Water damage, Denver friends, what’s going on? What’s going on? I guess that’s rhetorical question. I’m waiting for an answer, not getting one. I would love to have some feedback for what is going on to my water damage. Denver friends, I really want to know. I’m interested. I care. I am actively concerned so feel free to reach out and let me know when you hear this podcast to gold. What exactly is going on in my water damage Denver friends world. I’ll tell you what’s going on in my world. My water damage, Denver buddies what is going on in my world is again trying to impress upon

individuals why it is so important that they act in a relatively expeditious manner when they have water damage. Denver issues. Got a call today from a very nice elderly lady and the brief side of the story of the brief, the condensed version goes like this. She came home from a business trip on Friday morning. She had had a friend over on Thursday evening, two water plants and just kind of check on things. But when she came in the door late morning on, on Friday, she could hear major water damage. Denver, she could hear that, that sound that you don’t want to hear when you’re coming in your house. And she knew immediately something wasn’t right and she was very, very correct. As she walked in her garage door, she was greeted with massive amounts of water coming through her ceiling. She immediately shut the water main off, which is a good good thought and called her neighbor that had kinda been looking at the house watching after the house to come over and uh, try to help her figure stuff out. So according to them, the little, uh, water

inlet from the coming from the wall up to the tank, the filler tube there in the master bathroom, he says, had come loose and was just shooting water everywhere. So at that point, he just shut the water source off there right at the, at that toilet, they were able to turn the water to the house back on. And she’s been able to use, you know, other water sources since then. However she hasn’t, well, let me back up. She has done something since Friday morning. It is now, just to give you context, it is, um, Monday evening and I uh, I just went over to look at her situation, her water damage, Denver went over to look at it about four 30 today, so Friday at 11 till Monday at 4:30 PM and it’s not like she hasn’t done anything. She has, as a matter of fact, in my opinion, she’s [inaudible]

done too much. And her poor neighbor guy that’s trying to help her has assisted her. They’ve rented some fans from home Depot, they’ve got some product that they wanted to try to spray. They’ve pulled out pad there. They really tried hard to get this situation figured out. And honestly the reason for her call wasn’t even to Bigfoot restoration. It was to one of my carpet cleaning companies and she was just inquiring about having her wool carpet cleaned. She loves her 20 year old wool carpet and she wanted to make sure we’d be able to save that and clean it for her. So she didn’t even reach out to ask about water damage. Denver, she just wanted to inquire about carpet cleaning. Interesting. Because when I got there and took about one step inside her house, this is going, I could tell this was going to be a large claim. Now this sweet lady, how do I put this? Um, properly. She, she’s never, I don’t know that she’s ever experienced a water damage Denver like this before. Um, so she’s very, very, she’s, there’s a lot of pushback with, with anything and everything said, but there is a lot of water in her home. Uh, the escalates just a bit and I’m being very accurate, but there’s no other terms you use that I can think of is that we have some hoarding issues going on.

Water Damage Denver | The PSYCHOtherapist Can Help

Water damage. Denver is bad enough when you have a situation where you’ve got just, let’s say a situation like this where your toilet feeder tube malfunctions and lots of damage can be done real quick. That’s bad enough. But when you have massive amounts of things everywhere in your home, it just magnifies the problem and the job and labor and the time and everything by a lot. All of that stuff has to be crated, boxed, you know, determined number one, if it’s salvageable, if it is, it would get created or boxed and it’s gotta be in temporary storage cause there is no way that we or any other company can work in there in the conditions that are that it is in presently. But it’s interesting and I’ve seen the sh the shows that document this sort of thing. And I’ve, I’ve read some clinical studies that, you know, she had no problem marching me through her home and we stepped over piles of things and you know, played hopscotch and

jump rope over boxes and piles and piles of stuff. And it was like no big deal. Just okay. Yeah this is, this is where the water started over here. Here we have, you know, where I think it’s wet too. And so she had RA. She was literally trying to tell me where, where it had reached as far as the wetness. At the same time, she’s telling me how much water was coming through her family room right below us and actually out of the, um, the overhang on the outside of the house. So I, I couldn’t really understand why, you know, there was hesitation and believing me that

the actual saturation of the water went far beyond what she had hoped. But really the fact of the matter was you really couldn’t step any farther into the bedroom than where she thought it was, where the wet and dry points were because there was no room, there was literally nothing available. There was no floor space. So we’re talking about a lot of content soaked, a lot of wet clothes, magazines, just random incidentals and with a personality type that doesn’t really grasp the enormity of what needs to be done. The other thing that is becoming a challenge right now, I can already tell is

that it’s been three days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, even more. It’ll tomorrow it’ll be four or more. And I encouraged her to make that call to her insurance agent to avoid being, you know, in any case found negligent. And she said, well I haven’t been negligent. I’ve been trying to drive this stuff out. Well I guess certain things mean certain certain words mean certain things to different people. You don’t get to put fans up on

your master bedroom carpet and in the family room and call that good because that’s what you thought should be done it, it is not going to be seen as something favorable if you have mold in your home resulting from a situation from water damage Denver like this where the enormity is so great and the homeowner or the insured decided they were going to go rent a few fans from home Depot, rent a rug doctor from home Depot in an attempt to extract water from the pad and think that that’s going to be seen as proper when you end up having mold and all sorts of growth and problems

as a result of not acting expeditiously when it comes something like this. So it’ll be an interesting one. We will definitely circle around and tell you about what we learned from this job. It’s always something different and we don’t have a problem working with different personalities, but the statement that I always offer people and certainly offered the scout today is you need to be comfortable and confident in whoever you decide to hire when you have a water damage. Denver loss like this, it is not going to be a quick and easy thing. We’re not talking about a three day project or a week long project. We’re talking about way, way longer than that and there’s no way you can put a time limit on it because you just have to work based on the conditions that you’re given. So if we cut open her ceiling and there’s mold that’s going to be a project. If we run as best as tests, we will, we would win. We run as best test and anything comes back hot.

That’s a long time to the project, but even if it’s just drying, you have to drive the structure out until it’s dry. You don’t get to decide, okay, we’ve dried this for three days. It should be good. Nope. You have definitive equipment that tells you definitive results and allows you to make the decision of when that equipment can be pulled. So not something that anyone should ever try to handle on their own. Not something that they should wonder about. Should I make a claim or not? You need to get your insurance agent in the loop. You need to get an adjuster on his way out on her way out to come look at what you have and get you pointed in the right direction. I understand nobody wants to make a claim, nobody wants to go through the hassle. I get it. But you also don’t want your house to be condemned because it’s full of of mold and growth and things that literally the how you know the insurance won’t cover if you’re found to be negligent. So rant over. We will circle back around as we get into this project, but it’s one that I thought needed immediate attention so that if you ever come across to water damage Denver situation like this, you know what to do. Thank you for your time. Attention, love prayers. Well wishes, telegrams, phone calls, text, emails, smoke signals. All of that means so much to us. Seven two zero five seven five foot is how you reach us. We will talk to use Uber.