Howdy, howdy water damage, Denver friends and family. We are pleased to snag you just for a few minutes to give another little dose of the big foot podcast of gold. Okay.

Water damage, Denver jobs, fire damage, smoke damage, mold jobs come in all shapes and sizes. And I guess the nugget that we’d like to drop today hinges around that threshold of what is, what is that point where an individual is in need of a water damage Denver company to come help with their problem. Give you an example of a customer where wrapping up, helping them with the job that they reached out for last Sunday. And so let’s just start there. Got a call at the prestigious water damage Denver hotline headquarters Sunday, mid morning. And this gentleman said, do you guys do sewer backup? And we responded, well, yes we do. What happened? And he proceeded to kind of give us the play by play on his situation that stemmed from the night before when his son took a shower on the third story of their home

and it’s about a F a split level home. So about four stories. And I guess on what you would call the second level toilet started backing up from underneath right around the base of the toilet. So not overflowing but coming up. So assuredly something was going on with the drainage in their home.

when water comes up from the base of a toilet that is, that’s not fresh water, that’s not clean water. And so that really is something where an individual, whether they are the homeowner or the mitigation expert needs to protect themselves and others as they go ahead and try to attempt to deal with that mess.

we were able to get over there later that afternoon on a Sunday to help kind of assess the situation and help get help guide this particular customer in the right direction. Like we’ve always say, sometimes Bigfoot will pass on the job if it’s something that we feel a customer can reasonably handle themselves, we will give them all the necessary information. Ultimately it’s up to them, Oh, give them options. And I feel like this guy had some options, you know, really going over there. It was interesting and probably don’t have enough time in this water damage Denver episode to get into the specifics. But I would say that just realistically probably seven or eight out of 10 people with what he had would probably try to do everything themselves. And depending on kind of how thoughtful a person was or how, how much they took into consideration everything that they might need to do, they might be able to do a pretty decent job. But this particular individual, for whatever reason, and it’s not any of our business, whether they don’t have the time or the interest or whatever, he upon getting the options from us said, okay, I’d like you guys to go ahead and take care of this.

Water Damage Denver | Typical Sunday Jobs

So it involved mainly just a few hours of demo, uh, removing the carpet they had been affected, which is a good idea. But could a homeowner do that? Yeah, probably removing the small pad underneath the carpet. Could a homeowner do that? Yeah, probably

now cleaning and sanitizing that sub floor, that concrete sub floor. Could a homeowner do that? Well, possibly, but possibly not. And there is kind of one of those threshold type pieces. What would you use? What would they use? Would you just go under the cupboard? Would you get out the bleach? Would you search for some cocktail on the internet that somebody that blogged about something at some point in time says this is how you clean up, you know, a floor. If water hits it, that’s where it can kind of get murky I suppose. And to what extent would someone demo would just be the carpet? What other materials did that hit? Well, from? From our visit on Sunday evening, it was clear that there was a fair amount of moisture content in some wood paneling that surrounded their furnace room. So I would say that probably 99 right in the 99% group, people don’t have the equipment that we have.

Why would they? If you’re just a property owner, but with some of this equipment we can tell very definitively what the moisture content is. And if, if people have had a water damage, Denver backup or a leak or a sewer backup or something like that, obviously we would understand that the moisture content in those material is coming at, you know, STEM directly from that loss. But I don’t think most people would just go ripping out paneling or drywall out if they felt it and it to the touch felt dry if it wasn’t soggy, if it wasn’t stained, if it wasn’t a readily obvious that it was compromised in some way. But with our tools we were able to dial in where where this was and there therefore we made the recommendation to take off the wood paneling, to tape take off the trim to take off any sort of material off the framing that had been compromised by probably some pretty gross contaminated water damage number. So not a big job, but a necessary one and a professional one

Now the framing again is something that can be treated and can be processed properly and we know how to do that, but it would probably be a guessing game for the typical property owner. And they may do a decent job and they may do an absolute horrible job. They may do a killer job there. Again, it’s just a, maybe not even a flip of a coin. Maybe chances are even well they are, they would be worse as far as did we do this properly and do you want that peace of mind or are you willing to kind of play that game? So water damage, Denver [inaudible] jobs come in all shapes and sizes. We understand that people aren’t just a pining to have a contractor coming to their home and get invasive into there, finished basement.

But when you think years down the road at home, owner probably isn’t real interested in having their family be sick, their property being devalued because something happened that wasn’t taken care of properly. So it’s a tough one. It does throw a wrench in day to day life. But in the case of this one, we got a call on Sunday where we responded Sunday, we made the recommendation, Sunday we got the approval, Monday, we did the job Tuesday, we’re done. So pretty painless, pretty quick and very effective. So if you have a water damage Denver situation that you’re just not quite sure if this is something that you can handle yourself or something that you should reach out to a water damage Denver company or restoration comes, we need to have their thoughts and their 2 cents presented. I would highly, highly, highly encourage the phone call to make sure that you’re given the options and you know exactly what the professional would recommend that you do. We are that resource. If you are in that situation, we sure hope that you’re not experiencing a water damage Denver or sewer backup or smoke or fire problem. But if you are seven two zero five seven five foot is how you get ahold of us and we look forward to hearing from you. If that’s the case, you take care.