What’s a water damage? Denver friends gonna take just a few precious moments of your time to allow the general public to get a little insight on kind of a staple of our business and why we operate in a way that may or may not be like other water damage Denver companies. So we’re probably a little biased, but I don’t think, um, I don’t think it’s in a inappropriate or inaccurate to say that we are very, very proud of big foot restoration and the water damage Denver service that we provide. We’re very confident that each service that we provide, whether it’s smoke and fire mitigation, mold or water damage, Denver, that we’re the cream of the crop and you know, add so much more than just good technical service. Also offer incredible communication. Um, just the utmost and responsibility and, and care for all of our clients. We are at the point in, in our company where we would love to meet other likeminded individuals, goal-oriented, ambitious, responsible,


to consider joining our team. We do operate other businesses that coincide with what we do at Bigfoot restoration repair. We, um, but we all work together and we all make sure that everything’s getting done and that nothing falls through the cracks. Uh, we, we believe in making an effort consistently to reach out to the Denver community and invite those that that would like to, that have an interest in coming in and speaking to us about the positions that we have available. A lot of people think in the water damage Denver industry or restoration industry that you just absolutely have to have experience and that’s not the case. Like most industries, how are you going to get experience unless somebody gives you a shot? So, um, that is definitely not a prerequisite. It’s definitely not a starting point or a stopping point yet. It’s nice sometimes when when people have some experience and understand the ins and outs of the industry, not so much because they know this or that or have that technical skill or whatever. Maybe, but more importantly, they understand the dynamics of the industry, that the potential nature of, of timing, you know, disasters, water damage ever doesn’t happen Monday through Friday, nine to five. Um, some of the emotional

abilities that people need to have to empathize with customers, that sort of thing. So we consistently, um, are out in the community promoting the opportunities that we have at big for restoration. And we always want to meet good solid individuals, whether they have experience or not, whether they’ve got a clue what water damage Denver may entail, whether or not they’ve ever seen what goes into a project. Um, you know, a major loss project. So [inaudible] we do this essentially weekly. We set aside time to meet with folks that have expressed an interest and we, um, we see if they’re a good fit and we want them to see if we’re a good fit for them as well. It’s gotta be a two rate, two way street. It’s gotta be something that, um, you know, people have a really subtle solid understanding of what, of what we do, how we do it, how we operate, the standards that we hold ourselves to and the goals that we’re trying to achieve. If there’s

some kind of

serendipitousness there, then it could be a wonderful thing. But the reality for us is that


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this is an industry, typically with high turnover. People jump in and out, they jump from company to company, they see something shiny across the way and they, they leave. And really, I mean the, at this point in time, which this point in time, just in case you need a point of references, November of 2019, the economy is exceptional. The Dow just hit a record high today. It hit 28,000, I believe for the first time ever. All, all of the markers point to just a very strong economy and people have options. They, they have the ability to have leverage on companies to go and follow different opportunities. And that’s their right. And it can be a bit difficult as an employer to, to be subject to that. But it’s the way things work. And so it’s all good. I always want people to do whatever they feel is in their best interest. But we, we try to definitely vet, uh, potential partners, you know, team team members in, in our business to just make sure that, you know, they kind of have a relatively solid idea that this is something they’d like to pursue. So, um, we reach out and we, we typically have people come in all at once. Um, there’s just way too much, um,

of a chance that, you know, people either do or don’t show for an interview or are running late or forget or have something else come up. So if we do it group style at least initially, um, that, um, that’s, it just works well. So that’s, that’s what we do initially is we, we offer an opportunity for about 30, 35 minutes for us to, uh, let everyone know what the company is all about, the great water damage Denver service that we offer on the ins and outs of, of what we do. And you know, if, if at that point they feel like they would like to pursue something with us, they can take an application, they can sit right there and fill it out. They can ask questions. We can go, you know, a little bit deeper, but, um, we just never want to potentially not have the ability to meet

an individual that, that we would like to be a part of our team. So if you are someone that’s considering, um, perhaps a switch in your career are interested in learning more about the water damage Denver industry, learning more about what Bigfoot restoration does. If you’re a goal oriented individual, if you’ve got ambition, if you’d like to take something on and be in, you know, be someone that not only is hired on with a certain amount of responsibility but would, would be motivated by being able to take on even more responsibility is a technical skills are achieved and honed. And, um, you know, again the, the managerial side of it with the emotional aspect and dealing with customers and different types of personalities that have just experienced either a water damaged Denver situation or a smoker, fire, fire loss. Um, there is definite skill and ability when it comes to that too.

So, um, we would love to talk to you if that’s you or if you know someone who’s looking, um, and in that form as well, give them our number. Seven two zero five, seven five three, six, six, eight. Look us up. Don’t just take our word for it that we’re a great company. Look at all our Google reviews. Look at all of the folks that we’ve served that, um, have given us objective feedback on their experience and then make the decision if you’d like to come in and spend 35 minutes of your Monday evening with us, learning a little bit more, we will answer all your questions. We’ll make sure you have a delicious bottle of water and maybe a little snack or some candy while we’re running through our little water damage dim for slideshow that we put on. So give us a holler. Reach out if you have any questions or would like to discuss further a potential opportunity in the water damage Denver’s industry with big foot restoration and repair. Until next time you say safe.