What is up water damage Denver friends. I’ve got a bit of good news for you. Kind of like an episode. I think it may have been the last one that we brought to you with another edition of big foot restorations, podcasts of gold. I believe the subject matter was to understand and realize and recognize and be thankful for the climate, the seasons, the seasonality that we get to enjoy and experience here. Um, I know I’m a native, I’ve lived a handful of places and kind of been accustomed to kind of what else is out there as far as how it is in different parts of the country in all things considered. We just haven’t so, so nice. And there’s other beautiful places in the country that to live, there’s some great, great things to, to be holed into. You know, certainly, I’m sure there’s a lot of people that really enjoy living on each coast, Midwest, everywhere.

But for me, I just, every time I leave I’m home and get away. It just reminds me how, how much I love my home town, my home state. And so I had a chance to, to spend a little over 48 hours in Oklahoma over the weekend. And, um, you know, you hear, here are things that are going on in other parts of the country here about, you know, kind of what weather is doing and you feel for people and you empathize and it, it kinda comes and goes because it’s just not your reality. Right. I mean, um, yeah. Yet it just doesn’t, doesn’t maybe resonate kind of what people are going through. But the folks in Oklahoma are getting just tagged with a ton of rain and water damage, a number of friends. We, we just don’t see that sort of consistent flooding. Um, like they do, you know, we’ll have, we’ll have some craziness and you know, we’ve had some, some dumpers, you know, and we’ve had some flooding for sure.

And we’ve had some major stuff happened, but it just seems, um, you know, I’ve got a very good friend, actually, I’ve got a couple that live out in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. And so I visited there a handful of times over the years and it just seems like they, they have this time of year, just very consistent moisture, rain morning, afternoon, and we’re not talking about, you know, 10, 20, 30 minute, um, storms like maybe we, we kind of get used to here in this late spring, early summer time where it’s just, I mean, yeah, the skies might get black and it might get a little nasty for a bit, but more often than not, it clears up. Um, things die down and it is a beautiful evening and I’m not to, I’m a professional or, you know, somebody that studies what are weather patterns for Oklahoma. But, uh, just probably in the last Oh 15 years that I’ve had good, good friends that have lived out there and, you know, paid decent attention to what’s going on, it just seems like these folks get craziness.

You know, I don’t know if they call it tornado alley right in there, but they definitely seal, see a fair volume of tornadoes. They, they just, uh, you know, especially this year, you know, I’ve already gone through some massive flooding situations and, um, some devastation there, but then just there, there’s not a, there’s not a letup there’s, there continues to be just crazy daily rains and you know, we’re not talking about nice little spring showers. We’re talking about major sideways sheets of rain coming in. So in the time period that I was out there, it rained every single day, not all day, but when it did start, uh, it was something to just stop and watch, you know what I mean? I [inaudible] I didn’t really want to drive in the stuff. Um, [inaudible] at one point, I just hung out in the hotel lobby watching, watching the rain just kind of go sideways.

And every time somebody would trip the little area kind of in front of the door, the poor hotel attendant guy would, you know, just kind of freak out because water was gonna come in and there was no way that he could really stop it. And that’s the thing that I, I kind of have always said, you know, water does what it wants to it. It’s kind of a Gary deal in that fashion that it’s just gonna do what it wants and it can be devastating. It, it can’t be stopped. A lot of other kind of things like fire, I mean, actually there’s some incredibly smart people that have figured out how to fight fire when it comes to large scale stuff that where you have wildfires and they do, um, firewalls and they, they have different methods that they implore to direct the fire and to limit it.

And it doesn’t work all the time. But I would say definitely more often than not it does. And there’s just, there’s very few options when it comes to water. People try to build up, you know, certain areas with sandbags or try to prevent things. But inevitably, just the fear of pure force of water and what it does when it gets moving, it’s insane. And it’s unlike any other, uh, element really, in my opinion. So water damage number friends, we have not seen anything like the folks in Oklahoma right now, at least lately. And it’s something to, I guess, you know, realize and be thankful for. But the thing is, is that these, these folks and what’s just the kind of the difference there is that they still have to prepare and do their best to, you know, hopefully prevent, you know, flooding or water damage of their structures.

Um, but in the event that that doesn’t work, you know, that they have to get companies out just like bigfoot. They have to get, um, you know, their company of choice. You know, they’ve got to do their research. They’ve got to, like we’ve talked in previous episodes, hopefully have a game plan of, um, of who to call and hopefully, you know, if you’re listening to this and you’re then the Water Damage Denver area, you trust and understand that, you know, hopefully your water damage Denver Company of choice would be big foot restoration and you would give us the opportunity to serve if you ever had a need. But, uh, but I would assume that, you know, the companies out in the Tulsa area or just maxed, and that’s where, you know, we’ve talked about in previous episodes, other companies come in, hopefully with the right intentions to, you know, legitimately help people out and, and provide assistance for water damage, um, efforts in response. Then


then you’ve got the just kinda storm chasers that definitely have some, um, squirlyness to them. So we’ll leave it at that. But in any case, um, you know, property owners, they’ve got to make their plan. They’ve got to get people out to hopefully take care of things and get their structure dried out. So, um, but here’s the thing, when it happens day after day and you’ve got the groundswell and you’ve got just the, the ground being inundated with moisture and kind of like the principle as we’ve spoken on before in our podcast, we, we’ve talked about, uh, the fact that once, once that volume is at its limit in the ground, there’s nowhere else for it to go. But to start to get into structures, get into crawl spaces. And one thing that I guess I didn’t really ask any of the homeowners is does anybody have basements there?

And I’m thinking probably not. I don’t, I don’t know for sure, but I’m just, I don’t think it would probably be a good idea. I think it’d be a nightmare. Probably have just consistent flooding, consistent water damage probably every year is as ground, you know, kind of gets to it’s capacity with these day in day out rain. So Water Damage Denver Buddies, we um, we don’t have it too terribly rough and uh, of course I guess you could think of it in terms of, you know, maybe restoration companies out here don’t have quite the consistent opportunity as others, but we’ve got plenty to do. We obviously offer much more than just water damage Denver services. We also deal with mold, which can be a result of water damage Denver, I know we’ve talked about them multiple, multiple times, but anytime there’s any um, consistent moisture source, organic material, just the conditions are right.

Mold can start to become an issue. Obviously smoke and fire her other two other areas that we deal with heavily on a consistent basis and we’re ready to rock and roll. If, if, uh, anybody has the unfortunate need of needing help with those services. So a quick one today. Um, think about those folks, you know, to the east of us that, um, are getting that craziness every day. I saw it, I watched it. It’s not enviable. And, um, you know, just the humidity levels are out there. Don’t help things at all as far as trying to fight against drinking things dried out. So hope those, uh, folks dry up soon. Hope everything goes well and they can, uh, recover and get back to, to life and not have a hassle with them too much. Anything happens to you? Hear water damage number, friends, we’re always ready to help out. Seven, two, zero five, seven, five foot. We will talk to you soon.