What’s up water damage Denver friends, it is early, early on a Friday morning here in Denver, Colorado. Two per crispy, cold out. Got a a [inaudible], a phone notification last night like you would for like an Amber alert for kids or whatever or your phone makes like the craziest sound ever to get your attention to let us know that a snow squall was apparently moving through our part of town to be careful and take precaution. I have no clue what a snow squall is. I’m 40 I’ve lived here my whole life pretty much and I’ve never heard of a snow squall, but whatever was it is gone today because we have partly blue skies and it is crisp but it is


No imminent danger that I can tell in a snow squall is like a like a creature or something that I don’t know about that could be lurking around the corner. I think we should be okay. So the reason that I wanted to jump on here for just a sec and have a quick chat with my water damaged Denver friends is that it happened to me.

It happened to me.

We talk constantly about what we can do to prepare and prevent water damage, Denver situations. And I try to practice what I preach. So in general, I think things are pretty much set up for success, but it still happened to me. And funky little things like this happen and it’s like what in the world? You know? And that’s why we exist. That’s why big foot restoration repair

wants to be there for you when you have a water damage. Denver situation, if you’re a proactive, if you’re reactive, if you could care less about doing anything but just roll the dice and deal with the situation when it comes, it doesn’t matter. We want to help. And looking back, I guess now at this particular little deal. And thankfully it was little, it wasn’t crazy, but it’s a thing. And I don’t know, I mean I’m, I’m a, I’m a realist when it comes to like what you can do and what you should do. And then like, could you worry yourself to death and go around and, you know, spend way too much time trying to do stuff to prevent any sort of situation. Yeah. So I want to be realistic about things, want to provide information that’s applicable and not crazy talk. Um, so I’ll give you my personal testimonial here and it’ll just add kind of one

more, one more little

item to the list as far as what

can happen. So we have a basement bathroom. It is, our foundation is, um, well I guess the best way to put it is not, it’s not concrete slab throughout. So there’s a little, there’s a little crawl space that goes under our entire home.


And so the entire, maybe not the entire, but most of the basement is on a wood sub floor. And, um, just, just food for thought there. But that’s the reality of what it is. It’s on wood, not concrete. Uh, our, our bathroom down there does not get used a lot.

We don’t spend a ton of time down there. We have a guest bedroom. Uh, we have my little home gym. Um, my wife’s photography studio, uh, rec room that I wish got used a lot more than it did, but it just doesn’t, but the, the restroom doesn’t get used a lot. The shower hardly ever gets used. The toilet, I don’t know. Not, not much at all. And I can say that when we’ve had guests, one particular guest actually, um, we’ve had an issue with the toilet getting clogged, kinda acting up, but didn’t seem anything like super out of the ordinary to me. Never had a water damage Denver situation, um, was able to catch things pretty quick and not, not having an issue. But one thing that I’ve noticed, um, I can say that I’ve definitely noticed, um, is that there is a tiny little, I guess you’d call it leak or some sort of issue with the toilet where there’s just a tiny, um, stream of water that comes into the bowl constantly.

And I guess you’d call it a leak because that shouldn’t happen when you flush the toilet. The bolt, you know, the, the toilet bowl should fill up too. It’s, you know, a little marker the back tank should fill up to, it’s, it’s marker, the little float should turn the water off and then it’s ready to go again. Nothing should be flowing after that point where those limits are both reach. But I think it’s fairly common that, you know, toilets can kind of, whatever the internals are, they kind of wear down and there can be tiny little, uh, drips, you know, either in the back tank or, you know, little tiny streams of water coming down on the inside of the toilet bowl. And we don’t really think anything of it because the toilet bowl, you know, it has, the way they’re designed is that they automatically flush themselves when it, when the, um, level gets up to a certain point. So if you’ve ever taken like a bucket of water or anything and just randomly put it in the toilet, it’ll fill up to a point and then it’ll naturally flush itself. You don’t even have to hit the lever and you’re good.

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So this morning my son went around the house. It’s a Friday is our trash day. So his, one of his chores is to go around the whole house, gathered trash, take it out, and we make sure we get the bins out to the curb at the beginning of the day. So he’s 12 and he’s pretty conscientious for a 12 year old, but still, you know, 12 year olds can kind of be off in their own little world. He’s usually listening to hockey videos or something like that. So he’s kind of more in general. He’s, he’s sidetracked more than not, but he was doing his chore this morning and he said he heard a little drip as he was going around collecting trash in the basement there. So he took a second, went over into the bathroom and looked at the toilet and the water was right at the brim of the seat and then it was, and then he looked and it was, it was kind of a steady little flow outside the back of the toilet onto the floor and knew that that wasn’t a good thing. So he came and got me and we went down and got right on it. Got it, got it cleaned up, got it. Dried up and got equipment in place and everything will be fine. No big deal. I haven’t gone down into the crawl space, but just looking at everything. It’s not like it went into any other rooms or any, anything crazy, but I’ll take a peek down in the crawl space just to be sure.

The only thing that I can think of is that at some point in know, again, just kind of asked around, nobody really knew the last time they used the toilet down there. Had some service people in a couple of days ago to do some work. Maybe they use the restroom down there have no clue, but I plunge the toilet and the water level went down. Nothing crazy came up. There were no paper towels, there was nothing, you know, gross or whatever that that came up. But it was clear that there was some sort of clog in the line and plumbing it, you know, or not plumbing it, but a plunging. It took care of the issue. So flushed it a couple times and didn’t seem to have any problems. No more water damage. Denver coming over onto the floor, but I could still see that very small stream of water running down inside of the toilet bowl and reminded yeah, that that’s been going on for a while. It’s just this tiny little thing, which I think I long long ago talked about what a drip coming out of a faucet, 365 days a year adds to your water bill. It’s significant. So that’s probably something that I should have maybe paid a little closer attention to and maybe they’re even either tried to repair myself or have somebody take a look, uh, to avoid, you know, that water bill and it’s not incredibly responsible of me just from a conservation standpoint to um, just let that water run.

But it just kind of made sense to me all of a sudden that the reason I had my water damage Denver experience is because this slowly leak wasn’t an issue until there was some sort of random clog in the system. Again, whoever used the toilet last, it’s not like it overflowed then. It’s not like there was any sort of catastrophic event or really even any identifiable event that would say, okay, there’s something a little bit funky we need to get those checked out. It was pretty random, pretty,

you know, not unpredictable. And let’s just say that this water damage Denver situation had occurred while we were out of town or you know, we do go down into our basement to feed our dogs and like I said, a workout and stuff like that. So it’s not like we’re never down there, but there are some people, some families just don’t use their, their basements a lot. And then when something like this happens they go down and see that water damage Denver situation days later, weeks later and it is a incredibly disastrous thing. So I think you know what, what we will do and what you know I’ve talked about before is those little tiny alarm that you can buy for pretty cheap at the hardware store that will scream at you will put off this crazy annoying alarm if they detect any sort of moisture.

I mean, especially if it’s not a horrible idea really for any cabinet like under the sink or dishwasher area, garbage disposal area, any bathroom or anywhere there is a water source where there could be potential for water damage number, but especially in areas that you just are not around a lot down by the hot water heater down in a bathroom that you don’t, that just doesn’t get used a lot. Something like that to where you don’t necessarily have to make a sweep of the house two times a day to make sure there’s no drips but a device in place that could alert you immediately if you do have any sort of drip or leak or maybe a full on flood. Anything that could cause potential water damage, Denver situation that you could be alerted to immediately and take care of immediately. I don’t really even know.

I think we’re going to have to pull any baseboard or drywall. Like I said, I’ll get in a get down into the crawl space and take a look and make sure, but kind of a disaster averted type thing. We have linoleum flooring in there, so it’s, it’s nothing that would have caused damage to the floor. As a matter of fact, it didn’t, everything is pretty tight in there as far as the insulation. So pretty lucky I guess on our account. And then obviously getting equipment in there to dry it out and immediately. Um, and the fact that, you know, I’ve thought about remodeling that bathroom at some point in the near future. So just, you know, if there’s a little bit of damage to the baseboard or whatever, no big deal. You could care less, literally could care less about any sort of damage. So anyway, just a personal testimonial of my fun morning and a little encouragement to you to think about those crazy little things that maybe might not be a big deal, might not trigger your trigger you as far as being a potential cause for water damage Denver. But you just never know and you don’t want to deal with the consequences if something kind of weird and random does happen. So if it does show up it doesn’t. But if it does, please give big foot restoration and repair a call. We will be sure to treat you


better than anybody in the world to let you know that we’re on your side and getting your water damage, Denver situation back to normal as soon as possible, but until then, you stay safe.