What a blot or water damage Denver friends hope that you are having a fun evening or morning or afternoon, wherever you are at this point in time listening to this particular water damage Denver podcast of gold. It is NFL draft time. It is NFL combine. It’s not NFL draft time. It’s NFL combine time. The draft is not for another month I believe, but the combine has become somewhat of a spectacle. It uh, has probably taken on it’s

profile in the last 10 years. Whereas before it was definitely a thing. It was attended by all the teams. It was a an event, but probably in the last 10, 10 to 12 years. It has become a spectacle where there are TV crews, broadcast reporters constantly telling us every singer, every single measurable known to humankind for these young men getting ready to take the leap from amateur athletics to the professional ranks. Similarly, water damage Denver speaking, I interviewed 10 individuals tonight and although I did not make them run the 40 yard dash, I did not make them show me how high they could jump. I did not make them take a Wonderlic test or grill them individually about really weird things like I’ve heard a lot of NFL teams do with their individual interviews. Nope. I just had a chance to sit down with about nine or 10 individuals for about 40 minutes and get a sense of what they would bring

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from their current status from where they are now doing whatever they’re doing now to potentially being a part of our water damage Denver team and I’ve talked about the weekly interviews that I do every Monday night at six o’clock no matter what to meet the best and the brightest. Denver has to offer to potentially fill a handful of positions and we are always looking, we are always interested in like-minded, ambitious, goal oriented individuals that have an interest in cleaning or restoration and water damage Denver specifically. But if there’s any sort of a correlation to draw between the NFL combine and our water damage, Denver interviews, it would just be the qualifiable and quantifiable measurements that we are able to attempt to acquire off of what is initially a very short group interview. But if things seem to be a good fit at least superficially after 40 minutes of of meeting, then we do take steps two and three to get to know the individual a little bit more to find out how exactly they might work or interact in the course of a given day.

We’ve talked about the shadow days before and see if it’s really something that would be a good fit for them or not. Oftentimes people have a conception of what they would be doing on a day to day basis and we send them out for a very real snapshot of what they would be doing and they decide that it’s definitely not for them and we are okay with that said many times that we would rather go through that initial process of doing a job shadow day and find out that it is not for them as opposed to them going ahead and signing on with us and two or three or four or five weeks

into the job deciding it is absolutely not for them. So we’d love to get all those questions answered and out of the way and make sure that this is definitely an opportunity that they see being something that would work well for them. So, um, they’re measureables they’re, you know, maybe they have experience, maybe they don’t, maybe they’ve done labor or other, um, general, you know, kind of labor centric type jobs. Maybe they’ve got some office admin experience. So it’s all about those measureables and you know, whether or not they have any specific water damage Denver experience, um, perhaps they have something that we’d relate in somehow some way and would be something that would translate into what we do and maybe streamline their process a little bit more. So we definitely, uh, are not on TV. We are definitely not, um, broadcasting our interviews or our version of the combine.

But to us it’s just as important and finding out what these individuals bring to the table and if they could potentially be a valuable piece of our water damage Denver team. If you or anybody you know would like to learn more about what we have to offer, please get ahold of us@infoatbigfootrestoration.com and Katie can send you over all the information that you’d like as far as job interview, our initial application process, and we’ll get you well on your way to learning more about a potential job or career in the water damage timber industry. So info@bigfootrestoration.com 70 zero five seven five three six six eight interest hit us up there. We’ll talk to you soon.