All right. Water damage Denver friends have to spend just a few minutes with you here this morning. It’s a beautiful day. Hope you’re doing well. You know, I ran across this, uh,

brief story in reader’s digest online and a kind of crazy because my mom used to have a reader’s digest subscription when I was a little kid. It’s pretty much the only magazine or anything that we ever had in the house. But I remember those tiny little pamphlet magazine things that she used to read. Usually she’d have our habit with her and read through them as I had practice or she had a little downtime while, uh, you know, she was sitting there waiting for me to have football practice or whatever. And I remember, um, a number of, of stories that, that she read out of the reader’s digest that really moved her. So I don’t know that I ever read through any of the pamphlets myself, but it always kind of

made sense to me that whatever, whatever the little magazines had in them, the stories, they were well-written, they were able to move her. And, uh, I think it was always kind of a cool, um, very wholesome magazine. Not, not crazy stories, not gossip. Um, more of things that made you feel good, which is rare in today’s age. And even back then I suppose, but with respect to water damage Denver situations I ran across this one, so, um, we’re going to have a little story time and then just reflect briefly on some of the realities that can happen with, with just good old, you know, suburbia, you never think it would happen to you. And there’s obviously some areas in the country that are more prone to potential flooding than others. But, uh, even here in Denver, we have kind of a monsoon, a monsoon season every summer that can be pretty [inaudible].


Pretty intense. Uh, and definitely if you’re kind of in the wrong place at the right, wrong time,

it can be to the point where you might be in grave danger. So water damage Denver is never a subject to be taken lightly. Thankfully. I don’t think we have too much stuff like this going on. But let’s, uh, let’s learn about this couple that things got pretty intense for them real quick. So it is from the reader’s digest online version. I don’t see a date on it. I don’t see a date but could easily be found. So the title of it is an Ohio couple was trapped in a flooding basement. Their dramatic rescue will restore your faith in humanity. So this couple, they were trapped in their flooded basement with the waterline of Pratt, a rapidly rising above eight feet. It would take a small village of very brave neighbors and strangers to save their life.

Water Damage Denver | Speaking No Evil In This Area

is darkness descended. One may evening in Cuyahoga falls, Idaho, Ohio rain fell in sheets on the ranch style house where the Hammond’s family lived. Around 10:00 PM Mike and Michael and Hammons went downstairs to check the basement and found water seeping under a window along the basement South wall. The couple began to push push boxes of clothes, toys, and household items toward the center of the room. Minutes later, without warning, the basement’s West wall gave away in a flood of cold, muddy water rushed in and go thing the room. And and the couple and covering the stairs. By the time the surgeon did. A few seconds later, Mike and Michael LAN were caught in eight feet of water pinned in place by debris on opposite sides of the room. They had to hold their faces just above water. The smell of natural gas permeated the room. Go get done. Mike yelled to their kids, Emma and Matthew, who were standing at the top of the basement stairs.

Don Molesky at 49 long haul trucker and his mother Helen lived across the street. Don was mopping up water in his own basement when he heard the kids yelling for help at his back door. He waited with the kids across the street where they led him down to the basement stairs. When Don saw what was happening, he called Matthew to dial nine one one then ran back across the street to go get a saw. John Underwood 29 vice president of the development and property management firm had stopped his truck behind a disabled car at the flooded intersection just outside the Hammond’s home. When he got out to check on the driver. He heard a girl scream. My parents are trapped. John who retired Marine ran toward the house. Once inside he realized he’d have to cut a hole in the Florida, reached the couple he Matthew to grab an ax from the garage.

Where are you? John Rowe. Yell through the floor here. Michael and responded from an area under the floor under the front door. John pulled up carpet and yelled out a warning to Michael and then swung the ax and hacked Elian across the living room floor. Don returned with a circular saw and the two men cut out a rectangular panel. John pulled back the wood and heating ducks in, thrust his hand into the water. Mike land grasped it in. John and Don pulled her out. Then down wrapped Michael and in a coat and a neighbor ushered her out of the house. The men were dizzy from breathing the gas, but they went back from Mike who had been in the freezing water for about 45 minutes. John called down to Mike, who was found in a space under the hallway between the living room and kitchen is John and Dan.

Dawn began to cut, three firefighters arrived together and the five men broke through and pulled Mike to safety. I couldn’t stop saying thank you. So as Mike, three days later, city authorities condemned the Hammonds house. [inaudible] the couple didn’t have flood insurance, but County officials agreed to buy the house for the amount of the family owed on their mortgage. They’ve relocated to a furnished rental house close to their old neighborhood for the time being, John and Don didn’t consider for a moment that their lives were in danger. Micah tests as for the heroes, they were simply happy to help their neighbors says John, now we are all connected.


interesting. It suggests that maybe this was a story that happened from the mid fifties, but it’s important not to get too caught up in,

you know, the time period or the location of this sort of thing. Um, because weather can change in a heartbeat. Uh, it doesn’t really matter where you live. Obviously some parts of the country are more prone to things than others, but it just takes the right weather pattern. It takes, um, the right conditions and all sorts of craziness can happen. You know, you talk about maybe an area that isn’t quite as prone to water damage Denver situation here in the Metro area. So let’s just say that, you know, it’s never really experienced, um, anything as far as groundswell, you know, lots of moisture in the ground. And so maybe maybe the foundation is, is a bit brittle, maybe it just has never, um, had to withstand anything like that. And then, you know, perhaps there’s a few days of pretty intense rain and the, the water bed under the home continues to rise.

And again, like we’ve talked about before, there’s no place for that moisture to go. And evidently, and so do start giving away. Things do start to compromise. And just like this couple experienced, um, within, you know, a very brief period of time, what comes from what starts as, you know, kind of some water seeping through the foundation, the basement, an entire wall can collapse. And utilities are not going to just automatically shut off when this sort of thing happens. Your electricity is still going to be live. Your natural gas lines are still going to be live and that poses incredibly imminent safety issues, um, with water.

So we don’t want people to think in terms of, you know, being scared or, um, freaking out too much. But it’s just good to know, um, in the event that you’ve got a water damage Denver inverse situation, whether it’s inside the house or something external nature driven that um, you know, safety’s the most important thing. Can’t worry too much about getting water out of a basement. If there’s anything that even mildly suggests that anything could fail down there foundationally, but then again, mixing the utility lines and understand that, um, it could’ve, it would’ve just taken one spark in this story to ignite that gas and then game over for everyone. Same thing with electricity. Um, you know, if two 20 line is exposed with the water, very, very nasty possibilities there as well. So, um, great story. Loved the outcome for sure. But we always want people to be prepared and certainly think on their toes. If they ever do have water damage Denver situation, um, leave it to the pros, gives big, big foot restoration to call. I’d be happy to help. And, uh, just kind of another reason why we don’t too often suggest homeowners, um, go to great lengths to, um, try to remediate, you know, situations themselves. That’s what we do. That’s where we’re paid to do. That’s why you have insurance. So pleading, I never have this situation, but until then you stay safe.