What’s going on? Water damage Denver friends, it’s the morning and it is January and it’s the latter half of January. So what does that mean in a lot of cases for, for people there three weeks, three and a half weeks into the new year and their new year’s resolutions, no matter what they may be are probably at a definitive point here for me and my wife, we decided to hop on a effort called no sugar, January and


If you didn’t know, sugar is a really bad thing for your body. It just is. I know it tastes good. I know it’s delicious. I know it’s all over the place, but sugar is a food that cancer loves to live on, and if you don’t believe me, go research it for yourself. But you eliminate sugar from your diet you wish eliminate, and people don’t think out. Their friends. Do not think that. Just shred straight up white sugar that’s sitting on your countertop, that that’s, that’s the only type of sugar and you just steer clear that you’re good. Nope. Sugar is an eight ton of stuff. Go look at the back of your ketchup bottle, lots of sugar and ketchup. Take a look at a lot of the sauces and things that are put on. Any type of food. Doesn’t matter if the foods organic, not organic, junk, fried, deep fried, baked, grilled, whatever. Um, there is importance in, in that part too. But certainly you know what, what’s applied to that, that dish. Um, more often than not gonna have a ton of sugar in it. Drinks, sodas, obviously juices on and on and on. And then you have foods with natural sugars in them, fruits and things like that. And there’s, there’s definitely, um, kind of a progression there that, that you have to decide for yourself. But if you’re being honest with yourself, sugar

in any form is still something that you have to know going into your body. Um, we’ll have some sort of effect. Just like everything what goes in kinda, you are what you cheat type thing. But we’ve been so overcome with the idea of what’s healthy. It, uh, it’s just a circus nowadays. Um, you know, raising brand, Oh, that’s healthy, healthy breakfast. Nope. Go look at the box of raisin bran and it’s all good. It’s not like you, you can’t eat the stuff and consume this stuff and, and live a productive life that’s not at all. But especially as you get older and different things start to be a reality for your body. Um, you have to decide what, how am I going to modify to, to make myself feel better, to eliminate, um, you know, swelling and irritation and uh, that sort of thing. Well, it can be pretty simple.

Anyways, that’s why we decided to go no sugar January and we wanted to see if we could, you know, definitely do. It’s definitely a mental thing, but we also, you know, we’re interested in seeing the way our bodies felt after a month and not that we’re going to just jump right back in and eat cake on February 1st for breakfast, but really more of a mental thing, a psychological thing. What can we do? Can we survive this? You know, are we going to feel awful or are we going to feel great? Are there going to be days of both and where do we go after that month? So it’s not like we’ve been perfect. Um, I say we’ve done a great job, but um, definitely have not been able to avoid sugar in all forms 100% since January 1st. So being honest, being upfront about, you know, where we’ve been now obviously other people that, you know, they have gym aspirations so they hit it hard January 1st and you know, went strong and we all know how that goes with, you know, the first week of January, Jim’s being packed and then, you know, you can almost just watch the numbers trickle down as you get, you know, into the new year out of the first month, into the second month.

Water Damage Denver | The Resolution Is Here!

And some people hold, hold strong longer than others, but eventually it’s just one of those things always has been where people just fall off the rails. There’s also, you know, goals and different sorts of resolutions that go beyond fitness or health and, or just, you know, in that same super important category with prospective business family really, you know, kind of the six things. It should be something that everyone addresses with respect to family, fitness, finance, friendship,

fun and faith.

And no matter what your interest levels are in all of those, again, if you can be honest with yourself and determine, okay, here I am here. This is where I am right now with each one of those indicators and then decide is this where I want to be? What are my goals for this particular part of my life? Is it important? Is it really not that important to me? Do I need to work on this? Um, you know, pretty self-reflective there and then it’s up to the person if they want to [inaudible]

totally a candid with themselves or if they want to try to fool themselves and side that something’s okay when it’s really not and then certainly have, have the discipline to, to make the changes and commit to working on those areas where you do want to see some improvement.

so for, for me, I, you know, I take a pretty consistent look at all six of those facets of my life and with respect to the water damage Denver industry and the restoration work that we do on a day to day basis with, with Bigfoot.


You know, it’s, it’s more about the business acumen, the relationships that we are trying to establish, the trust that we’re trying to gain, the


the cashflow that, that we’re trying to maintain. Um, you know, there’s a difference between actually getting work, performing work, but then getting paid for work is something that’s often left out of the importance of day to day business. And when you have a high percentage of receivables, when you have not been paid for work that’s been rendered, that’s been completed, it’s been satisfactorily done. If that’s a word, a, yeah, that’s a bit of a difficult one to navigate because sure is difficult to operate a business when all you’re doing is work for other people, but not getting compensated for it. I don’t, I don’t know of, of any business or individual that would be okay with that. There’s a leverage thing there and especially with B2B, um, there can be different terms as far as payment time periods and different things like that. But all too often, um, you know, there’s just not a high priority on getting the contractor paid after the work is.

And that can be a trickle down from the top. And you know, we didn’t pay you because we didn’t get paid and therefore you can’t pay the people under you, you because you’re not getting paid. And it affects everyone. But that’s again, something that we, you know, kind of have to continually monitor and make sure that we’re positioning ourselves for success. And again, making resolutions to handle things according to good proper business practice. And that can mean a difficult conversation every once in awhile, but yet, uh, it’s even more detrimental if it’s just, um, ignored or not dealt with. So for us, again, without all things water damage Denver related, um,

yeah, we’re holding strong with some resolutions with some changes, some improvements that we feel strongly about for, for the new year. Um, lots of great things on the horizon, but we know we need to stay committed just like anybody does for their, for their health goals, for their finance goals. Um, you know, that stuff doesn’t come easy. There’s pain involved with all aspects of growth and improvement, but the more you do it, the more you’re consistent with it, the more it becomes kind of just second nature. And that’s, that’s the goal for everything that we try to accomplish with Bigfoot and our water damage Denver aspirations and in any, any other company that we have no authority and or influence on. It’s a, it’s an iron sharpens iron mentality. So hope your resolutions are going well. Hope your goals are being met in this first 20 to 23 days of the new year. Stay strong. We’re trying, it’s a commitment we make every single day for our water damage Denver friends, and should you ever need our services? Hopefully you can see that in your experience. Hopefully you don’t have that experience. We certainly don’t wish a water damage Denver loss on anyone, but we know it happens inevitably at some point. And we want to be your water damage Denver contractor of choice, if that does ever happen, but until then, you stay safe.