Welcome, welcome, welcome water damage Denver friends to another glorious edition of the big foot restoration and repair podcast of gold. I got the bass voice going on this morning. My, uh, allergies or my sensitivities are apparently on high alert this morning. Really sure what’s going on, but, uh, I’ll try to make this episode incredibly romantic for you, which in the mood to hear all about water damage Denver subject matter. Uh, unfortunately, I don’t, I’m going to sneeze here in a second, so I apologize in advance. Oh yeah, sorry. Um, unfortunately I do not really have a romantic, uh, central podcast for you today. I have something that, uh, that I just read that didn’t exactly, um, reaffirm my faith in humanity. Uh, and I, I kind of look for little wins daily that, that might help do that because there’s so much going in the opposite direction that just makes you wonder where exactly our world is going.

Um, so if you haven’t eaten breakfast or lunch or whatever and you’re, you’re thinking about getting ready to do that, go ahead and maybe pause this podcast for a minute because what I just read, um, just a little bit ago is not gonna exactly make you hungry. And also if you have a propensity towards fast food dining, you may want to skip this episode as well. A water damage Denver friends, um, you may be avoiding at least one chain or fast food altogether at this point. And really the whole point is that you just don’t know what, what’s going on, what, what people are thinking. Some of the crazy decisions that are made when it comes to things that definitely would affect you, your friends, your family. And so without any more teasing or, or throwing out vagaries, here’s the article. This article, Cole profiles a customer at a Burger King restaurant that

was eating or had just finished eating. And you know, everybody has everybody, everybody, anybody and everybody has a cell phone with a camera. Gone are the days of, Oh, you have a phone that has a camera? That’s cool. Oh, you’ve got, you’ve got the fancy stuff. No, I think it doesn’t matter if you buy a $1,200 brand new iPhone x or a little Rinky d in golf brand camera for $100. Every single phone these days is going to have a camera Water Damage Denver. And I won’t go down the rabbit hole of describing how that has absolutely changed the world probably for both good and bad. And that kind of probably rings true for this story. So this, uh, this patron of burger king had just wrapped up eating and I am, I’m going to try to reference back to this article and be as accurate as possible, but I don’t remember exact quotes or, um, exact timelines.

So not, not stating that I do, but from what I recall and from what I read this, this person, uh, just had a quick bite at their Burger King restaurant. And for whatever reason they decided to get out the old video camera function on their phone and start filming what they described as an employee mopping a table, actually the exact table that they had just ate their meal at. And this was a mop that the employee had just mopped the floor with. So just a quick little context of story. I, one of my very first jobs was in a fast food chain Water Damage Denver. It happened to be Burger King’s main competitor. That was my, one of my very first jobs. And that particular restaurant had pretty good training, you know, as a 15 year old kid, uh, you know, I felt like I had a decent head on my shoulders, but certainly probably was in the dark about a number of things when, you know, I would’ve been asked to do a certain chore task.

So they had processes, they had things laminated that it was pretty easy to go through and do checklist and pretty easy to follow if you knew how to read. And if you were willing to take what those little placards said and follow them step by step. As we all know, sometimes people do choose to follow instructions and sometimes they don’t. And I’m pretty sure regardless of your thoughts on Burger King or any fast food restaurant, you probably would agree that nowhere Water Damage Denver in their training manuals or little instruction placards or anything like that, does it say take creative liberty when it comes to using the floor mop to mop tables in our restaurant? I would imagine that would be frowned upon and probably discouraged. And I would say we can be sure of that because the employer that decided to do this has, I guess been let go.

So they did not like that. They did not appreciate it. Obviously it got a lot of a lot of news and that person is going to need, I need to find work elsewhere and hopefully most importantly, learn how to number one follow instructions and number two, develop a little common sense because that would flog. Um, let’s see, how do I, I switched course on the wording that I was gonna use there. I, uh, I’m going to say that that’s just kind of hopefully a universally accepted truth that one should not mop one’s table or one other’s table with a floor mop. And going back to my experience with the restaurant that I worked at, I saw some pretty gross stuff. I saw things that, you know, maybe people did on purpose or on accident, but in any case it was just gross. And there’s just not management every where or there’s not other employees that were self policing or policing others to say, hey, that’s kinda gross. Do not do that. Or Hey, clean that up. Or Hey, take that dog bus, get out of the French fry oil. Uh, or, yeah. Anyway. Uh, but, but, but the, the thing is that this individual had been hired by a company. I