Water damage. Denver friends love that you’re here with us today, engaging in yet another mind-altering edition of the bigfoot restoration, water damaged Denver podcast of cold. Are you a big Walmart person? Are you a big target person? Do you like, do you like the Superstore effect? Do you like to go to a location where you can literally get some broccoli, a baseball bat, a pair of headphones with proper Water Damage Denver services?

Some gardening, soil with a laundry basket all at the same time. Is that you, then you probably like the Walmart, the target, I guess, um, Kmarts are probably not a thing anymore. That’s what we had when I grew up.

I’m trying to think of a handful of other places. I’m sure there are more than just that. And certainly, there are kinds of other big box stores that offer a variety of things and it’s kind of convenient to go into these places and find what you need. Make one, stop, walk around the store, fulfill everything on your list, and get on to bigger and better things. Now I think one thing that’s kind of interesting is that sometimes, you know, people have a perspective of a Walmart or target probably Mo more so Walmart, that the type of goods that you buy there, isn’t, aren’t maybe the best quality-wise, but I’m not so sure about that with your Water Damage Denver. I mean, I think you could say that across the board, about a lot of places, when you go into the grocery store, you can buy a, um, a slice of steak, a cut of steak that, you know, is up around $20 a pound. You can also buy different types of meat, still, still a beef product, but something that’s more like three or $4 a pound, it’s the same product, but different it’s a little bit different, a little bit different in quality, I guess, taste all those sorts of ancillary values. But a lot of the components are the same.

You can go into a target and you can buy Bose headphones. That’s a pretty nice product. You can also go to a real high-end store in the mall, maybe even just an exclusive Bose store. And you can buy those headphones as well. You can go to Walmart to their luck electronic section, and you can buy a lot of the same brands and, um, the same types of things that you can in a more specialty store. Now, perhaps the model numbers, aren’t the exact same. And maybe that has kind of a correlation with the meat, similar few differences, but is it something that, um, you know, that individual is satisfied with? Are you willing to go to a Superstore to be able to grab everything you need and get out of there in 45 minutes and be okay with the products that you’ve chosen or do you really need to spend more like a half a day or perhaps even more of a full day to go around to the specialty meat store to make a special trip to the mall, to go to a certain store, to get your headphones, to go to, um, the container store, to get your laundry basket, things like that?

And then maybe if there are certain things that you really like, and your heart is really dead set on, then that’s what you want to do. And you feel like that’s a perfectly reasonable, um, use of your time to get exactly what you want and to maybe pay, um, you know, a higher price and to spend a little more time. But to know that you’ve controlled the fact that you have literally the exact specific thing, whether it’s produce electronics, household goods, whatever, and that’s worth it to that individual.

I’m not suggesting that it’s apples to apples with water damage Denver companies, but there are a lot of conveniences by allowing a company to handle everything for you. Now, the cool thing is that you kind of get the best of both worlds, especially with the water damage Denver company, like bigfoot restoration that you can have the time savings and the headache savings of a one-stop-shop, kind of that Superstore feel. But again, you can pick the quality of the types of things that are a part of your claim. And certainly, if you already have kind of high end finished work or high-end content, that’s damaged in a water-damaged Denver job or a fire or smoke job mold, whatever.

You will get that exact light kind back as a part of your claim. If you can document that, uh, you had some pretty high-end stuff in there. If, if you’ve got builder grade carpet, flooring, fixtures, trim doors, and water damage, Denver job causes you to realize that, well, all these things have been deemed unsalvageable. I’d really like to replace it with more of a higher-end fixture. Then you are well within your right. And we are happy to accommodate people thinking about maybe supplementing the project with some of their own money to achieve those higher-end finishes that maybe they had thought about and hoped about, but just hadn’t ever done, but now is the best time to do that.

So it’s, it’s actually a perfect split. It’s having the convenience of working with bigfoot restoration and repair to handle literally anything and everything related to your loss taken care of that one phone call will allow you to put the process in motion to have a crew come out and start the mitigation efforts to find and eliminate the source of the water damage Denver loss. If that still hasn’t been found to get a plumber in route to fix that if need be. And then to go ahead and take care of all of the damage to goods, does water need to be extracted? Does machinery need to be set in for drying? Do certain Materials need to be removed? Does containment need to be set up? All of those things are handled kind of as the first process. And certainly, it can get a little more complicated than that. Um, and that’s kind of on a case by case basis, but bottom line is that we take a very thorough approach to the job and make sure that the, that we’re not missing anything, but when it comes time for the replacement of items that have been,

Have been, um, Completely compromised by the water damage Denver experience, the insurance Agents or the insurance company [inaudible] responsibility is to. Get you back to the way you were before the loss. But if you had the option of going into a Walmart and a target and saying, I love, um, I love the convenience of, of shopping here and getting everything that I need all at once, but still saying, you know, I’d sure like to shop at pottery barn for my curtains. And I’d sure like to shop at, um,

You know, a boutique-style store for my fixtures, for my, for my light fixtures. And I’d sure like, um, you know, kind of this carpet specialty store for my floor coverings going back in, whereas that isn’t an option in a Walmart or a target, it is very much an option when you’re dealing with bigfoot restoration, the repair, as you, as you decide what you want to be put, put back in your home. So that’s, to me there, you know, there’s not really too many downsides to that. It’s a great thing all the way around. And I think it’s a very, very important benefit of it working with the water damage Denver company, like bigfoot restoration repair. So God forbid you ever have a water loss, a fire smoke loss, or a mold loss in your home, her property, please reach out to Bigfoot restoration repair to have every single component of your loss taken care of. And, um, really anything that you want to be achieved with the bill back. We feel like we can execute. So we look for him forward to hearing from you if you are in that boat, but until then you stay safe.