Low welcome, big foot restoration repair where we’ll go over some previous jobs we had done and what we did to mitigate them and take care of our clients. A job we had done a about a week ago was a call we received from a client and they had um, sewage backup in their downstairs, um, utility room that then affected, uh, part of the rec room, hallway, bathroom. Um, so it can get pretty messy. Unfortunately, that’s uh, something you don’t want clients walking around and, and trying to mitigate themselves. Um, but it’s part of our business, not always our favorite, um, to take care of. But it is a what we do. And so I got a call that, uh, it had backed up, kind of receded back down. They had a plumbing company out already that was going to snake it out and then come back the next day and uh, kind of do a scope.

And I mean the keys usually trying to find out what caused that. Um, a lot of times you’ll get a clogs up, closeted up. The pipes will be clogged up in, um, further down the line away from the city where it connects to the city. Um, and it can happen with the roots of trees. Um, different things like that can cause it. So you want to, you snake it out first, breaking everything up, making sure it’s clear and then usually with the scope you might be able to see what, uh, what happened in try and fix that issues. So we got a call came in pretty late, uh, on a, uh, on a Monday night when at that or kind of took a look, figured out what needs to get done, stuff like that. Um, there’s a pretty bad odor to it already. And so what we generally do, they were good.

They, uh, with us coming back the following day, kind of the damage has been done. And so, um, to do some stuff right then didn’t make sense. We still needed to, um, do some things and hear back from the insurance and make sure everything was good. I was 100% sure that it was covered, but you always want to make sure and give that call or hear back from the insurance company, um, to move forward. But, um, he did the right thing as far as calling in and trying to get things rolling, get the ball rolling on, getting everything done. So, uh, when he had that issue and um, gave us a call, I mean he did everything right there. So, um, on this particular water damage Denver job, um, I went out, kind of did a, an assessment of what was damaged there, how much of the carpet, the wall, um, cabinet tree, stuff like that.

A lot of content was affected. Um, so this water damage Denver job fell into, it’s called a category three, which means everything that this water touched, uh, is deemed damaged in non salvageable. So, um, from the carpet to, um, cabinet was pretty well damaged already and had, um, was starting to pill pretty quickly. So it was, you know, it was a less expensive cabinet and those just don’t hold up well to the cabinet under the sink there. It doesn’t hold up well to water damage. So, uh, it was already showing severe signs of, of damage there so that whole cabinet would have to get removed. Um, and then the dry walls, they’d, everything touched. So, um, the floor itself would need to be sanitized and clean. The, um, the sub floor as well as well as the, they had a tile floor in the bathroom so that, um, is going to be, uh, assessed later.

I’m not sure. I mean being, that’s a kind of a hard surface I believe. Um, we should be able to save that as well, but we need to, um, had to do on this water damage ever job. One more assessment, uh, once we moved to cabinet and take a look at, see any cracking, anything like that where this water is penetrated and caused some damage. What we don’t want is an issue six months down the road of the towel cracking or, um, the grout actually coming out or anything like that. So we want to take a look at that now and make sure everything is good. Um, so we went back the next day with, uh, you know, a bigger crew there to get after things. Um, so on this water damage demurred job, we, uh, first thing we did was started with all the content that was damaged. A lot of toys and furniture, um, TV stand, um, stuff like that was all damaged. So we did a detailed inventory, um, of everything that was damaged pictures, um, write it down on our, um, just the paper. Then we’re going to transfer that, um, to a software program

at a later time. So we went ahead did that, uh, had to suit up on these, um, with the proper PP. Um, and uh, make sure our people are safe as well. And had a air scrubber going in there to filter out the air. Um, it was, uh, a basement, roughly the complete basements about 700 square feet affected area was about 200 square feet. So being there, half the carpet or a good portion of it was getting cut out. We went ahead and removed all the carpet on this, um, water damage, Denver job. And, uh, just because it’s going to have to get done eventually. So we went ahead and just removed it all, um, removed all the tax stripped as well. So did an inventory when after the carpet. Uh, we just didn’t want to be tracking around and stuff like that. So I mean it was, it’s soaking wet or anything like that. Um, so we, um, it’s fairly easy to, to remove that. It was certainly damaged and we could see where it was wet. And so we went ahead and just cut out the carpet and pad and did all of that.

Um, next we had to then had a company out company out to um, do a test on the drywall. We had to do an ASB bestest test and um, make sure that Louisa, as best as free in the house was built in the 70s. And so that’s as a strong possibility of it being as best as, so we did all we could. Uh, they came out on that second day and did it as best as test, which we put a rush on, which generally, um, six to eight hours, we’ll get that back, those results back. Um, so we went ahead and did what we needed to do until we got those results. So it is moving the baseboards. We could do that. Um, like I said, the carpet and the pad on this water damage Denver job, we could um, go ahead and remove that. Uh, went all the way up, stair up the stairs.

Um, so we went ahead being that they walked through it and tracked it up, all that carpet had to get removed. So, uh, we went ahead and did that for them. Um, all the tax strip as well. It did affect, get on tax drip and stuff like that. So I mean, you know, it’s, it’s much different than any category one or two. Um, water loss cause it’s, you know, just everything it touches, she’d give her move down to the framing. Now the framing can be treated. Um, the wood framing is water treated. So, um, but it, you know, you just can’t get into cutting out framing so that, um, it will be treated and then, uh, encapsulated as well. So everything else, uh, up to two feet on the drywall was planned to be removed. So this water damage never job. We got the results back and they actually did come back with traces, amounts, trace amounts of asbestos.



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So, um, they do what’s called a point test and that is, uh, to see at what percentage, um, is it still a trace amount or is there a higher percentage of his bestest? So, and that just gives his best, this company, um, a better understanding of what they need to do, how involved they need to get. And so on this one, we went ahead and had that point test done. It came back as trace amounts as well, which is actually good. It’s, there still has to be abated, but they don’t have to get too much involved as far as containment and the cost goes down drastically when that’s the case. So, um, unfortunately for us, I mean we always want to do work and do the job from start to finish to know everything is done right. But this one was out of our hands here and we have big foot restoration. We don’t get into this bestest removal right now. So we had to lean on our, one of our contracting friends and, and had them out on this water damage Denver job. Um, so we told them we need a few days we had to set, some of the framing was still wet, so we wanted to set a dehumidifier in there and make sure we’d tried to dry everything out between two walls. There was a gap there that had quite a bit of


sewage and, and stuff like that that we wanted to dry out and make it a little bit easier to clean up. So we went ahead and had that dried out and then we went ahead and did that. And so that gave the a specialist companies a couple of days to kind of get their things in order there. And so where they can, everything’s dry or quality’s much better. And then they can get in there and do their Bateman. Um, so on this water damage, never job, we ended it at that point. Um, we have to, once the abatement’s done, we will go back, um, clean all the floors, um, concrete floors, storage room, and in the main rec room, hallway and bathroom and tile.


Homeowner insurance companies. We all agreed that the tile was fine in the bathroom, that we would go ahead and do a thorough, we did a sanitizing and then we’ll do a thorough cleaning as well. So homeowner was fine with that. Um, insurance company as well. Um, beats, you know, breaking it up and having to put, you know, several more hundred dollars into new tiles. So, uh, we went ahead and, uh, our main thing is to make sure it’s safe and we, we know, uh, that it would be safe. We don’t know if there’s any question. We’re just going to go ahead and remove it if there is a doubt or a possibility of it being unsafe. So on this water damage to every job, we all agreed that the tile will be fine.

So we, um, we’ll go back. Uh, it, uh, it’s looking like it’ll be in a, in a following week or so. It takes a Bateman company just a few days and then we want things to settle down and then, um, get out there. And now this is a holiday week so it’s a little shorter week and so we may not be able to get to it this week. Um, but, uh, the homeowner is fine. They’re able to still live in the house. Um, this is just, uh, a rec room, TV room that was in the basement that they don’t need to always have access to or anything like that. So when it hits a, we’ll go back on this water damage Denver job. Um, it looks like in a couple of weeks here, finish everything up and then the rebuild, we’ll start with this client. He has a, he owns a construction company and so he will go ahead and just rebuild his own house there and, and do all of that.

We do have some contacts that we generally can recommend and, and help him out. But this particular client has got that all taken care of. So I start to finish on our end was three, um, three days, a total of four days, three days of work on that. Um, to get everything cleaned up and we’ll go back for one more day and get everything we are going to do the air ducks as well. Um, child has a pretty severe asthma and so I insurance companies agreed that it makes sense being the kind of, there’s quite a few vents down in that basement and it just kinda older seem to travel through the house and we’re not 100% sure if it went through the vents or upstairs, you know how it got there. So it’s always good when insurance companies are on board and they want to help you out and make sure things are done right. And we are doing the air ducts as well in the house. So that’ll be another day. So we have one day of cleaning floors, one day of air notes left to do. So if you need anything, any water damage, Denver issues, we will be happy to take care of you at big foot restoration.