Hello friends as a horrible Jim Nance impression. But, uh, with the masters just coming to an end on this last weekend, uh, I just have his voice stuck in my head. What a funny guy. Love, love the, uh, hello friends more appropriately. Hello. My water damage, my water damage Denver people. Um, I’m a sports nut. If, if, uh, we haven’t met or if you, um, haven’t had more than about a 15 second conversation with me. I love sports. I love competition. I love competitiveness. It just gets my juices flowing and I really have not ever met a sport that I didn’t like, at least to some degree. Most of them I absolutely love. Um, but, uh, you know, I’m not what I would consider a, uh, a good golfer necessarily. I have my days I suppose just like everyone, but, um, for whatever reason, you know, when there’s like a storyline going along with the masters and not necessarily, I’m not a huge tiger fan.

I think, you know, he’s an interesting guy and certainly quite a quite a comeback type story, I guess you would say. Um, you know, anytime there’s, there’s some legitimate story associated with Ruth, really any event, but golf has so much tradition to it that, um, it’s just, it kind of, it kind of just captures you and I f I found in full disclosure, I’ve found myself checking updates on the master’s during church. I’m not proud of it. I’m not saying I have any plans to do it again, but it was just crazy to me. The, uh, the drama that was going on on that Sunday and so little Jim Nance, uh, hello friends on my mind, but a promise that will be the last, um, absolutely, uh, amateurish, uh, Jim Nance reference that I’ve tried to do again. Promise. So, um, I was thinking though another, another, uh, kind of thing that we’re dealing with right now and we will as, as it gets a little warmer and into the summer months is snow melt.

And don’t ask me why my mind works like this. I don’t know. I don’t have a good answer for you, but I’m a huge hockey fan. Um, again, not necessarily some elite player, but I enjoy the sport tremendously. I think I’m okay at it. And we happen to have tickets to see, um, to see our Colorado play. We have season tickets and my son has jumped on as a huge sport, uh, hockey nut in the last few years. And so it’s definitely something that we enjoy together. And um, we’ve, we just go to a ton of games and we enjoy giving tickets to friends, family, clients, um, referral partners. So along those lines, if you are a referral partner of ours or you know, a client that we’ve done business for and you really want to see a game or you’ve just got some infatuation with the team that’s coming into down, reach out to me.

I’ll do everything I can to get you tickets to that particular game. Be My pleasure to, to treat you to that. You just have to promise me that you won’t wear any, any, uh, you know, sweaters from the opposing team. I don’t need any black hawks or wild or Detroit, especially Detroit red wings fans coming and sitting in my seats. I’ll probably get them revoked by the Pepsi Center. So just a, if you’re a fan of another team, it’s fine. You can go, just don’t make a sound while you’re at the hockey game. Okay. Anyway, we are actually in the midst of a playoff series right now with the Calgary flames. So our friends up in Canada, um, you know that we were up there for a game. We split the two games up there and they then came down to Colorado for two games and we were just not very gracious.

Host the, the Avs won both games down here, absolutely dominated game three. I believe the, the final was six to two and that one and just the other night they pulled off a three to over time when, so we’re happy campers down here. Um, but our friends to the north are probably a little frustrated and I believe actually game five is tonight up in Calgary. So getting, getting super amped and excited to hopefully watch the ABS advanced tonight. But what, uh, you know, just their little mascots or, or their, their team names, you know, we’ve got the flames and we’ve got avalanche and typically fire heat temperature rise. Would would melt snow and it would cause, you know, the change in properties of snow or ice to water and water would then, um, you know, kind of change at state and depending on, again, the atmosphere or the environment, it may turn into a gaseous state or whatever.

But we’re not having to deal with that in any, any form. The snow is strong. The abs or are strong in the flames unfortunately are looks like they’re going to be extinguished pretty soon, not the case though. Here in Water Damage Denver, we’re, we’re watching a steady rise in temperature, um, things becoming, um, more mild and warm and pretty soon it’ll be down right hot. We get, we get up into some pretty legit temperatures in Water Damage Denver, believe it or not. Um, for some reason there’s this perception that Water Damage Denver a cold, that, you know, it’s snowing 300 days out of the year. Um, and if do you believe that and you’re from out of state, go ahead and continue to think that, um, that is just horrible weather here all the time. It’s super cold. In fact, I’m, I guess I don’t have the stats right in front of me, but, um, man, I think we have over 300 days of sunshine in annually.

And I just love the seasons here. We have them all, we truly have them all and, but we’re spoiled most often. Typically temperatures are really, really pleasant. But as, as they do continue to rise, we’re going to have a dynamic that, uh, we, uh, we experienced every year and it has to do with snowpack and it has to do with, with snow, um, volume up in the mountains and how that melt and how that process goes as temperatures start to rise in elevation in what it does does to that snow pack and ice pack. And it really is a major, major issue when it comes to water. Um, preservation or I guess I shouldn’t say preservation, but um, water service or how much you know, we truly have. And if there’s just not a very, I guess a wet winter you would call it or you know, a winter that provides enough snowpack, then we can reach drought level’s pretty quickly in the summer.

And then of course, you know, things are [inaudible], you know, especially in the mountains with a lot of trees, things are susceptible to, to fire and to really, you know, like things kind of burning out of control and it can, you know, we’ve had a few summers here where it’s just been horrible and a lot of that is traced back to the snowpack and how, how that uh, you know, leads to either, you know, kind of things being saturated and water being able to be used. And you know, the, yeah, those higher elevations not being so dry and so susceptible to fire. But, um, it’s a real deal and it’s something that, you know, we started to hear, maybe not quite this early, you know, in the April month of April or something, but definitely by May and June, um, we hear we’ll particular bee bee hearing kind of what those levels are and how, how we need to prepare for the summer.

A lot of times they’ll even put restrictions on, you know, can you even water your lawn who more than like once a week and we’ve got to save the water. And we’ve got to keep these, these levels high and the reservoirs up in the hills. Uh, sometimes it’s scary when you drive by him though they’re super duper low and not only does do these reservoirs and dams service Colorado, but a lot of them, you know, they serve a lot of states. Arizona, New Mexico, California, hundreds of thousands if not millions of other people rely on, on the water. And this in I guess the, the resources from Colorado. So it’s interesting. And it, it does have, um, kind of something to do with our industry, I suppose you would say. Um, we’re, I can’t say that we’ve ever dealt with any sort of situation where there’s water damage, I guess, uh, water damage Denver that’s occurred, um, from snow.

You know what, I take that back. We did have recently a customer in, uh, in the summit county area and um, it wasn’t necessarily, you know, the snow was melting from, from, you know, just high temperatures, but they just got dumped. We had a huge spring storm and there was just massive amounts of snow on this roof. And as it melted or as it kind of made its way down to the, the roofline it was coming in. Um, there was some sort of a, I don’t know, we weren’t involved with the roofing situation at all, but there was just something big enough for this water to seep through. And sure enough, um, this couple did have water damage Denver, so I take that back. It, it, uh, we have seen something fairly recently with respect to, to snow melt and um, you know, I guess usually it would be as a result of just super high volumes may be super wet snow.

Um, some of these spring storms that, you know, just bring large amounts and then as it does melt, you have a high concentration and if there’s materials or parts of the House that are just not super water tight or whatever, certainly there could, could be something that would need to be addressed as a result of the, of the snow melting or the ice melting. Um, but just as much of a kind of a, a product of, of where we are, moisture level wise is the propensity or the possibility of a fire. And again, it’s not typically something that necessarily, um, has a huge impact down in the metro area, but certainly in kind of on the plains rural areas or certainly up in the mountains, um, where perhaps there’s just a lot of hay or you know, organic material. There’s the potential for, for dryness and crops or things like that to catch fire into catch kind of, um, random fire, you know, I mean it doesn’t cause much, uh, or it doesn’t take much for something to ignite with, with the right conditions.

You know, you have super dry trees, super dry area, whatever with I’m just high temperatures and you know, just the smallest thing, you know. And that’s why people, you know, there’s such a campaign for making sure people put out their little campfires or even be very respectful, responsible with their cigarette butts or just anything that they’re using might have this, just the tiniest bit of a charge that could night ignite a dry patch. And, um, you know, before you know it, you have hundreds of thousands of acres burning. And like I said, we’ve had summers where it literally seems like the whole state’s on fire. So it’s a real thing. And certainly, um, with, uh, it doesn’t, it doesn’t necessarily, you know, even anywhere, any really, really sorry it really any where come close to two water damage DENVER, it’s all about smoke and fire at that point. And certainly that’s a service that we offer.

And, um, I guess the difference would be when those, uh, situations occur in the mountains where are literally little towns and you know, these remote places are in danger of, you know, kind of the path of the fire or are right in the thick of things. Um, there’s not a lot of times that you can just get right in there as a restoration company and get to work. Uh, you have to wait until, you know, the fire marshal deems that safe and appropriate to travel on the roads, to travel under these little communities and to start assessing damage and to start doing mitigation and restoration. So, um, water damage DENVER, the level is low there but you never kind of like we talked about in one of the other podcasts, um, there certainly could be water damage Denver consider that when, you know, these planes are flying over, dumping, dumping water, firefighters are going in using water.

Certainly. Um, certainly there’s, there’s a situation there where, you know, things could need to be, believe it or not after fire, thanks. Good. Very well. Need to be dried out from the massive amounts of water that have been used to contain and to put the blaze out. So, um, we are certainly hopeful. I think we had a, a nice wet, um, winter. I’m hopeful that that means, you know, reservoir levels are high, uh, that no droughts will even be an issue this year that everybody will be vigilant about, you know, watching their water usage down here and you know, really any anywhere anymore. I mean, it’s always just a thing to be responsible of, but looking forward to a wonderful summer, no fires. Don’t wish that on anyone. Like always big foot is here for your water damage Denver needs for your fired smoke. Situations in losses for your mold concerns. Please think of us, believe in us. Understand that we are here as a resource to educate, to help, uh, just bring health and safety to the community and in the event of an unfortunate circumstance to be there, uh, all the way along with the, with the, um, the individuals, the family, the property owners to get them back to hold as soon as possible. Have a wonderful weekend. We will talk to you soon.