Yo, yo, yo water damage Denver friends, what’s going on? Hope you’re doing well up your dry. I hope you’re safe up. You’re not on fire. Hope you don’t have mold growing on you. We don’t want any of those things. But uh, Hey, just wanted to jump on real quick and bring a little nostalgia to this water damage Denver episode. Um, I just drove by my old house and uh, got me thinking about things. Uh, I dunno. I’ve lived in a couple of different houses, few different houses over my lifetime and it’s always kind of cool to drive by. And [inaudible] there’s one particular house that I grew up in that um, I have tons of great memories in and every time I drive by it I just take a second and think about all the great times. So it’s great to have those memories. Great to have that stuff that you can reflect on and remember and be super happy.

Bring a smile to your face. But then there’s things that you remember about those houses that may it not be so pleasant and hopefully there’s nothing super rough that you remember when you drive by a prior residence. Um, life happens and there are ups and downs for sure. And some of those downs can be pretty, pretty Downey. So not trying to elicit any crazy negative emotions here, but, um, I remembered as I drove by my house, my old house just now have a crazy, weird morning, um, that we, that we had. And if I had to put a timeframe on it, I would say probably about, Oh, 11 years ago, something like that. 12 years ago. I don’t think it was all that long after we moved into the home. Actually. I’m, I’m sure it wasn’t, it had to be within a couple of years of us moving into this home.

And the dynamics of this home were that, um, there’s this part of town there, there were probably like 10 lots and this developer had intended to kind of do this change of, I dunno, it was kind of weird the way I saw the plans that he had drawn up, but it involved kind of like making a new street that came down off of another street. And long story short, there initially was a plan in place, but probably money, time, politic, you know, just whatever, all the different things, um, you know, to, to achieve a project of that manner. It just, it just died off. And so, you know, obviously if they were going to build 10, 12 houses, do all sorts of development and you know, have the utilities ran and all these different things. You can imagine what an endeavor that would be. So anyway, the way the story kind of went is that they built these two houses.

I’m kind of at the end of this lot and nothing ever really never came of the other lot. So they sat for sale and vacant and they were kind of funky the way they had to be, um, developed if ever anybody was going to develop them. Cause I looked into that. But, um, anyway, it was our house and then the people behind us that they’d built. Uh, and that was it. The house behind us, they had fully finished, um, landscaped everything. Uh, I think that was probably kind of their home base for a little while. They have this really nice finished kind of shed in the back kind of workspace, heated, insulated. So I think that’s kind of where they ran the operation out of for a little bit. Um, and then our house I think was kind of a constant, um, project as well.

Say that because when we moved in, uh, not everything was totally done. We, there were still, uh, closets that were completely empty, had no shelving, um, things like that. And I mean, it was, you know, technically a finished house. All of the, you know, kitchen was in the bathrooms were in everything. It’s totally livable, but we had a little bit of work to do before, you know, we made it kind of family friend friendly, ready to get in. And I did operate a business out of that home and it had this amazing finished space over the garage that we used for our office. And it was a separate, um, kind of part of the home. It allowed you to just go straight in the garage and write up a separate entrance upstairs to this, a loft space. And it was just phenomenal for running the business.

Um, but we had a lot of stuff that we found is we went along the way that, uh, maybe it wasn’t the best finish work in the world. And as far as the water damage Denver story’s concerned. Uh, one morning I went downstairs and we, we used part of the basement. The basement was unfinished. We used the basement to do some of the work for the business. So big and finished basement. Um, had some stuff out that we were getting ready to process and kind of work on. And I went down one morning and as I was walking across, we had kind of one area of piece of carpet kind of rolled out, not installed or anything, but just kinda to make you know, something to walk on so you wouldn’t have to walk on the bare concrete. And there was a pretty good pile of water sitting there.

Water Damage Denver | Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane

It definitely wasn’t normal. Definitely wasn’t okay. And so I’m sitting there thinking that somebody spill something. Did somebody, you know, what in the world could, could have happened here and didn’t really look around, really didn’t see anything that was evidence that, you know, somebody may have spilled something and didn’t smell like anything in particular. And it’s funny how even being in, you know, the cleaning and restoration industry, you still kind of are in a funk when you come across something like that and you don’t really investigate all around like where you should, you just think, Oh, somebody spilled a glass of water and that’s gotta be what it is. So after determining that in fact wasn’t what it was. Um, I had the innate sense to look up and when I looked up, I found some beating of moisture, um, kind of coming down off of one of the, the, uh, iron Joyce of the home, um, also kind of coming off of, uh, a main trunk line of our HVAC system.

So then I said, okay, this is coming from up above what happened up above. And again, just our, the way we reason kind of initially with anything is, well obviously it’s a water source from right above us. So what’s right above us? Well, there was a kind of a powder room on the main level, but it was over, you know, probably about 10 to 15 feet diagonally from where this water damage Denver was in my basement. So I thought, nah, that doesn’t make a lot of sense. I can legitimately see the plumbing. Um, going up to that bathroom, don’t see any issues there. Then I started thinking, okay, what about the second level? What’s going on up there? And I thought, Oh, that is my laundry room. We had our laundry room on the second level and thinking about it, it, it really was kind of straight up from, from where I was seeing this water damage dimmer in the basement to where the washer and dryer sat on the second floor. So instantly my mind thought, Oh, okay, I know exactly what it is. So I kind of went up two levels and started looking at, uh, that didn’t, you know, totally went upstairs thinking I’d find it so carpet, um, all sorts of water damage Denver around the washing machine. But that wasn’t the case either. Okay. So at that point

you really start to get a little irritated, a little confused as to what, what this could be. So, you know, then I kind of backed up and said, well, um, this, you know, even if it was the washer, there’s flooring,

don’t know [inaudible]

there’s flooring, there’s walls, there’s all sorts of different things that are in between where, again, this water damage. Denver was in the basement all the way up to my laundry room. So kind of backtracked and thought that was kind of silly to think that it was my washer


was really, really confused at that point. Really couldn’t understand where this could have been from. And so I just started wandering and started kind of looking all over the home and went up to the main level. And in my kitchen I noticed a little bubbling in the ceiling over towards the dining room, off the kitchen. I noticed the same thing, no clue what could have gone because those areas were nowhere near where I was seeing this water damage dinner in the basement. But at that point you, you have to investigate, you have to figure out, you know, obviously I have water damaged ever in my kitchen ceiling over by my dining room. I got to know where this is from. So kind of poked a couple of holes in both. And sure enough water flowed out of both significantly.


it was most apparent right in my kitchen, kind of over like a little Island that we had, which again was nowhere near the water that had pooled in the basement. But, uh, didn’t know if they were the same thing or something different, but started poking holes there and got quite a bit of water out. And so that point you do kind of have to make a cut, kind of get up in there and find out where is this water coming from. So that’s exactly what we did. And what we did was we cut a hole in the ceiling of my kitchen that was in fact right under the drain for my kid’s bathtub upstairs.

We also found that the tailpiece that w came off right off the drain, gets the bathtub was not even attached. Then I started thinking, you know what, I gave my son a bath last night he had and it was the first bath really that I think he had taken in that home. As weird as that may sound, um, like a big, like a big bath, like where you have lots of water in the tub. He had showered, we’d had him in there as a baby, um, in their little kind of baby tubs. So, um, definitely water had gone down that drain before. But it occurred to me, this is the first time where we had like lots of water in the tub, had it plugged up and then released the drain and had massive amounts of pressure on that drain. So that’s exactly what had happened.

Some, I think probably the people that had installed that whole area had, you know, maybe just kind of for some reason, um, forgot to put like the little plastic cement or whatever on that tailpiece maybe just pushed it in. So regular water pressure, just water trickling down from the drain, just a little bit of water. It had gone just fine. But once that big constant burst of water came down from the bath that busted it loose. And again, yeah, it came down right in the, the ceiling there, but it also traveled down over a trunk line of the HVAC system and down over. And that’s why we were seeing, um, water and in the ceiling towards the dining room. And then ultimately that had traveled down the wall into the basement. So crazy, wacky stuff.

Firsthand experience. That’s why, you know, especially when I go out personally to look at water damage Denver and people’s homes, I don’t try not to get too narrow minded as far as where the loss could be coming from. So anyway, a little trip down memory lane there with the old house. Um, if you have anything like that ever happened to you or you know somebody that does, please don’t take that water damage Denver, uh, lightly reach out. Um, have us come out, take a look, see what we can do. Be happy to punch you in the right direction. Hopefully that never happens to ya, but, uh, certainly if it does, we’ll be there for you and tell them you stay safe.