not only our dehumidifier, so we certainly, these studs were still wet from the, uh, the water damage Denver job, um, water that traveled through there. Even though the drywall was removed, the studs were still wet, so we were able to set up a dehumidifier as well as an air scrubber. Um, with your discover we’ll do is circulate that area generally in a house and average size home. But every seven hours that air throughout the whole house will be filtered, um, and uh, taken care of. So every seven hours through an average size home that all the air within that home is passed through the machine. So, um, for a small room that we generally will do and contain it, um, it’s less than every, uh, about every 40 minutes. Um, all the air within that room will be continuously circulated and filtered and circulated and filtered. So we’re ensuring that we do get the best quality air involved in. And with this particular job, we didn’t do a test, we, it wasn’t necessary, but, um, there are tests that you do, um, in order to make sure that the quality of air is acceptable. Um, so we’ll do a, uh, a pre test to see where we’re at. We’ll get protocols on what is necessary to take care of that as well as a, uh, post test as well. So,


we will do that, uh, on most, um, old jobs and that’s a great indication. Um, any time we have a water damage Denver job that then turns into a mold job, um, to be able to, to test the air quality in no a hundred percent that things are safe and it is, um, acceptable air quality is nice to have her tool like that. So this one we didn’t necessarily need it. Um, but uh, most of them we do just for our purposes as well as the homeowner. Um, feeling good about knowing that everything is taken care of. And we did, uh, we s what we said we would do. So after this one, um, generally I’m old job like that. Um, it takes anywhere between three and five days to run the equipment, make sure everything is dried out, the studs are dried out, um, and then it’s that air quality. So we want to generally keep it five days in that ensures that all of the spores have been, um, removed. The air quality is, is that an acceptable level? And this takes a five day periods. So once this five days had been reached, we went back in, um, we moved our equipment and then we wanted to, uh, being that we had to remove and cut out part the, the carpet that was affected. Um, once everything is stabilized, everything is dry. Um, like I said, all water damage Denver jobs may not turn into a mold, but this one particular, this particular one did. And so

we had to go back in there a remove our equipment and then totally finished the job. Uh, which meant

we needed to remove the remaining parts of the carpet and pad. Um, the Strip was fine, it could stay in place, but everything was removed, a scraped, made sure there wasn’t anything else that we didn’t see or we may have missed or anything like that. This one was, we did a great job. Everything was taken care of. Some of the water damage Denver jobs we do. Um, we get a water can do funny things and, and even doing it for over 20 years. Yeah. You see things that uh, the water may have traveled to an area where you didn’t know. So you always want to travel or you want to check on the job, make sure the water didn’t travel in areas, uh, that you may have missed. So, uh, with big foot restoration, we go back and we check our jobs on a daily basis.

We do readings and then we check around to make sure there’s a back wall or another room we didn’t see and stuff like that. We are willing to be 100% sure that the water damage Denver job that we’re currently at, um, is, is totally dry and we did not miss anything. So we’ll go back and check everything. So this one removed pad removed, carpet cleaned up, made everything look good. Um, and at that point we knew a mold was taken care of, didn’t see any other signs on the carpet or the pad. And so, uh, we knew this job was completed to, to what we were gonna do. Um, what was going to be left to do was new drywall would be patched in for the ones the area that we removed. Um, new installation, um, the studs, um, can be sealed, but they generally are not. But uh, this particular one they wanted to, um, so they did seal it, uh, seal the framing there and in the stead. So that was done. Um, new carpet, new pad was then put in. Um, we can, we have the ability of doing that, but this particular job we didn’t. So some of the water damage Denver jobs we do,

we will go back in and put a new pad, um, and re re-install the carpet and everything. But this one, um, had a different contractor involved so they went ahead and had a, their guys do that. And um, so after that, roughly about eight days, everything was back to where it was before and the homeowner was happy with our services. And, um, so this, although it started out as a, uh, water damage, Denver job turned into a mold job, which we could certainly take care of as well. So you never know. So, um, it’s always a good idea to keep, uh, keep an eye out in, in. Yeah. Um, check things, check basements. This was this particular job. He just didn’t go into this room in the basement for some time, so kinda didn’t catch it there in time. And so, um, once again, that water damaged Denver job, um, turned into a mold job. So we, uh, we’re happy to take care of any issues like that. So if you need anything in the future, big foot restoration.