What’s up, water damage Denver, dimmer, friends. Hope you are super duper duper happy or at least mildly happy. Hope you don’t have the Corona virus. Hope you don’t have Lyme disease up. Your house isn’t on fire. If it is, give book fit, restoration, repair a call and we’d be happy to help out with that fire damage and get you back to normal as soon as possible. Well this might be jumping the gun just a little bit on this big foot restoration water damage Denver podcast of gold. But pardon? We are going to spend a few minutes today discussing

a additional

service that we are going to roll out here and just like every water damage Denver effort that we have, we are going into offer it to the best of our ability. So trip down memory lane would take us probably two



and I was at a week long seminar industry specific for carp, uh, for like um, residential cleaning, commercial cleaning and restoration services. Actually, I’d go back farther than that. The initial one, cause I’ve gotten to this seminar now three times, I believe it’s put on by one of our vendors. It’s phenomenal. It is very, very intensive and it’s very, uh, it, it’s a week long and it’s full of amazing content. But it’s very difficult to put business and stuff on hold for a week to intend anything. And although we have grown exponentially and you know, not just as a company but just with our business acumen and everything as a result of this seminar, it’s still, it’s still a commitment. So let’s go back to the first time I that, that I attended this thing which was probably more like 2012 or maybe, yeah, let’s say 2012. So, um, probably about 30 students in this class.

Company’s all of all types. Uh, just, you know, maybe owner operator companies. Literally one or two employees, maybe like a husband and wife team. And usually those are carpet cleaners that, you know, the wife answers the phone and the husband goes out and does the jobs and it’s very controlled and you can make a good living doing that. Then there may be a few of two, three, four truck operations is still relatively small, but um, you know, maybe handful of employees and I would say probably for that specific class, the larger companies were in the range of like 10 employees for, for places that offered residential and commercial cleaning services. Of course commercial can be a little bit bigger sometimes those [inaudible] do more janitorial stuff. And so, um, you might have several crews going out per night to, uh, do the commercial accounts. And that’s what I was there to learn more about was the residential and commercial side of the cleaning industry.

But the three legged stool that the instructor talked about was residential, commercial, and then re restorative services. So water damage, Denver services, fire and smoke. Essentially what we do now for Bigfoot restoration and during the breaks, um, you know, I’ll be honest, when he started talking about restoration, pretty much my mind went elsewhere. Um, wasn’t really a part of what we offered. Um, we would do basic water damage Denver jobs for people if, you know, they had a small project that we could help out with, um, didn’t have any fancy equipment or tools. We had stuff good enough to get the job done and we knew what we were doing, but it just wasn’t an active market that we are going after or I should say a market that we were actively going after markets very active. We were not at that point, but I did chat with individuals during the breaks that that was their focus. And it was really interesting to me how many of these guys literally, uh, were jumping in and didn’t have a whole lot of experience under their belt, but they were just kind of winging it, faking it until they made it. Um, so good, sincere people, but perhaps they weren’t offering the best product to their customer at the time. And that’s really what started me thinking about offering water damage Denver services someday.

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it just seemed like there was opportunity if these guys could do it. And they literally were winging it, didn’t really have much of an idea as to what they were doing and they were kind of learning on the job. I just kept that in my back pocket and thought that it would be something to explore down the road. So obviously, you know, it’s been probably going into our fourth year now, so to speak, just since we’ve been registered with the secretary of state, really actively, um, trying to promote the company and, and make major strides in the last couple of years. And again, um, fast forward from that first seminar to I probably the second time that I attended it. And really I’m starting to think about


deep diving into the water damage Denver world started talking with restoration companies that were also at attendance. Bigger ones, not, not the small little ones, not the guys that were, were winging it, ones that had been established. And uh, Adam had a decent reputation and I looked at the ones that offered both the mitigation portion, the demo, the dry outs for water job and also the repair. Also the reconstruction of


the property once the mitigation portion was complete. And the overwhelming response that I got from those conversations was that it was just a circus when companies offered both mitigation and repair. And then I looked down, looked on, um, you know, review sites to see kind of the reaction from their customers. And that kind of corroborated what these companies had said in that just some really bad reviews, lots of balls being dropped, lots of miscommunication or non-communication, lots of subpar finish work. And so it really kind of made us gun shy as far as when we started to consider the framework for Bigfoot restoration. What were we going to offer, what kind of company were we going to be? And ultimately we decided we’re just gonna stick to mitigation at this.

We have found though that we have definitely succeeded at that got at this point about 85 star reviews. And certainly we have a lot more to learn. Certainly we’re not suggesting we’re perfect or that we can’t possibly mess up on any project, but we’re very confident that we execute, um, as well as anybody when it comes to, uh, the mitigation phase. And we have found that we are actively being having requests for the rebuild portion as well. We’ve always been happy to help facilitate that, um, for people that needed that contractor for us to get in touch with them and kind of help kind of bridge that gap, get them taken care of. But even that’s proved a little bit difficult just scheduling wise and you know, it can kinda kinda delay the project a little. So, uh, because of the pretty consistent request for rebuild, we’re going to lightly step in to that world. So I guess you could say the big foot restoration now really legitimately does offer repair

of all [inaudible]

just about all shapes and sizes. So more to come on that as we get more into it. But we’ve got a few projects that we’re currently in the middle of and we’ll be starting soon and it could very well open up a nother division of what what we do, which is exciting. It’s a little, it’s a little nerve wracking as well. Um, it’s, it’s something we’ll need to learn a lot about and certainly I think the, um, the guarantee is that we will approach it with the same passion and sincerity as we do with anything else. So

no, no worries about that whatsoever. But, uh, you know, the construction world is, uh, is a big one. It’s crazy one and sure, we’ve got a lot to learn. So if you have had a water damage Denver situation or you are currently going through one or you want to have your ducks in a row, should you ever have that experience, please consider beg Bigfoot restoration and repair for your one stop shop when it comes to both mitigation and rebuild a reconstruction on your project. Certainly no hope you never have to experience a water damage number situation, a fire, smoke loss mold, anything that we offer, but we know it happens. And we will be there for you when it does, but until then you stay safe.