Hey, Hey, howdy water damage Denver friends. It is so nice to envision your beautiful faces on this lovely Friday morning in the mile high city. Pardon me. Trying to clear my throat so you don’t have to feel like you’re in the presence of a frog for the next five to eight minutes, but what we love to do here on our water damage, Denver big foot restoration podcast of gold that’s a mouthful is just hit on quick little tidbits for

our potential and current customers and just as an effort to be a resource in the Denver Metro community and the subject for today really doesn’t have a lot necessarily to do with water damage. Denver doesn’t have to do much with technicalities of a job that we’re working on, doesn’t have to do with tips and tricks on what to do in the case of a water damage Denver job or if you have a water loss that you’re wondering if you need professional help on it is more specifically designed on your experience with a water damage Denver company with the company that comes in and is going to be pretty much all up in your business for a day, a week, maybe even a month depending on the size of the job. The size of the loss. Unfortunately for myself and my family really came to want to speak on this subject just for a brief minute because of an experience that we are going through with a service provider and it just happens to be in the area of like veterinary care. We love our pets. We have multiple, we want them to be healthy, we want them to be safe. We want to abide by all the local laws and we need that information from our

veterinarian because certainly we understand that they know more than what we do. But in my opinion, no matter what the industry, whether it’s water damage, Denver, whether it’s a professional restoration company or a construction company or a doctor or a pediatrician or a dentist or a veterinarian, it’s incumbent upon the owner, the manager, the technicians, the secretaries, everyone that’s involved in the operation to have a certain level of professionalism, a certain level of bedside manner, a certain level of congeniality, a certain level of non arrogance. And when that’s not the case, when those things aren’t paid attention to,

I won’t speak for everyone else, but for myself and my family, we will run, not walk the other direction. And we’re talking about whether it’s our first experience with the company or our hundred and first and in the case of this particular clinic, it’s been somewhere I’ve taken my past pets for probably over a decade. And it’s interesting because the gentleman that I would imagine still owns the clinic, I don’t think that he is necessarily still involved a whole lot. I think he’s probably taken a step back, which is wonderful for him, but the level of all of those things that I just mentioned in my opinion has dramatically slipped. Now when we go in, do our pets get the care that they need? Yup. Do I question the ability of the people to execute on the procedures, whether it’s shots or dental work or heartworm or any sort of tests or anything? I don’t really question any of that at all. I’m sure that are well trained and I’m sure that they know what they’re doing, so that’s not the issue at all. The issue is I don’t like how I’m spoken to. I don’t like how my wife has spoken to. I don’t like how my children are spoken to and if you are able to

fail in those three areas, that’s probably for me 75% of the experience. Again, don’t question that. Actually what we went there to do isn’t being done, but I don’t like anyone ever, whether it’s myself, my family, my employees, my friends, my family. I don’t like people to be put in positions where I guess what I always say is I don’t like to put people in a position where they have a significant chance of failing. And not that that necessarily translates here, but I don’t like my friends, family, employees, people that I care about to be put in situations where they are inherently going to feel uncomfortable. Now, I’m not a pansy. I don’t raise my children to be soft or to wave the white flag if somebody hurts their feelings. We’re not talking about having an incredible amount of sensitivity here or not being catered to in every sense of the word. And so we get our feelings hurt and we want somebody to coddle us. That’s not the case. What we would appreciate is just simply being talked to like human beings not being spoken down to not being passive, aggressively reprimanded and the list goes on and on.

Water Damage Denver | Run, Don’t Walk

So, I guess what I’m saying is I am in these times where we experience things like this, it really boosts my confidence level. It really boosts my appreciation for the way our water damage Denver company has set up. Our staff is set up, our managers and front office folks are set up to deliver both a great product and a great service and also treat people in a normal way, in a way that values them as somebody that’s going through something that we can help out with. But at the same time that it’s, it’s a bit of a bit of an emotional thing for them and they may have, you know, different moods and things that they’re going to go through naturally as a part of going through a water damage Denver situation. Um, we get that, we understand it and we might even have the very innate ability to take a little bit of attitude and maybe

You know, words every once in awhile that aren’t necessarily fair, but we understand that people are going through a situation and we’re not going to get hot and bothered for them. You know, being frustrated with the whole process and maybe lashing out at us in the meantime. We understand that it’s not necessarily [inaudible] personal, but we’re happy to, to again, help them along in, in their water damage. Denver problem. I can’t imagine a scenario where anyone that is involved with this company would ever speak or treat adults and children in the manner that,

that this particular clinic has decided to act. And not that they’re being profane or being inappropriate or being right out, you know, outright nasty [inaudible] but I don’t know, I just feel like if I can catch a vibe that I’ve gotten from this place, I don’t second guess myself. I don’t think about, Oh, am I my overreacting here? Because like I said a few minutes ago, pretty confident that, you know, we’re pretty mentally and emotionally strong people that we can deal with quite a bit. Um, but at some point you just have to stand firm in convictions on how someone’s acting, how someone’s treating you. And if you just would rather not be treated that way. And obviously there’s options. And that’s the thing is we realize there are many water damage Denver companies in the Metro area. There are many firms that are set up to help with water damage, Denver situations with any sort of disaster needs.

And so we want to take every opportunity that we’re afforded to treat people with grace, with sympathy, but also deliver, uh, the best service that we could possibly can. So I’m both irritated, but also incredibly thankful and proud that if you choose big foot, big foot restoration repair for your water damage Denver situation, you will not only be given [inaudible] great service, but you will also be spoken to politely with understanding. And we understand there again, that a lot of the things that we’re doing technically speaking are, are a little complicated, but we won’t ever put the homeowner or the property owner to necessarily understand what we’re talking about. We’ll be happy to clarify and to make everything

as much in layman’s terms as we can to make sure that people aren’t clueless, that they don’t feel like we’re talking over their heads, anything like that.

So that’s a promise from us to you. We appreciate the opportunity to serve with any water damage Denver situation. We hope that you never have to experience that, but if you do, please look us up. We are happy to help and we will do it with a smile. Thank you.