What’s going on. Water damage Denver friends, I hope you’re doing so fine today. It is a glorious day in the mile high city and we are going to spend a few minutes today on this water damage Denver podcast of gold talking about what I am looking at right now, which is the effects of a wreck, not wrecks and affects not the hip hop slash rap group that you may have come to love and appreciate in the late nineties. No, not Rex and effects. This is the effects of the recs and Bri. Nope, not even right now.

I’ll let you know, but here’s the deal is on this particular morning that I’m speaking to you, I typically take a certain way to work. Okay. Right now. So we’ll come back to what right now means in just a second. But on this particular morning I select a route to work that I usually don’t take, um, pretty much haul highway all the way to work because I leave early enough to where traffic usually isn’t an issue. If I leave any later than what I left this morning. It’s, um, it’s just a lot of volume and then you mix in a potential accent or two and you can be sitting on the highway for quite awhile. So there’s a pretty solid route that, um, you know, gets me to work in a decent amount of time on the days that I leave literally one minute later than the dad did this morning, the time I did this morning. However, getting on to the second highway this morning on my way to work, I, uh, looked up inside just a ton of brake lights, which is the last thing you want to see really any time. But


especially when you kind of have kind of somewhere you need to be. So when you see a highway backed up and a bunch of brake lights, I guess, uh, just kind of prepare yourself for the worst and think. Okay. All right. It’s like I’m going to be sitting here for awhile and I just about started sending out a text or two to let individuals know that I would be meeting with this morning. That big wreck. Something’s going on and I’m not sure how long this is going to take for me to get through water damage. Denver friends, this wreck wasn’t even on our side of the highway. I am northbound, the wreck was southbound and was still having a major backup effect. So really the northbound backup wasn’t horrible. Maybe just a few minutes, but still as I looked in my rear view mirror by my northbound side of the highway, had cars piled back as far as I could see. So it was pretty bad. Pretty annoying, pretty inconvenient. However, I don’t know the northbound or I’m sorry, on the southbound side, not only, you know, obviously it was there a bunch of congestion right around the wreck, but when I just said, okay, now a couple of minutes ago, that was where on the southbound side

I finally got to the point where cars weren’t at a stand still going the opposite direction. So I would say


Three minutes or so after I got past that initial wreck and it got past the PO, the congestion on this side, I drove about three minutes looking at stopped cars. On the other side until it kind of wasn’t that. So you could say about three miles worth of traffic was sitting there on the highway and from the looks of things, it’s not like they were, from what I saw any like anywhere near really getting that wreck cleared out, cleaned up and moved off the highway. So I would imagine that is gonna pile back up even and probably is, you know, for the next 10, 15 minutes, those people are going to be mad. They’re going to be late to wherever they’re trying to get to. It’s going to throw a wrench in their day. And not only is it going to kind of mess them up this morning for whatever they have going on, it’s probably going to affect their plans mid day, late morning, midday afternoon, and perhaps even meeting evening.

Water Damage Denver | The Effects Of Wrecks

people are pretty resilient. They usually, you know, especially with the ability to communicate these days by phone and different things, you can still get a lot of stuff done remotely or modify and still rally to, to get, uh, responsibilities taken care of. Even if you’re stuck in traffic or, or whatever, whatever it is that, that wasn’t anticipated, but it’s still annoying. It’s still a challenge and it’s something that you’d rather not deal with. Well, as you may have guessed, this ties in perfectly for the whole complete water damage Denver scenario, experiencing a flood, experiencing a fire or major smoke damage in a person’s home, a mold related loss is always something that kind of puts the brake lights on. It makes you completely come to a stop or at least slow down tremendously to deal with this unexpected


causing a pile up, which will affect an exponent, exponential amount of life’s activities. But let’s, uh, let’s even go past that because I think most people realize that they’re gonna deal with a bummer every now and again. And so when they do, uh, they, you know, act hopefully pretty expediently. Um, get contractors out, get the insurance companies called,

get the [inaudible]

communication made that needs to be made and get the plan in motion

to get this challenge overcome. And that’s great. But here’s the second part of a potential car wreck

in the water damage Denver industry

that can then affect [inaudible]

many, many things as well. And that is the ability of the water damage Denver contractor. And if they don’t do the mitigation and the rebuild the, uh, effectiveness of both of those contractors to work within the proposed scope, time, line deadlines, all these things. So the things continue to progress smoothly. So if there’s even really just one individual as a part of the water damage Denver team that maybe forget something, doesn’t hook up equipment properly that forgets a part of

the job is done,

even though it may be seemingly insignificant or low insignificance, if you’re drying technique should take three days and it takes five, well then that pushes back everything else. Yeah. If that three days turns into five, but then schedules aren’t properly

made up to where the final cleanup can happen on that fifth day and maybe then, you know, that’s a weekend and they really don’t want to come back until the Monday. So that pushes that three day scope out to eight days. And then perhaps whereas the rebuild contractor was set to come in on a certain day, that eighth day really is something they already had looked out. So they need to go ahead and honor that commitment and they’re not available for another two or three days that pushes that three day. They would have been initially starting on the third day out to the 11th day. So you can see how just one little thing can really set off a domino effect as far as that trip that a car wreck that can go back many, many miles affect many people and ultimately really start to draw out that water damaged Denver job that maybe initially was pretty small, pretty, should have been something pretty easy to wrap up, but, uh, ends up going way longer and that, that may not seem like it does anything, but you know, just kind of take a little bit longer than it would have.

But when you’re talking about a family that could have expected to have, you know, people coming and going for maybe, you know, three to five days, now it’s stretching out into two or three weeks. That’s a, that’s a huge annoyance to huge inconvenience and it’s definitely something that, um, you’d rather not deal with and would appreciate the attentiveness of the contractors to have the foresight to have that happen. So anyway, hope that you never have the unfortunate challenge of dealing with a water damage Denver situation. But if you do, please make sure that you choose trusted and competent contractors to come in and not only mitigate your water damage Denver situation, but also be able to line up whatever repairs need to be done to get you back to normal as soon as possible and not have a car wreck that stretches back from miles and miles and affects much more of your time than it really should. Seven, two zero five, seven five three, six, six, eight is how you get in touch with us. If you ever need anything, we would be happy to help out. But until then, you stay safe.