Water damage Denver friends. What is going on? Hope you are having a fabulous morning, noon or night. Whenever you’re listening to this big foot restoration podcast of gold. Our goal is to bring you a few tips, illustrate a few points, maybe talk about some of the jobs that we’ve encountered and executed on for any water damage. Denver loss, my smoke or fire loss or mold loss that our customers have had. Um, typically we do, you know, come up with a scenario that we feel is applicable for, you know, the folks that might listen to these. And typically more often than not just based on numbers, based on percentages, that’s water damage, number jobs. So, um, we want people to be prepared. We want them to put measures in place to counteract, um, potential pipe freezing sewers, backing up, uh, downspouts, failing, all sorts of different things that can lead to water damage Denver jobs.

Um, but today we’re going to talk about a resource that we can be to property managers and real estate agents specifically. So we definitely try to, um, stay up to date on all of the marketing modes. Uh, we want to be top of mind. I’m in the Denver Metro area. Should anyone ever encounter a water damagehttps://skilledinspections.com/ Denver loss or any other sort of disaster that requires restoration skills. Um, but admittedly we are not, uh, the gurus when it comes to Facebook or Google or Instagram or any of the other mediums, platforms that are offered, uh, for businesses and services out there. Um, but what we do know and what we do appreciate is the folks that are, and it’s just kind of dawned on us recently that, um, let’s even just take it down even more a little bit more specifically with respect to real estate agents.

There are a good handful of real estate agents out there that are incredibly active on their Twitter feeds, on their Facebook feeds Instagram and they’re constantly, um, doing a great job of keeping, you know, themselves, um, in front of their potential customers. But they’re also attempting to provide great resource for their clients as well. And you know, more, maybe a little bit more primitive form of this, but still super effective in my opinion, is little mailers that real estate agents send out. Uh, they have everything from, uh, sports schedules for the local teams to maybe in the fall send out one that talks about, you know, fall prep and what to do for your home. Um, in the spring they might do the same thing, kind of spring cleaning tips and then maybe during, you know, be in preparation for summer. They might send out a little mailer that talks about the concerts that are happening in town.

Um, some of the different activities that people might want to consider, uh, mountains to climb. I’ve seen all sorts of cool stuff that realtors send out as direct mail pieces or, um, you know, every, I think they call it every door, direct mail, something like that. So it goes out to everyone, not just our clients necessarily. Super cool, really like that and really respect that. Um, but obviously in today’s, um, digital age, that electronic piece, that electronic marketing, uh, that social platform as well is incredibly helpful and beneficial. Both to the client, the potential customer as well as to the real estate professional. So it is our goal to come in contact with and to network with real estate professionals that love to have that continual online presence. And why is that? Well, they are constantly looking for content and ways that they can help their, uh, their customer base, their potential client base and they need to have good substantive information, um, for their clients.

And it’s tough to come up with that on your own day in and day out. Maybe multiple times a day. It would be basically, uh, you know, another entire full time job for a real estate professional to come up with enough content to Facebook live or to tweet or to constantly, you know, take pictures on Instagram and have it be truly applicable and helpful to the people that you know, follow their page to, to sit down for a second, watch a video, take a look at pictures, you know, read the text and say, okay, this is worth my time. You know, we all have extremely low, uh, attention spans at this point in time. So we need our information and we need it fast. If we don’t get it fast, we’ll scroll right to the next thing and we’ll focus our attention on that. It’s just the way, way life is these days.

Water Damage Denver | Real Estate Agents Refer Us

So what I’m getting at is that these real estate agents need water damage Denver companies, specifically Bigfoot restoration to help them with providing content and perhaps interviews perhaps, you know, tips of the day, those sorts of things to really, um, kind of solidify the real estate professional as a community resource that people can go to and trust that what they’re saying and the people that they’re interviewing and getting information from are going to be valuable for the customer. So we have been incredibly, um, tickled to have come in contact with a handful of real estate professionals like the, like what I just mentioned, uh, where they interview us and maybe they stream it live on Facebook or maybe they record the video, edit it and post it to whatever platform they want to. But they’re able to draw off our expertise, our professional, um, experiences and get some information and some real life firsthand knowledge of exactly the type of things that we can help out with and the type of water damage Denver jobs, smoke damage, fire damage, all sorts of odd things that we do.

Um, in addition to that, um, restorative type service that, you know, maybe people would have no clue what to do if they came home and found a water damaged inverse situation in their basement, would have no clue if they accidentally left a meal on the stove and it, you know, cooked dry and they have smoke damage throughout their whole house would have no idea who to call if they had, you know, a bunch of creditors get into their crawl space and just do crazy amounts of damage to, um, their insulation and all of these different things. So, um, you know, if we’re able to hop on for just two, three, four minutes, we don’t want to, uh, to bore anybody to death. Cause we know there’s more interesting things out there to, uh, to watch. But if we can sit down for just literally a minute or two or three to share, um, some info and to, you know, put something in a, in somebodies air that they have never heard before that maybe they weren’t privy to, maybe never even thought about.

And now they know and now, now they know how to protect their home, protect their property, just based off literally 60, 90 seconds of their day. That is incredibly helpful and valuable to them and obviously, um, you know, establishes that real estate professional as somebody that, you know, they can trust and go to and hopefully get them some business and obviously for selfish reasons, you know, keep Bigfoot restoration top of mind in case, you know, God forbid any of those customers do have a water damaged inverse situation that they need immediate assistance, not resistance assistance with, you know, perhaps though Reno recall to go back to that real estate professionals page and search real quick, you know, water damage Denver or disaster repair or whatever the topic is that they remember for us and then get ahold of us ASAP. So pretty cool stuff. We love, love, love, love doing that sort of thing.

It’s um, yeah, it’s incredibly, um, it just gets our juices going when we can provide assistance to both other business professionals as well as to the general public of the type of things that we do. The type of things that we can help out with and ultimately how we can hopefully help them prevent water damage Denver jobs. Um, so maybe they never even need to call us in the first place as a result of seeing, um, a video of us being interviewed or, or livestreamed on any of these platforms. So, um, if you are a real estate professional or you know of one and you would love to have us on to have a quick chat, we would be honored. We’d be thrilled. Reach out to us. Um, the, uh, phone or text at seven two zero five, seven five three, six, six, eight or our email is info@bigfootrestoration.com. Uh, we’ll set up a date and time that accommodates your schedule and we’ll get that taken care of for you. So again, any real estate professionals, either you or someone you know, hook us up and it should be profitable for both of us and tell them though, you stay safe.