What is going on. My lovely, beautiful, sophisticated Water Damage Denver friends hope that everybody’s doing well. It is an evening edition of the big foot restoration podcast of gold. So if I sound a little lethargic, I’m processing my thoughts from a okay

about going on about a 14 hour day here, which is all good means people needed help means we were able to help people. Lot of people had Water Damage Denver issues to day. So let’s recap the day and discuss my water damage. Denver friends, we started off the day with a trip out to visit a job that we were at yesterday. A young, maybe not so young but young at heart. The lady that experienced a water damage Denver loss last Thursday and is trying to wrap her mind around what exactly needs to be done. And so our, our goal with her is to just give her the reality of pulling the trigger on filing a claim. I know a lot of people just are super hesitant to file a claim with their insurance company folks. That is why we have homeowner insurance for situations like she is experiencing coming home from a trip and finding made major water damage. Denver in her

master bedroom den below significant lots of water, lots of cleanup, big job. Not something that she can handle on her own like she’s tried to do the last few days. So that was stop one moisture readings, content, um, documentation in an attempt to give an estimate, get an estimate over to her insurance company so they um, can approve or perhaps go a different direction. In any case, that will stop one stop two was an emergency call for the home builder. That again, it’s kind of the, we always think it’s interesting how we kind of have these theme weeks where people are out of town. Just so happens that this is the theme of people being out of town and stuff going wrong while they’re away from their home. So in this case, this homeowner is out of, I think, maybe even out of the country. And so her house sitter noticed something and called her.

Water Damage Denver | The PSYCHOtherapist Returns

She immediately called the homebuilder. This lady has literally just moved into this beautiful home, not even six months ago. So he came over to check and he was the one that actually called Bigfoot for his water damage. Denver issue. Think he feels culpable that they built the home and apparently he feels like one of the toilet toilets failed down in the basement. And that’s the reason for their water damage. Denver issue, again, pretty significant amounts of water, not the entire basement but probably around a thousand square feet of this basement. Um, base starting to pull away from the wall. Um, doors starting to swell because of the humidity in the basement. Um, carpet, just so soap, soap, soap pad, obviously soaked and furniture. Um, there may be some damage to some of the wood furniture. So got a crew back over there to get content out when you, we have to remove content and get it out of the area, get to work on extracting that water damage. Denver. So we had a crew get over there, start that process, extract water and pull pad, set equipment and get all of the horses back to the barn. So that was about a 14 hour

episode right there. Um, was able to monitor a couple of other jobs. That’s another thing that we do. Water damage. Denver friends is any time that we’re working on a project, we’re going to be back on that property every single day. If we can, if we can manage, that’s the goal to drop by every day monitor, make sure everything is going the way we think it should. Make sure there’s nothing challenging, you know, that’s popping up sometimes believe it or not, a water damage, Denver job that has been started, something else fails. We’ve had that happen on multiple occasions where you’ve identified it, eliminated one source, got the water sucked out, got drying equipment in place, thought you were on your way and something else happens. And so the process isn’t have to be completely replicated but um, quite a bit has to be done. So that is why we dropped by every day. We want to make sure we’re improving our moisture readings, improving. Um, obviously everything that’s drying out is continuing to go that route and just a quality control thing. And that is, that is something that happens until it is determined that everything is within the dry standard and equipment has pulled. So we’re just shuffling around town on a typical day, checking in on jobs, visiting water damage, Denver jobs that, that are in process that we just want to ensure are continuing on the road to success.

So that that’s just a basic diary podcast for this water damage Denver episode. Um, nothing super fancy or no big foot tips of the day, anything like that. Basically just documenting a typical 14 hour day for the life of a water damage Denver company and a company that is committed to helping anyone and everyone that has water damage Denver issues, um, larger, small, we are happy to help and direct and be a resource for anybody that needs a seven two zero five, seven, five foot is how you get ahold of your water damage. Denver company of choice, Bigfoot restoration. We will talk to you soon.