Good morning water damage Denver people. It is a crispy, crisp Monday morning in the mile high city. Hope you’re doing well. Hope you’re ready to lock in for the next 600 seconds for the latest edition of the water damage Denver podcast of gold, we have many times encouraged service companies to have us on their speed dial. I think I mentioned this last week in preparation for a job that we were headed to, so this is a bit of a followup to that, but I think now it corroborates what we had suggested in that podcast that if you, Ooh, Ooh, I’m sorry. If you are in charge or a part of any service type company that goes in a customer’s homes, you should have our phone number on speed dial because you never know if there may be a water damage Denver situation while you’re there. You never know if you may ha have an accident happen at a customer’s house while you are there. You never know if you may be blamed for that water damage. Denver job at a customer’s home while you are there. So here’s some, some general possibilities. And then we’ll get specific. Maybe you are a carpet cleaner. I have carpet cleaning companies, so I know this from personal experience. If you tap into a customer’s water while you’re at their home, say you need to hook up us a hose garden hose to their outdoor spigot.


is there a chance that that plumbing behind the spicket could malfunction? Could be just kind of waiting for somebody to turn that on so something goes wrong. There’s a chance we’ve had it happened before. It can flooded basement. What if you are a who handyman and you’re working in the home? Maybe just I’m putting a couple of lights up, doing some honey do list type stuff for a person and you use the restroom and something malfunctions. Maybe the little water inlet starts leaking. Maybe the toilet gets clogged and overflows.

You need to have our number on speed dial. What if you are doing some finish work in someone’s home? Maybe doing a little drywall patching, putting up some new trim, some new baseboard. What if as you’re doing your finish work, you accidentally pop a nail or a screw through some plumbing. You need to have a bit of defense in queue for a potential water damage dimmer job. It’s just better to be safe than sorry. Right? As a service professional, you’re not going to want to be scrolling through massive amounts of Google pages trying to find what water damage Denver company is best for you. As you are flooding someone’s house, you need to act swiftly. You need to act confidently and you need to get the ball rolling. If some thing happens, if an accident happens. So there’s some gems, there’s like three reasons, three scenarios that a water damage, Denver job could just kind of accidentally happen. But here’s what did happen

last Thursday to a very good friend of the companies. We’ve been working with them for decades now. They install flooring, they do a great job, and they were uh, at a customer’s home cut, the house is vacant. These people are getting ready to move into the home. So they’ve just acquired it. They haven’t even moved into their new home, I don’t believe, because that’s, there’s nothing in there. Absolutely nothing. Their entire main floor is a beautiful hardwood. I don’t know what kind, but it is nice. It’s the real deal. It is expansive. It is expensive and they hired this company to go in and completely refinish the wood floor, so whatever that means. But it’s a very, very costly product process. I know it was in the $20,000 range and uh, the crew was in there Monday and obviously when they’re in there all day, they’re going to be needing to use the restroom every once in a while. And according to the head guy, he went down and use the restroom on Monday in the basement. Everything was good Tuesday. I’m not sure if he used the restroom again, but no issues, no problems down there. Thursday according to him, he used it in the morning.

No problems. There’s day, afternoon, he went down for some reason, uh, but was in that general area. No water damage. Denver issues went back upstairs Thursday more towards the evening. Another one of his crew members went down intending to use the restroom but did not because they had a water damage. Denver situation on their hand. They didn’t know why there was no immediate understanding of what happened. But uh, it w at that point it was, it was pretty significant. So we’ll fast forward a little bit. Um, we went in immediately once we got the phone call and took a look and definitely a toilet overflow. Um, apparently the homeowner suggested that that toilet has been a problem in the past, but by no means were they letting this company off the hook. Um, and so it was caused from a clog in the line is what the plumber discovered. And so this flooring company is on the hook for any and all water damage Denver protocol that is necessary to mitigate

Water Damage Denver | Taking A Break If You Need It

So we’re talking about taking out drywall trim, maybe parts of vanities, carpet has to go. And here’s the problem, the carpet for the whole basement’s now going to have to be replaced because it’s a continuous thing and it’s a sculptured high low pattern nylon carpet, which is not really something you can patch that’s going to be a big loss there. So super unfortunate. Definitely a mistake. Definitely, definitely feel bad for the company. But they’ve got a customer on their hands that’s going to probably, you know, not be cool with anything less than exactly what should be done to make sure everything is taken care of here and every once in awhile, you know, I’m not saying that’s the case for this, but every once in a while when these sorts of things happen, customers can get a little squirly start, um, start getting after a company pretty big, pretty bad, you know, demanding this, demanding that. Maybe go on a little bit too far with, with what they think should be given to them or whatever should be done to the home to compensate them for the hassle.

Bottom line is if you’re a service company, have a water damage, Denver company’s phone number ready, locked and loaded just in case. But take precautions as well. Do not just use the restroom and walk right out. Make sure everything looks good. Make sure there’s no even possibility that, uh, things are not looking good in the toilet there. You know, we’ve, we’ve definitely used sinks before people’s houses where everything looks good, but you start hearing the drip and sure enough, there’s a little drip underneath the cabinet, whether it’s from the fresh water line or the draining system, the P trap it, uh, it’s going to come back on you. If a water damage Denver situation ends up, uh, arising from,

from you using, you know, something in their home. Also saw a Facebook post this last week from a carpet cleaner who had taken pictures of, or a customer had taken pictures of wood floor. They weren’t at the home when the job was being done, but they came home and said they noticed wood damage, hardwood floor damage in their home after the carpet cleaner left. The cupping and crowning of this wood floor would not happen from a little PR oversee overspray from somebody that was in their home cleaning their carpet. It would have, they would have literally had to, you know, soak this wood floor, had a, uh, uh, hose break and have a bunch of water spray all over the place and not notice it. That’s the only way. Um, floors just don’t do that from a little over-spray. So again, whether or not it’s this guys true or not, he’s probably gonna get taken to task, um, from this homeowner and he’s gonna need a water damage Denver company to come in and place the equipment in, hopefully get that. Would Florida respond and to uh,

to self correct or perhaps, you know, give go even a little farther than that and have some repairs done to the wood floor to, you know, get back to normal, which there again to me, probably preexisting, but tough to prove that. So anyway, again, again, again, if you do not want to deal with the water damage, Denver’s situation on your own, if you want a company that will come out and take care of things and advocate for you immediately, should you have an accident or have a mistake in a customer’s home while you’re there, please type in seven two zero five seven five three six, six, eight and your phone numbers save it. And God forbid you ever have a water damage Denver situation, but if you do, you know who to call immediately and have somebody get the process started that knows what they’re doing and can make it as least painful as possible. So we sure hope that never happens


but if it does, we’ll be there when you do this and tell, then you stay safe.