Hey, hey water damage Denver people, another big foot podcast of gold with the little cartoon twist today for you. And um, I think I’ll updated. I guess I’ll just go ahead and put it out there rather than being all vague. I’m about ready to turn 40. So some people call that old, some people call it young. I really don’t care. It’s both to me depending on the day. But what I do know as far as just the time lapse of things in my life, I don’t know a lot, but I’m very, very certain of a couple of things. One of them being cartoons are not the same as they used to be. Man. Was it a treat to get up on a Saturday morning and, and watch he man and you know, I was, I was not a discriminatory cartoon viewer at all. I’d, I’d hit up everything.

I’d go a little SMURF action. Uh, definitely he man, GI Joes, even the get along gang, which I think they were more on cable. But yeah, it definitely didn’t have a cable box back in the day. But any and every cartoon that would pop up on Saturday morning. It, it was cool to watch, you know, the little funny creatures running around and just wasn’t something that I ever got to do during the week. Uh, did not, you know, TV was not, not a thing back in the day for me. Um, it wasn’t really allowed. I think I had, I got like a half an hour a day in the afternoon or something. Um, had to practice my instrument, had to do homework and really I enjoyed sports a ton outside so it wasn’t really too concerned about it and certainly it just wasn’t mass dominating thing like it is today where screens and entertainment and a, everything is just, you know, everywhere you look, whether it’s a phone, a tablet, computer, screen, TV, whatever.

So, um, it was, it was cool. It was a treat and I got way into just anything that, you know, that I could get, um, get a liking to get kind of an understanding of what was going on in these different cartoons. And for whatever reason, a couple of my favorites were were Jetsons and Scooby Doo, but mo, most importantly, Scooby doo and for whatever silly reason, I just thought it was cool how this group of people spent 20 you know, 2124 minutes every Saturday faced with a problem with situation they couldn’t figure out. And, and you know, inevitably in the last two, two and a half minutes magically everything came together. They were able to put all of the puzzle pieces in the right spots and they were able to figure out, you know, who, who did what, bring the bad guy to justice, figure out who you know, had the mask on and who they really were.

And a lot of times it, it wasn’t who they thought or expected it would be. That was the bad guy. It was, it was surprising. It shocked everybody when, you know, they got this guy all, all roped up, tangled up and took off the mask and it was Mr. Olsen from the candy store and they didn’t, they just couldn’t understand why, why he would be the guy dressing up as a ghost or trying to do this or that. And of course the guy or Gal, the villain would always spill the beans and miraculously tell them why, what their motive was, why they did what they did, which as I’ve grown up, um, people, yeah. You know, I don’t know how it, how it used to be, but you know, most of the time people will lie upon lie to get themselves out of things. For whatever reason, these, um, these villains back in the day, we’re very, very forthright.

When they got caught, they just, um, they were ready to spill the beans. They were ready to let everybody know, you know, kind of why they felt like being mean and nasty. And they were just, I’m completely transparent at that point. So, so not to get too cheesy, but you know, sometimes you just take things from childhood and apply them to everyday life. And that’s something that we, we do quite often when we’re out and about on the job sites, trying to diagnose water damage Denver trying to die. It’s not so much with fire, smoke and mold, um, maybe sometimes mold. But the bottom line with especially water damage number is that we’re trying to find the source. We’re trying to pinpoint where, where the loss is coming from. And we spoken multiple times on other podcasts that, that that’s really the primary objective is to locate and eliminate the source of loss.

So, you know, we always love, wow, relatively speaking, we don’t ever want anybody to experience water damage number. But we, within the context of what we’re doing, we love when there’s a very discernible definable source, whether it’s a broken pipe or, you know, uh, if it’s something like, you know, just to toilet overflowing or sink overflowing, if there’s something incredibly obvious that we know this is the issue and you know, either we can either fix it or we can have a qualified plumber to come out and take care of that water damage Denver source. Um, we will greatly benefit as we go into to our methodology of how to dry that structure out and how to eliminate, um, you know, any sort of, um, the following water damage Denver problems. So we, um, we appreciate that when that’s a part of, you know, part of a typical job.

It isn’t always though, and one particular job that were, I guess kind of wrapping up with, but it’s, it’s been for a number of reasons, kind of a atypical type job. And I don’t know that we’ll have time to get into it in too much depth on this podcasts, but, um, when, when we were first asked to help, um, this a commercial facility, uh, kind of problem solve and kind of go into Scooby doo mode and try to figure out exactly what’s going on, who the culprit was, where, where the copper was coming from, um, it was not obvious. And so you, you know, you kind of take a very, a objective look at things and kind of try to trace things back from where, where it makes sense that the things may be coming from. But the reality is on the bottom level of this particular building, there were just within a period of one day, there were two pretty big piles of Water Damage Denver.

I’m probably covering about Oh, 35 square feet or so. And it wasn’t like it was definitively coming out from underneath the wall or trim or you know, from a certain source. It was very, very strange. It was literally just kind of a compilation of water on this, uh, vinyl composite tile. And so when you, when you have that sort of random situation and that, you know, I’m perceived water damage Denver, um, situation, you, you think, okay, let’s, let’s be real simple here. Where, who was in here today? Did, did we have a spill or do we have somebody trying to pull a prank or with somebody just, you know, being a little bit careless using, using this area down here and didn’t clean up after themselves, but for the PR for the same thing to pretty much happening in one day. What, I mean, just being realistic, it, it was pretty obvious this was something that wasn’t, wasn’t from somebody being careless, wasn’t, you know, a mess that didn’t get cleaned up, something like that.

So, um, the, the wacky thing, the strange thing was that the moisture content in this particular floor was just incredibly high and that that doesn’t happen from a spill. That doesn’t happen even from, you know, I don’t know. We went through all sorts of scenarios as you know, the folks, the kind of the overseers of this facility we’re trying to surmise and offer different ideas. It all, you know, good, good, solid guesses. But again, just the heightened levels in this floor wouldn’t suggest that this is just from somebody. Um, you know, being silly or making a fairly sizable mistake for content levels to be that high moisture content levels for water damage Denver to have taken place in that kind of did to that extreme. It, it just, it was beyond somebody forgetting to turn off water for spilling over the sink or


So we had a situation on our hands. We, we didn’t have, we hadn’t had any major rains or snows or anything that would seem to maybe indicate ground swell. Um, which, you know, kind of was where my mind went. You know, because there wasn’t one coming out from a wellness early. It, it could, it kind of made sense to me that this could be just moisture. Um, you know, every, every property is on a water table of some kind. And what that means is, you know, there’s water under where we are hit. It just depends how far down, you know, if you’re, if you’re in a flood plain, if you’re in a certain area of, of your state or country or the world or whatever, the water table is going to be at different levels. And so if we know that water is under us somewhere, the thought goes to, well how much more water added to that, we’ll, we’ll make us realize water in our basements or in our crawl space or in, you know, whatever livable space is, is closest to that water table.

So looked outside, looked all around at the water downspouts to make sure they hadn’t failed that um, you know, may be perhaps a something outside like water spigot hadn’t been left on. That can happen. That’s happened in many, many times and caused major, major, major water damage Denver. So eliminated just about every exterior possibility. And um, again, you know, we, we closed that up that night for our Scooby doo efforts and it was, um, it was a failure to a certain degree. We, we did not close out the episode by tying up the culprit and making him tell us exactly what was going on and why he did what he did. It just didn’t happen. So Scooby did not get a snack. Uh, it did not. Um, the credits didn’t roll with the happy ending and that’s just the way it goes. Sometimes you have to, um, do everything you can and then kind of regroup and maybe go from a different perspective or bring, you know, another set of eyes in it.

There’s, there’s nothing wrong with that at all and it’s just kind of the way problems get solved sometimes. So, um, that’s exactly what we did the next day. We had a couple of other individuals come in and long story short, there was a very random isolated pipe in another area up on the next level upstairs that had failed and that was located and we were able to get a plumber out asap to, to get that fixed up. Well in the, in the process of them trying to fix that particular pipe, which was a drainage pipe, they actually nicked alive, active waterline. So honest mistake, obviously gentlemen didn’t try or mean to do it. But uh, when you have a live act of water source under pressure and unique, that line, a lot of water damage happens in a little amount of time and that compounded the issue and it, it really made the material in that building, you know, even more saturated and wet than, than even before.

But at least at that point we were able to give Scooby snack. We were able to get that that culprit identified and re revealed and that was no longer a problem. So the episode at that point was he was a happy ending. And again, first, first priority was accomplished as far as identify, identifying, isolating, and eliminating that source then and now it becomes an issue of getting this facility dried. This facility is incredibly well built and that can be both a good thing and a difficult thing when it comes to water damage Denver mitigation and getting things dried out. And so we never want to get real invasive and start tearing things apart. But we need to get air and we need to get movement and we needed to get drawing efficiently to the areas that it needs. And so after a couple of days of simply trying to employ dehumidifiers and air movement, um, without getting too invasive, we had to switch modes and get a little bit more aggressive with our water damage Denver mitigation and make some cuts, uh, get, get some things torn out to be able to get air, um, to those saturated areas and get, start getting some results as far as drawing.

So maybe next time we’ll go into inspector gadget mode, GI Joe mode as far as fighting make, you know, making, making reference to the battles that we face. But today it was Scooby Doo. Big shout out to, to, to Wellman, to Fred and to Daphne, a shaggy, everybody that helped us with identifying this culprit on this particular job and now continue to look forward to their help as we get this, uh, facility dried out and back to these people so that they can use it. Folks have a great day. Big Foot restoration is always here when you need a seven two zero five seven five foot take care.