Good morning, good morning water damage Denver friends hope that you are finding dandy today we are getting ready to rock and roll and another beautiful day in the mile. High city. Facebook is an amazing


and a deplorable awful thing all at the same time. I’d probably say that about a bunch of things. Technology-wise advances are absolutely genius. We are living in a day and age where communication is immediate. Efficiency is about as spot on as it probably could be. Introducing the human element into it as well. And with all those amazing things in the be it, the ability to have immediate information, to be able to [inaudible], to communicate in such a crazy fast way. And um, all of the trickle down effects of that one trickle down effect is that people somehow some way find a way to screw it up and um,

and cause problems. Uh, however they can feels like sometimes intentionally. But, um, one such example is, uh, you know, we, we network a lot as a smaller water damage Denver company, uh, we network with a lot of local companies. We love to help them out. We love to be able to rely on them if the situation rises. Um, but we’re also part of more of a more, I guess, kind of comprehensive chain in that there’s groups and there’s associations and there’s, um, I guess kind of like networking spheres, uh, of likeminded companies. A lot of like minded individuals as far as goals and strategy and systems and things like that. But just in general, there’s a lot of cleaning and restoration companies out there that belong to the same circles that we do

in his foe. On the accreditation side. You, you know, you can look at these, um, industry resources for education. You can test out in some of them to get certifications of different kinds. And then there’s ongoing kind of ancillary benefits of being involved with those. And there’s stuff all over the place. But one of the lower hanging fruit type abilities for cleaners and restorers is Facebook groups. And probably just like most things, the initial intention was great. Um, there’s a handful of individuals that I think for the most part are pretty well respected in the industry. Uh, they’re either they or their have their own company, their own brand, or they’re pretty close to the top of the food chain when it comes to the company that they work for, whether it’s a manufacturer for equipment or chemicals, software, whatever. Um,


and I guess a lot of these groups are what you call closed groups and you have to send a request and um, you know, some say they vet you, they have a couple of questions, but in general you can, you can get into these groups pretty easily and become a part of this community. And what was interesting about yesterday, and I guess it’s kind of general, I don’t, I don’t serve Facebook a whole lot, but I do check in every once in a while to see what the topics of conversation are in these groups to see if anybody poses a question or a problem that they’re looking for some feedback on. And you know, just kind of, again, get a comprehensive view of how different people would approach it.

Water Damage Denver | Social Media Groups Can Help!

One such individual, however, posted yesterday, he had kind of had enough of sitting on the sidelines watching people give advice, um, for some of the questions and issues in the group. And clearly they had no idea what they were talking about. And so he went on a little rant and of course it just sparked a huge, uh, bonfire of back and forth with different people. And I love watching the egos go back and forth. It’s, it’s kind of entertaining, you know, watching people feel like they have to have that last and final word. You know, the last person wins the last person to speak wins. You know, it was a lot of people, it’s mentality. Um, but I thought that the, the premise of this guy’s post was pretty spot on. Uh, I think a lot of people looked at it as somebody that was getting up on their little soapbox and kind of talking down to everyone else. But the fact of the matter is, again, these groups allow essentially anyone that wants to join, to join, you don’t have to show your certifications. You don’t have to send in receipts for owning this type of equipment or that type of equipment. You can get in there and you can engage however you want to engage. And it’s pretty interesting to see some of these folks that

pretty safe to assume they either haven’t been doing it for very long or have been doing it for a long time and correctly. But to chime in with some of the most asinine comments and suggestions that you can think of and they’re, they’re acting like this is a, you know, this is common practice in the water damage Denver industries restoration cleaning industries. So part of me thinks that’s kind of a good thing for what we have going on with our big foot restoration, water damage Denver brand, uh, with our other carpet cleaning companies that we have because you see some of the clowns and see some of the, see some of the, um, just kind of very, very generic and uninformed people that are somehow some way operating businesses out there. And this is what we are supposedly competing against, which makes it like shooting fish in a barrel. However, the downside of that is that if the, these types of people in these type of water damage Denver companies and cleaning companies are holding any sort of market share, they’re probably giving our industries a horrible name and a horrible reputation doesn’t take really,

you know, some long string of IX poor experiences with, uh, a service industry to develop some pretty definitive opinions. In fact, I think a lot of times people have a service technician out to their home, whether it’s a carpet cleaner and air duct cleaning technician, a landscape service, and they have these companies out once, maybe twice. And if things are average to below average, um, you know, they just feel like it’s fair to assume that every company’s like that. There’s also some much miss advertising and misinformation and kind of


I dunno, gimmicky type stuff these days because it’s so easy to reach a wide segment of people. You can make a post on your business page and boost it for just a few dollars and you can really literally reach thousands of people for not very much money. And so if you’re putting information out there that’s either misleading or you’re putting pricing out there that is um, you know, some sort of a bait and switch type thing, it does, you know, it certainly reflects poorly on that company if the experience goes bad for, for their customers. But it kind of puts a black eye on the industry as well.

So we, we do feel like we’d benefit from kind of being a part of these groups and kind of, um, you know, hopefully connecting with people that are reputable and are very genuine and sincere and how they’re operating and running, whether it’s their water damage Denver company or a water damage company that is not local. We can all learn good things from each other. We can learn from each other’s mistakes and we can sharpen each other when it comes to business practice procedure, a lot of backend stuff, technical stuff, so on and so forth. So, um, as Facebook is in a hole in, in whole, there are some great things there. It’s a valuable tool for a lot of different reasons, but just like people’s personal pages, it can get out of control real quick and really be more of a detriment than a positive thing. So just a little big foot water damage Denver podcast of gold for you this morning. Hope you have a wonderful day. Hope you don’t need our water damage number services. But if you do, you know how to get ahold of us and until then you stay safe.