Hey water damage. Denver friends. Ope, you’re doing well. Hope you’re warm. Hope your Tommy’s full hope you’re happy. We have a new super bowl champion, a little bit bittersweet for me to say. Kansas city chiefs are on top of the mountain. Tough to feel anything but happiness for Andy Reed. Good dude. Put him in a lot of time and effort in the league and he got rewarded last night with his first ever super bowl championship. Kansas city got its first in 50 years and good for them. Probably be short lived but we’ll let them enjoy it for now. So what’s interesting to me in the water damage Denver industry is that there are kind of fluctuations in the industry that somewhat mimic professional sports, but we’ll go ahead and try to make some sort of comparison to the NFL today. It wasn’t that long ago that the chiefs were awful, literally picking super high in the draft every year, getting the number one pick. Literally they were the worst team in the league one point and it took some time for them to accumulate. Draft picks, accumulate talent, kind of go through a bit of a head coach, shuffle that, a handful of different guys there for a few years and they finally found kind of a stabilizing force and Andrew, Andy Reed to come in and

takeover and obviously do exactly whatever he team’s goal should be. And that’s to be the best. So in the water damage Denver industry, I think, you know, there, there’s that dichotomy as well where you can go from being

maybe not the worst, hopefully not the worst, but with a lot of work to be done. Maybe, maybe you don’t have a lot of equipment, maybe you just don’t have the resources maybe. And that’s, that’s a big part of it. Um, you need dehumidifiers, you need air movers, you need air filtration devices, you need diagnostic equipment. You have to have a lot of personal protective equipment that is on hand and ready, ready to go for each technician that goes out to perform a water damage. Denver job, you just don’t know what you’re going to rope run into and you need to have bags full of all of the protective equipment that, uh, you might need to have at the drop of a dime. And so each bag that goes out, it’s probably got about $500 worth of stuff in it, at least, so not cheap. So it’s a pretty big investment. So maybe a company that’s just kind of getting started or, or whatever. Um, they just don’t have a lot of equipment. Maybe they don’t have a lot of certifications, so they like the idea of the water damage. Denver industry, they want to help people, they understand the basics, but those certification classes are valuable. They are important. And you need to have a baseline training

at the very least. Um, you can’t YouTube, but you can’t just have somebody that gives you some tips and tricks. A lot of people are on Facebook in different, uh, Facebook groups within the industry. And you can tell they are literally relying on the advice and the answers from other people in the, not just water damage Denver industry but the, you know, kind of more of a nationwide thing and the advice and answers that people give to questions are just all over the place. So it’s not a spot you want to rest on for how you’re developing things. So knowledge, classroom knowledge, getting good, valuable teaching from industry professionals, people that know their stuff, they’ve been in the game for a long time. Lots of necessity there. Maybe you’ve, you’re struggling with facility, you know, I mean commercial, commercial space here in Denver is incredibly expensive. You do need space for a water damage. Denver operation, tough if not impossible to run it out of a home. Actually. Horrible idea for a number of reasons. Safety of your family. Just again the shirt, sheer amount of storage space that you need, number of things that go into that. But

Water Damage Denver | The Grind Doesn’t Stop

resources as far as a facility could be a thing as well. And then there’s all sorts of other particulars. Insurance employs gotta have good water damage, Denver employees to be on top of their, both technically and psychologically when they’re dealing with individuals that have just experienced a water damage. Denver loss, that’s an important thing. So if you’re deficient in any of those areas, and not only employees, but let’s just say management or super, the supervisory aspect of, of a company doesn’t really matter what level you are in the totem pole as far as, um, being involved in the water damage. Denver company, all hands on deck, everybody has to be sharp. Um, the links in the chain are all important. So if you’re deficient in any of those areas, you may be towards the bottom of what the Denver water damage Denver landscape has to offer. But that does not mean that you have to stay there. Just like the chiefs, you can rebound and make a lot of improvements and make a lot of headway and find yourself, um, experiencing some pretty great success.

Okay. And

you know, a relatively short amount of time, do you need to acquire some cash to, to get the equipment that you need? Do you want to rent? Do you want to just rent equipment for awhile? That’s okay. That’s not a bad idea either. Do you need to find some good quality, high quality individuals to supervise your water damage Denver operation? Do you need more reliable employees? Do you need people that will show up when they say they will that will walk into a home that’s just been severely damaged by water, fire, or mold and be able to connect with the homeowners on a personal level, on an emotional level so that they know you are doing everything you can to get them squared away and that you’re not just there to go through the motions. Maybe date, maybe do a great technical job, water damage, Denver speaking. But again, if you’re standoffish, if you’re not personable, if you don’t really act like you care, it’s going to be a less than ideal situation for the customer. Tony ways employees facility-wise do you need an area that you can have enough space to do what you need to do to process content, to be organized, to be able to keep everything clean and in good working repair?


good handful of things. Do you need to get yourself to some classes? Do you need to maybe make a little bit of an investment both time wise and money wise to get some good education and really sharpen your tools as far as the technical side of things is concerned, paying attention to any and all of those things will drastically improve your position in the pecking order of water damage Denver companies and again, you know, in general, yeah, tenure is great. Um, water damage. Denver companies that have been around for a long time, you would think that they’re going to be on top, but that’s not always the case. Right? I mean just like in most NFL teams have been around for just about the same amount of time. Some are newer than others, but everybody has been doing it for a long time and just like that in our, actually I met with the water damage Denver company the other day that I know is probably 20 to 30 years old and there’s literally two guys working in there right now. So you can never assume exactly where companies at all. You can do is focus on yourself, grind day to day, improve,

compete with yourself to be the best team, to be the best football player, to be the best water damage Denver technician or company that you can possibly be and you just might

end up on the top of the heap. The cool thing about the water damage Denver industry is there’s not just room for one. You can have multiple, multiple, multiple water damage. Denver companies that do great, that are incredibly successful and that doesn’t mean that others are losers or anything like that, but, um, you know, multiple companies can win. Multiple companies can succeed and offer great service to their, to their clients. So I guess congrats to the chiefs. Uh, I’m happy for Andy Reed, happy for their quarterback, happy for a number of the guys on the team. Um, yeah, good for them. Um, and again, that a top water damage. Denver company is something that we strive to be every day. So if you appreciate that sort of company champion company 70 zero five, seven, five foot, which is three, six, six, eight is how you get ahold of us. Until you need us, you stay safe.