. Lots of water, lots of mess, lots of water damage, Denver to be cleaned up. I know a lot of ambitious people that would get right to work with, um, tearing drywall out,

tearing carpet out, getting their shop vac out and trying to, uh, suck up water. Uh, maybe recruiting every fan from every neighbor, family member, friend possible and getting a ton of air moving and trying to take care of themselves. And maybe the money part isn’t necessarily the, the initial motivating factor. But let’s just say, and this is probably a little bit more rare than say it probably doesn’t happen quite as much as you might think, but perhaps the the adjuster for the insurance company decides to come out the next day, which is rare again, but just say that they do, they have, I’ve seen it and they say, okay, yep, definitely had a bunch of water damage. Denver here, let’s get you a figure for the damages. And they’re probably gonna set, separate out mitigation from rebuild. And so you’re going to see two different figures, one for the demo, the mitigation, the dry out, the restorative process. And then another figure for, okay, here’s what we think it’s going to cost. Replace drywall, tape, texture, paint. Here’s what we think, you know, for flooring, this is what needs to be replaced. Trim, um, you know, maybe personal belongings, whatever. And unless, and this isn’t always the case, but in general and less, the water [inaudible] that you go with isn’t on their preferred vendor list or a part of their insurance platform or program. The check will probably be issued to the insured.

It’s pretty typical.

So understandably, the main objective for any insurance company, agent adjust or third party that may be a part of third party adjuster may be a part of the process, the whole thing that they want to do. And again, just to look out for their best interests, they would love to.

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Get away with, you know, releasing the least amount of money. None of those companies stay in business by just writing a check with a lot of zeros on it. And I think a lot of companies are incredibly sincere and honest in the way that they


You know, step up to the plate whenever one of their insured has any sort of water damage. Denver or any S any other sort of loss. But let’s, let’s just be honest, and it’s not a slight against them, but they’d rather pay less than more. And they would also like to close the file immediately. They’d like to get it off their desk. That’s a good thing for them. It’s less arguing, less back and forth, either with the insured or the contractors that they’ve used for the project. And maybe, maybe the amount ness isn’t necessarily the issue. Let’s not talk about whether they, you know, send a, a statement that says, here’s, you know, here’s an amount for your mitigation.


You know, sign below, something like that. So, you know, say two days after this water damage Denver event has occurred, the insured gets an email or some sort of correspondence saying, Hey, um, we’ve come up with our figures based off of your damage for your loss. We will cut a check to you for

5,000 bucks.

And the insured is sitting there looking at that figure saying, okay, I have a mess on my hands and this is not awesome. But I did a ton of the work myself and I’m doing my best and everything’s looking okay so far. I like the idea of putting that $5,000 right into my bank account and calling it a day,

especially when they PR, they may or may not see a, you know, an additional amount for the rebuild. Maybe say that check, um, is also for 5,000 for replacement of drywall tape, texture patch, some flooring that was damaged. You know, maybe a chair to some personal belongings that were deemed deemed non salvageable. So the insured is sitting there looking at 10,000 bucks and based on what they’re eyeballing, that’s a nice little amount that they can put in their bank account and not, um, really hire any of the work done. Maybe they say, well, you know, I’m gonna tackle the mitigation and the restorative portion myself. You know, I’m going to shop, um, shop around, wait until I find just a screaming deal on carpet. I’ll bring in my brother-in-law to help me with the drywall. We’ll get that figured out whenever we can. And, you know, maybe that happens soon. Maybe that happens six months or a year from now. But who cares? I can live with the inconvenience to put a ton of money in my bank account. Again, not a horrible thought. I think we’d all be slightly personally persuaded, at least in the case of a water damage Denver situation. Think that, that, that’s something to entertain. Um,

so again, I guess let’s just follow through a scenario and say that, uh, you know, the party that experiences the exact thing that we’ve put out goes ahead and signs on that dotted line. Insurance cuts a check to them for those amounts. Everything is amazing until six months later when people start getting sick. And it’s hard to know why it’s hard. Like there’s not anything necessarily wrong. Um, but they notice that they’re just all feeling sick. Or maybe there’s some kids in the home with not fully developed immune systems yet maybe there’s some elderly folks in the home that their systems are compromised. Maybe there’s, um, an individual that’s fighting cancer that they’re, or AIDS that their immune systems severely compromised mold resulting from a water loss can do horrible, horrible things to a person, to a family, to a life.

And at that point

there’s a harsh reality that has to be dealt with. It’s what in the world do we do now? The cost to remediate mold goes far above and beyond the cost of drying out

a newly flooded property. People have literally walked away from a home because it’s deemed uninhabitable based off of what they find a mold wise. And we always want people to understand that when we operate in these sorts of situations, we’re bringing in a third party, somebody that’s not associated with us to do testing and give us an exact rendering of what sorts of things are present in the home. So it’s not just us walking through randomly saying, yep, this is a problem. You know, this is black mold, this is, this is deadly. You are in big trouble here. A lot of companies do that and they make a ton of money with those scare tactics. But in the event that mold is present, there is no more insurance money for that. You’re not going to be able to call up your insurance agent and say, you know, that loss that we have, that water damage number situation that we had six months ago.

Yeah. Um, I really thought I took care of it. I just went to town on cutting drywall out and getting everything dried out, plugging in all my little box fans and my sister, let me borrow some, and my neighbor let me borrow their fan and they have a big industrial fan, so I know it moved a lot of air and yada, yada yada. But we’re sick now and there’s a lot of mold in my house and I just, I need to file a claim to get this taken care of. They are going to politely let you know that you unfortunately are on your own with that. Um, and it was your choice to, um, take matters into your own hands and try to take care of that water damage. Denver lost yourself as opposed to hiring a contractor with the technical skills, the street smarts and the equipment necessary to get your property taken care of. And then life starts to become


What are you going to do? Where’s this money gonna come from? Are you again going to try to somehow figure it out on your own? Are you going to have licensed and able contractors come in and remediate and you’re going to take out a second mortgage on your home or are you going to dip into savings big time or put a huge chunk on a credit card? Um, none of those are things that people want to do. And so [inaudible] as entertaining and as tempting as it may be, the correct decision is just to let the professionals take care of it. Sometimes it seems like small, no big deal, we can handle this ourselves, but what’s, what’s the risk worth to you? It might be, maybe you can get a totally handled yourself and pocket, you know, some significant cash. But what are you willing to risk just in the event that

somebody gets sick down the road, not sure that there’s a monetary amount that anybody would put on health or life or anything like that. So there again, just one example of why it’s so important to have water damage. Denver professionals come in and yes, get paid money and yes, get paid good money to do the job properly and you know, basically assure you that you don’t have to worry about anything related to that water damage Denver loss months, years down the road. That’ll do it for this episode of the big foot restoration podcast of gold. Hope that you have learned something and that you will take these things into consideration if you have ever have a water damaged in for loss, we sure hope you never do, but we’d love to be the Denver water damage company of choice in that event. But until then, you guys stay safe.