We came in contact, she lobbed a phone call to us last week and she had, she had water damage Denver, she yet a fresh water leak and it happened to be coming from her water softener system. And so for those of you who don’t know, um, systems can be put into a house and kind of, uh, linked right through the main water line to soften your water to, you know, a lot of them say they purify it. Literally one of the first jobs that I was offered out of college, I was recruited by a guy that wanted me to go door to door and try to sell these things.

And that’s the way he wanted me to make my living, which I am so glad I did not ever do that. Um, yeah, would, uh, I don’t think that would have gone well, but I mean they’re pretty expensive. Five, $6,000 and then you get 10%. So you make a couple sales a week and perhaps you think you’re, you’re doing great, but I can’t imagine how painful of a job that would have been. Anyway, this is the type of unit this lady had and I’m sure, um, you know, when it works it, it’s great and it does, it has benefit. But for whatever reason it failed and it started to leak. And she noticed the leak on Wednesday. She didn’t call us till Thursday and it was because one of her neighbors came over and she’s a single gal. So of course you know that she, you know, has a couple of guys in the neighborhood that she trusts.

And you know, asked to come over to take a look at things and give their assessment and that’s great. And that’s where the benefit comes in for helping neighbors [inaudible] but perhaps a certain percentage of the time, and I suppose it varies from from a neighbor to neighbor, your your next door neighbor, the guy in the neighborhood that tends to think he knows a little bit about everything. Perhaps he doesn’t or perhaps he doesn’t know best when it comes to anything other than, hey, can you help me change a highlight? Yeah. Bob, can you feed my dog while I’m away? When you have an appliance or something in your home leaking and causing significant water damage, Denver to your carpet, baseboards, drywall, internal framing and the man or woman’s suggestion to you is just go grab the few fans that you have from, from your crawl space and I’m sure he’ll be okay. And that’s why she didn’t call us for about 24 hours after it happened because she put her a couple of tiny little fans down in the basement. And I guess it took about a day to realize that in fact it wasn’t doing anything to mitigate the situation. So,


Not, not horrible, but not great either. And by the time that we were called out and got over there and assess the situation, it was clear she needed to either have big foot or another water damage. Denver company help her out in getting her carpet, dried out, her pad polled drying equipment in place, and start to get this situation mitigated. Now we’re gonna have another podcast here fairly soon about kind of some intricacies of her particular job, but this is just a situation of [inaudible].


Going with what seems to be, uh, the friendly advice of a neighbor or a well meaning family or friend. And I guess

it’s a tough one because you don’t want to insult people in and completely ignore their info, their info that they have for you or their suggestions and do something totally different. But how anyone could look at her situation and cognitively tell her that the couple of little fans that she had would get that dried out is beyond me. And I guess it just reaffirms the fact that we have to be pretty intentional and be Peru, pretty repetitive about encouraging people to not mess around with their water damage. Denver situations. The biggest, I think one of the biggest benefits that we have to the community is that we will always come out and assess the situation and give our professional opinion. We do this for a living, we do water damage, Denver jobs every single day, and it’s, it’s what we feel is our, our mission statement to help put p point people in the right direction.

If anybody can ever DIY it safely and appropriately, we will give them that option. We will encourage them to consider, you know, maybe one or two different things that they could do to get the situation taken care of by themselves. But if their water damage Denver situation is simply not possible or they’re not going to be able, you know, they’re going to take too long and doing it and potentially invite the mold situation to escalate out of a simple water damage Denver’s situation. Then in that case we’re going to shoot them straight and say, unfortunately this is probably over your head and we need to [inaudible] or another water damage. Denver Company needs to get cracking on this now so that you don’t find yourself in a much worse situation. That’s kind of where she was struggling is oh my gosh, you know, I took this guy’s friendly advice two days ago and now am I looking at potential mold?

Am I looking at other things? Am I looking about looking at possibly my insurance company not covering this? If I decide I want to make a claim because they’re going to think I’m negligent. Um, those are all kind of real scenarios after you leave something for a day and a half to two days. So thankfully I think we’re in good shape. We have got some great drawing results from what was an absolutely crazy situation yesterday in her water damaged Denver basement. It is now not as water damage Denver, it is trying out beautifully and I believe that tomorrow we will pull equipment and get her back and rebuild mode mode. So appreciate a good neighbor. Appreciate a good friend’s advice, but with anything that’s of significance and could have a pretty legitimate effect on your home and the health and safety of your family. Call a professional call bigfoot restoration repair.

Take advantage of the fact that we will come out and advise you professionally and we will. We’ll treat like one of one of our own family. We will help you get through something simple if it’s going to be something you can tackle. If it’s something a little bit more serious or just something that requires a lot of labor and needs to be done quickly and um, you know, with, with a a bit of expertise, then we’ll shoot you straight and we’ll, we’ll encourage you in that way. But in any case, any water damaged Denver situation, large or small, please, please, please reach out to us and we will take care of you. Seven two zero five seven five foot. It’s been a pleasure when, about a minute over what I intended to, I will get out of your hair and invite you back for the next big foot. Pos Staff, big foot podcast of gold where we discuss water damage, Denver situations and remedies, and we are your resource. Thank you so much. You stay safe, you stay dry, you stay happy.