What’s up water damage Denver friends today we are [inaudible] going to talk about water damage it or not. We’ve been doing a fair amount of the same types of projects that we talk about that can be reasonably avoided. And, um, I think I’ll just continue to harp on this subject and tell people, listen, you know, it’s funny. Um, we, we have a little private messenger chat for my, my coldest sack that I live in. Everybody’s pretty close and friendly and we get together and do stuff. But you know, every once in a while, you know, we obviously look out for each other as well and if there’s anything silly going on or anything anybody needs to know about, we just send a quick message to our culdesac. And a couple of weeks ago when we had our first, um, freeze quote unquote, not deep freeze, but just where temperatures were going to drop pretty steadily overnight.

Um, I sent a quick text out or a quick messenger note out to my little neighborhood group and I just said, everybody’s, you know, disconnected. There’s their hose bibs and has, um, kind of winterize their sprinkler system, so on and so forth. Right. And I got back a couple of yes dad, you know, kind of snarky little cute responses, which whatever, like, okay, well good, but if you hadn’t, I probably just saved you an incredible headache. So I understand most people make plans, have their, have their ducks in a row and know what to expect as these temperatures start to drop now, how to avoid their water damage Denver potential and do whatever they need to do. But why do we get phone calls and texts and Facebook messages and emails from people that are like, Oh my gosh, I’m so Dubin. Can’t believe I forgot because they’re thinking about the 10,000 other things that they were meaning to get done.

Maybe in preparation for these colder temperatures, whatever. And the simplest, most mundane things slipped their mind. Maybe literally the day before where it has been. Like this weekend or where I think Saturday it was like pushing close to 80. Like it was beautiful, gorgeous. And Sunday we woke up to snow and temperatures in the 20s so even though you may know what the projected forecast is and things you know aren’t a surprise, um, you know, if you’re doing a little yard work one day and maybe using the hose or maybe your significant other is, and then you know, you put the hose down or whatever and you run over and start to do something else and forget to take, take it off, you could have a pretty nasty, nasty water damage denver situation on your hands. We had literally a customer that we had just wrapped up a project for

fairly recently, totally unrelated, but I just reached out to him one afternoon and said, Hey man, I’m going to be in your neighborhood. I’d like to drop off. Thank you, gift. I’m going to be around. And he said, yeah, sure. Come on by. So I think I probably dropped by his house around five o’clock that night and he and his two daughters and I think his dad were in the backyard, like putting in some little landscaping, solar lights or something like that. No, they were in long sleeve shirts. It was, it was nice. But we, like I said, we had had that kind of deep freeze the day before or two days before, I think, not deep freeze, I’m sorry, but just freezing temperatures and like the next day it was like 50 or something. And so it bounced back into relatively mild temperatures. But uh, anyway, I dropped off this little thank you gift and had a quick chat and went on my way and I wasn’t five minutes away from his house when he texts me and he said, Hey, are you around?

Can you drop by? I was like, Oh, he obviously misfired on that test text that’s not from me. I was there five minutes ago. And so I just sent back a couple of question marks and he said, I think I have another water, water damaged timber situation. I’m an idiot. Please come back by if you can. So I flipped Tue, went back on over. I said, what’s up? And he said, you’re never going to believe this. I, I think I, I split my, uh, whose bib back in the back because I, I turned my back a spicket on and a couple minutes later I heard my son pump and turn on and I knew that wasn’t there, shouldn’t be need for that. I said, all right, well let’s, let’s go take a look. So we went and peeked in his little crawlspace area and sure enough, he had a ton of water down in the crawl space. Now it wasn’t a ton. I should, I shouldn’t say a ton. It was a fair amount. Luckily he, he had, I was a pretty nice heavy, heavy mil vapor barrier down there and it was all just kind of all over that stuff, so to speak. So it wasn’t, hadn’t caused major damage. Drywall was a little wet right behind where the spicket was. Carpet might’ve been a little damp, but no huge deal. And I said, Cheyenne, what are you, um, did you leave the hose attack attached to your water spigot? And he said, yeah, yeah, it’s been like that. And I said, well, we had those freezing temperatures a couple of days ago.

That’s where your problem happened. He said, Oh, and this is a super sharp guy, super successful guy. But I explained to him the importance of disconnecting his garden hose from his spicket

Water Damage Denver

this time of year, you know, if they’re using it and find you know, a nice day but immediately take it back off. And an addition, he had never heard about those little insulative covers that they sell to just go over your spigots to be a little proactive there. And so it was really interesting to me. I said to her, are you pulling my leg here? If you really never heard of these little insulative caps or understand stood that to avoid water damage Denver situations, you, you should disconnect your garden hose. And he said, no, I had no idea. So that’s why I will never take for granted that people know and I’ll be happy to get the snarky comments, be happy to get the eye rolls and things like that in an attempt to save people a huge, huge headache and attempt to save people a water damage number situation and an attempt to save them money by not having to either pay their deductible or pay right out of pocket or whatever. As these temperatures go down. I was almost my myself a victim this last weekend. It’s kind of embarrassing, but um,

you know, we’re still in October here. We know it gets chilly. We know that things start to cool off. But um, again, in the extended forecast when we hear we’re going to have some nasty weather, things are going to start to freeze. Never really sometimes resonates until you’re right in the thick of things. Well, I woke up in the middle of the night this weekend realizing that I hadn’t had my sprinklers blown out. And I know that I’ve talked about it on this exact podcast before that you need to winterize your sprinkler system, get everything blown out, get everything shut off. Um, and I think I wanna I want to say I did a little snippet on that probably two or three weeks ago. So shame, shame, shame on me for not following my own advice, but I think in the back of my mind, my thought was always like, there are going to be super booked out.

Why even call them? Um, I’m not going to get an appointment for another two weeks anyway. Stupid thought process there, especially considering what almost set myself up for. So second, I woke up on Sunday morning. I ran down and got the few tools necessary to open up my backflows, turned my quarter turn, um, you know, outside water shutoff off in my basement where, where that’s at. Went outside, opened up my backflow, both incoming and outgoing and then went down and tried to open up each valve on my valve box. My regulator didn’t have time to get out my air air compressor and start trying to shoot through lines, but got things drained out so that there was no way that my, at least the inside pipes on my house could back up and freeze and give him, you know, present me with a water damage. Denver situation.

Now, the fact that I didn’t get my sprinklers, like the system blown out, that could bite me in the butt a little bit. I might replace one or two or three or 10 sprinkler heads next spring when I go to shut turn the system back on. Typically you have, as far as the routing goes, the hoses that run underneath ground it, it really has to get cold for those lines to freeze that you’re talking about a foot or so underground. It’s really got to get super duper cold for the ground to freeze up like that. So I might be okay, I’m on my, you know, get a company out here in the next week or so to blow those lines out and hopefully ensure that I don’t have any major problems come next spring. But at least I know the inside of my house is safe and get there, no water damage and for, for me, um, for not getting that water shut off.

So little confessional time today, if you haven’t already, get your stuff winterized, get your sprinklers blown out, get those backflows open so that they don’t freeze. You don’t have copper freezing going back into your own. That stuff starts to expand after is it, is it thaws from the freeze, you know, split a water line. Obviously if it’s not under pressure, he might not get anything major right now, but you just don’t want that surprise in the spring when you go to turn everything back on for ’em, you have a swimming pool in your basement. I have to call out a Water Damage Denver company to clean you up. So anyway, that is all I have for you today. It’s been an amazing 13 minutes. Hope it has been for you. Appreciate your time. Appreciate the support. Until next time you stay safe.