Water damage. Denver friends, family, strangers, enemies. Thank you for checking out this big foot pod podcast of gold. This episode is going to be a bit all over the place, but um, but uh, you know, I’ll try to wrap it up with a nice bow at the end. I, I think we’ve probably addressed a, uh, a kind of a, an approach that we take here at big foot restoration repair with respect to other water damage, Denver restoration companies, other, um, companies that might occupy the same space that we do. And, uh, and our perspective is always, you know, how can we all work together? Denver, it is a large city. The amount of water damage Denver that occurs there is there truly is enough to go around for everyone and not saying that, um, you know, I’m hoping and praying that, you know, 30 more water damage Dima restoration companies open up and we’ll just continue to, to split the Pie.

You know, at some point it does get a little saturated in the market. But, um, I guess I’m speaking more in terms of good professional, um, you know, credited licensed, um, certified Water Damage Denver companies that are currently in the area. And I’m sincerely want to help the community out in their time of need. And, you know, just about every company or owner of company that we’ve come across, you know, they’re just very reasonable people. They, they definitely have their business model as do we. And they, they definitely have their projections for how, how they want to grow in the trajectory. Um, you know, for growth for them as do we. And, uh, and so many of them are, are, sucks, are, you know, pretty impressively successful and you know, it, it can be a thing where, and this actually took place, um, within the last week or so, we went to an event and participated in an event that, uh, you know, it was put on by a company that runs the software that we, that we use.

And there were so many other carpet cleaning companies, water damage, Denver companies at this event that for a minute it was like, oh boy, you know, we’re, we’re all doing the exact same thing here. But you know, as, as the evening went on and perhaps it’s because guys and gals had maybe a glass or two of them are low or you know, Mickey’s or they’re malt beverage of choice. I don’t know. I was drinking, I was drinking, um, water on the rocks that night. Um, but, uh, you know, perhaps some of those juices got flowing and people just kind of loosened up. But, you know, by the end of the night there were a lot of great connections being made and a lot of, a lot of networking opportunities being, um, really kind of explored as far as, oh, you know, you do this great. Okay. That something, we don’t really do all that well.

Oh, we do, you know, we do this. Um, you know, I’d love to learn more about this. So, you know, personally, you know, I connected with a company that does, you know, I think I’ve mentioned that we’re involved with a number of different businesses. We do a lot of carpet cleaning. Um, we, we clean just about every textile there is in a home or a business. And so I’ve been doing it, one of my companies is almost been in business for 50 years. Another one for more in I, I believe more in the range of 30. So I’m very longstanding companies in the Denver Metro area and just incredibly, um, established and always done great work and don’t, you know, don’t get really distracted or sideswiped by a lot of the new trendy things that, you know, come and go from this industry, from that industry so often.

Um, you know, it, it, it’s not something that I usually pay attention to, but at some point when people are introducing methods and, uh, you know, targeting the emotions of people based on, oh, we’re green, or oh, we do this for the environment or that for the environment and get on their little soapboxes and start preaching to everybody about how amazing they are and how conscientious they are of things that really pull on their client’s heartstrings, but really provide an absolute, um, substandard product and have no, no problem looking people in the eyes and telling them, yeah, we’re doing a great job for you here. When, um, the industry set up set up says otherwise, and it’s not just because, um, it has nothing to do with, um, not wanting other people in the industry to succeed or, you know, not being open to new ideas that, trust me, I’ve been in the game for over 20 years.

I’ve pretty much seen it all. And you know, at least heard of all of, you know, hurt at all in, in, in the two decades plus. And so there are things that are new and they’re exciting and they are legit and the cleaning and restoration industry. But at this point, I’m very confident that I know are rat. I smell a rat. I know when there’s, you know, a company that just happens to be very, very good at marketing. Very, very good at, um, creating interest and creating exposure for companies in that space. Um, but that’s all it is. It’s marketing and yeah, I will, I will give props to those sorts of companies all day long, that they’re incredibly effective at what they do. But I will also be very forthright and I identify when there’s, um, a methodology or a, some sort of practice or so on and so forth that is literally not appropriate for a customer, for what they’re trying to do, for trying to make their indoor environmental environment healthy and um, to give them, you know, long good, long lasting results.

You can, there’s a lot of things you can do to, to kind of fool a customer fool, you know, uh, a homeowner or a property owner and um, make them think that what you’re doing is incredibly, um, beneficial or getting you the results you want. But the fact of the matter is most homeowners, they don’t have a deep knowledge of the, the cleaning industry. They don’t have a deep knowledge of the restoration, the water damage Denver Industry. And so they’re looking to the professional, this, this person that’s standing in front of them with, you know, a nice press shirt and a name badge and, you know, a nice, clean cut appearance and smile there. They’re relying on them to give them good, solid, professional, truthful information and they’re, you know, if that person can deliver on, you know, just really the perception of what that customer has and you know, they can start talking to them about their dog or their kids or whatever and kind of gloss over the technical things and really just, again, kind of hit more on emotion on an emotional level.

Then you know, you’ve got a customer eating right out of your hands and you know, the, the job becomes secondary or maybe even, you know, tertiary, it becomes a way down on the totem pole of what is, is really important and you know, it, it’s okay. I mean, uh, again, it, it’s very rare that, um, my heart, my heartbeat, my pulse gets, gets too out of whack. But you know, at some point it’s just like, okay guys, enough is enough and I, I don’t ever get passive aggressive and go out and call these companies out by name or call out individuals by, by name that promote something that again, tried and true in the industry is, is very substandard, is not the correct, um, is not the correct protocol or process for the customer. Again, not just my own, you know, personal thoughts or feelings, but industry wide standards, major carpet mill standards, there’s a reason why the major carpet mills have

a certain set of guidelines for how their textiles are, are maintained and why that either means their warranty remains intact or it doesn’t. And so whatever. I mean, you just have to be confident in what you do and what you offer folks. But it sure is just, um, it, it’s not something that sits very well with me to, to watch, uh, companies that are incredibly good at marketing and promoting themselves to take advantage of unsuspecting, you know, uneducated customers that will really fall for anything. I mean, there again, if, if the perception is right, if you, you know, you do the horse and pony show and you’re on time and you know, all of the other things that are, are very important, don’t get me wrong, very, very important to the overall customer experience. But technically speaking, um, execution as far as the actual appropriateness of, of cleaning that carpet or upholstery or hard surface or air ducts or whatever the case may be in the home or the workplace.

Um, it needs to be done correctly. And again, there’s many, many decades of, of research that determine what is proper for the, for the, um, indoor environment and what’s not. And, um, and so when, when new products come out, they have to be evaluated against standards. And unfortunately it’s not, it’s not okay to just a hype up against something that pulls on somebody’s heartstrings and, you know, expect them to number one, um, purchased that or, or believe in you just because you said you say they should, but also, um, you know, at least not have a pit in your stomach that this, you know, it’s just not the correct way to offer these services to customers. So it, it’s interesting too to hear, you know, and some of these companies have incredibly high, um, resources, you know, large resources as far as marketing themselves and making sure that everybody hears their message and some are just incredibly creative. Maybe they don’t have a large marketing my budget per se, but maybe they’re just very adapt and very, very savvy when it comes to, um, you know, taking advantage of, of the way search engines work these days and things like that. And, um, and definitely, you know, making themselves a up there as far as exposure and things like that. And that, again, love it all. Really believe in it at all. But, uh, I’m not, I would never


back down from again being, being very confident that, uh, you know, there’s a right way to treat your customers and to, to give them the product and the service that they deserve. And there’s a wrong way. And in my opinion, there’s not a lot of gray area. You know, I, I believe in bringing different methods and different products and approaches to market, um, if, if it is a true, legitimate process and if it’s not, it, it needs to be identified as such and kind of, um, dismissed from the, from the industry. And I’m probably speaking kind of vague, but, um, but what we want to do here at big foot restoration repair and certainly in the other Indian, in any business that we’re a part of is we want to deliver both on the, um, the experience, all of the, those extra ancillary things that are very important to people, respecting people’s property, their time, you know, everything that’s important to them, but also giving them a good, solid, long lasting product or service. And, um, and that’s just that we won’t, we won’t ever deviate from that. It, uh, it’s just a part of our business model and it is, um, it’s a part of our, kind of the inner workings of, of the way that each company is designed. And so, not to, not to say that I or that we are, um, you know, are, are the only ones that, um, can speak on these things. Um, just have a very, very large amount of experience and have a lot of convictions on how, um,


water damage Denver companies should operate at least to some degree. UH, cleaning companies should operate at least to some degree and, uh, love seeing companies in our industry succeed and grow. And again, to get back to what I was saying a little bit ago on with respect to, um, being able to, to help each other, I mean, there’s so many opportunities and there’s so many ways to, to network with, with companies in that same cleaning and restoration space that water damage Denver space. Um, and again, just to illustrate with the, going back to this event that we were at, um, there was a company that again did a lot of, a lot of water damage, Denver work, but they also did carpet cleaning and actually their methodology was, was right on track. I said, you guys are doing great. They were kind of new to both spaces but definitely were more involved on the water damage, water damage, Denver side of things.

So, um, they said, you know, we’re really interested in getting into rug cleaning. And so we talked a little bit about that. We happened to do a lot of rug washing and we, we’ve been doing it for a long time. Um, we offer a great service for people that need their high end textiles removed from their home, taken to our facility and properly washed and, um, conditioned and returned to the owner. And these, these, uh, guys from this company, we’re saying, you know, we’d really love to do this. It seems like a, you know, an interesting thought and potentially pretty lucrative and said, yeah, it really can be if you know what you’re doing. And I offered to, to sit down with them and teach them kind of the necessary steps to properly clean a wool rugs. It, you know, a lot of companies will just throw them out in the driveway or you know, do them right in a person’s home.

And that sometimes is okay. It’s sometimes appropriate, but many times it’s not. And again, it’s gotta be the right process. It’s got to be the correct way to clean these textiles. When somebody dropping a thousand, two thousand five thousand, we’ve had rugs in the shop that are upwards of 30 and $40,000 and you’re not approaching it directly related to the composition of the rug. Both the material that you see, the face yarns, but as well the backing, you will be buying that rug if you don’t clean it right now. The unfortunate thing is a lot of companies that again, do an an incorrect process. It might kind of brighten up the rug initially and the customer might go, yeah, okay that looks clean. It looks brighter, the color, you know, it’s kind of more pop in now. Um, that’s, it’s possible. But is that the best for the long term life of that rug?

It’s not in that rug. We’ll break down. The backing will suffer greatly because the incorrect process has been used. So I’m looking forward to getting together with this, uh, other water damage, Denver Restoration Company, teaching them a little bit about, um, rug washing, hoping that they can further that a part of their business. And you know, I’m sure there’s things on the water damage Denver side of things that they can help us with and perhaps give us some ideas that, um, we haven’t employed our, um, in our business model and it, it just could be a, an a, a really mutually beneficial relationships. So we want to see companies just like us do. Well, we want to help, you know, again, we understand that we’re all in the same space, but the Water Damage Denver this, the water damage Denver space, even though it is, you know, what you’d call saturated, I suppose.

Lots of companies out there. Same thing with textile cleaning. The other sort of, you know, services that we offer many companies out there. But, um, you know, you just, these are all salt of the earth people, most of them at least, and they’re good people to get to know they’re good people to bounce ideas off of and just kind of be a resource to one another. And, uh, that’s the way we’ll always look at it but will never back down from, um, you know, properly identifying a little trendy, cute, um, kind of flavor of the week or the month type ideas or approaches or methods that again, um, might initially be of interest to the customer because of a price point or because of a certain marketing slogan or again, just kind of playing off environmental type things or whatever. Um, but in the long run, is that the right thing for the customer, for their, uh, investment in their home, carpet, upholstery, hard surface, whatever.

Um, if it’s not, then we’ll call a spade a spade will call a rat a rat and we’ll be okay with that. And if it steps on a few toes here, there, that’s okay. If it’s not fair to the customer to be led in a direction that they otherwise wouldn’t know about. So we’re not actively going out blowing whistles. Um, you know, getting, getting wild and crazy on social media or anything like that. But, uh, we’ve got, we’ve got thoughts, we’ve got perspectives and we have the industry knowledge to back all that up. So whether it’s water damage, Denver related or any other sort of cleaning or, um, restoration property maintenance type situation or you know, need that anybody in the Denver community has, please reach out if it’s not something big for it related. We, we operate and work in other spaces, you know, have other companies that we can definitely help out and um, get just about any cleaning or water damage Denver or other restoration need taken care of. It’s been a, been a bit of a lengthy, um, podcast today, so we’ll cut it off now, but as always, should appreciate the support and the community. Seven two zero five, seven five three, six, six, eight is how you get ahold of us. Any water damage Denver need or any other, uh, restoration need that we can help out with. We are ready to roll when that need arises. Please reach out. Take care. We will talk to you soon.