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Since you don’t want to met for your pillow, since you don’t need housekeeping, let’s spend a few minutes dropping a couple extra special golden nuggets on this big foot POS podcast of gold. And what I have for you today is just a little story about a water damage Denver job. Well that we thought was one way and like sometimes happen. It turned out to be

something a little different. So what, um, what had happened is that we do a fair amount of maintenance cleaning and work for a nonprofit company here in town and they do great work. They really help younger people with getting their life back on track and figuring things out that, uh, aren’t all that obvious anymore as far as what to do. What’s right, what’s wrong, I guess is a big question these days. And some of these young guys,

folks have found themselves in a bit of trouble. So they end up at these facilities where these uh, very generous individuals spend tons of time, tons of energy, um, trying to rehabilitate them and nurture them and support them back to being a productive member of society. Well these kids live there 24, seven. It is kind of a medium security type. Dang. They are not allowed to leave. They can’t leave. Everything’s locked down and so it is their home and just like any home things happen from a day to day standpoint, there’s maintenance that needs to be done. There is cleaning and from time to time there are disasters, hopefully small but they happen little things and especially when you have a nice little grouping of young men living together,

bathroom problems are going to happen and about through problem did happen last week. They had a toilet overflow and [inaudible] the, the main boys’ bathroom on the main floor backed up overflowed when all over the floor came out into the kind of rec room, the common area a little bit but also made its way down through event down to the finished basement area where the gym slash workout areas. Now that I’m talking about this and kind of explaining what happened. I think we may have briefly discussed it in a prior podcast, but um, this is going to be a little different because probably at that point we were just discussing kind of what kind of water damage Denver issues. We thought they had some of the things that we were going through to, to get them dried out and explaining the difference between category one, category two, category three, Mmm classifications, things, things like that.

So, um, now that we’re a little more than a weekend [inaudible] job, um, the, the subject matter for today would be that it wasn’t just a clue. Um, category three water damage, Denver job. And to remind you, category three is going to be referred to as grossly contaminated, which is the case when, when, um, you know, toilets back up from a number two and it was legit. Number two, it was pretty bad, pretty stinky, pretty gross. So lots of sorts of things have to be accounted for when you’re dealing with a Water Damage Denver situation like that. And that’s what we were probably talking about last week when we discussed this. What, uh, what the little twist was in this whole thing is that as, as we arrived to originally, do, you know, some of the work, get things dried out. We were ready and able and kind of getting after the fact that we would need to remove the ceiling in the basement. [inaudible]

Water Damage Denver | Ready To Show You Another Side?

anything soft textile like dry drywall, so on and so forth. When it, when it’s touched by category three Water Damage Denver number, it really is deemed non salvageable. So it’s got to go and we were moisture mapping the ceiling down in the basement and figuring out how much drywall would need to be cut out. And I would say in this case it was about a, um, a hundred square foot area. It’s about 10 by 10, maybe 10 by 12, something like that. And as we were getting ready to do this, we noticed there was kind of a patch job there, maybe like a three by three, three by four piece of unfinished drywall that had been scabbed back up onto the joists, hadn’t been finished, hadn’t been textured, it hadn’t been painted. And as you kind of looked around a little bit more, it was pretty easily easy to tell that they had had water damage Denver before. Um, some staining, there was some kind of just aesthetic observation that made it obvious that it was going in. This happened before something similar. It happened. Um, and as we cut out this dry wall kind of uncovered a more, um, prevalent problem. You know, when we were, when we went out there, obviously our main main goal was to get everything clean and sanitary from this toilet overflow. But we, what we discovered is we started to remove the material from the underside was that there was some pretty rotten sub floor

under the boys shower upstairs. And it was a, to the point that it was probably something that needed to be addressed. Like pretty soon, not down the road when you have a S constant water leak. We’ve talked about this before, the, the potential for mold growth and when you’re dealing with a facility like this where there’s, you know, it’s probably state funded to a point, I don’t know. I know they’d get a lots of generous donations, um, but you just don’t want groups of kids to be at risk and um, certainly there’s potential for that. Everybody really reacts to mold and bacteria and things like that differently. So it’s imperative to have everything done pretty,

pretty, right, pretty appropriately. And I guess where I’m, where I’m going with this is that as homeowners you may feel okay or deal with dealing with something, not maybe really wanting to spend the time or effort or money to, you know, fix any sort of problem gets, doesn’t really matter what it’s related to. But when you’re dealing with a group home, something like this, I don’t think you really have that ability to, to be quite as a subjective. So, um, you know, we had to notify lots of different people when it comes to something like this. There, there’s a lot of individuals that kind of have a, a say in the decision making process. So reached out and got the clearance to go ahead and treat and remove part of the sub floor and get probably the more important project done. Even then, um, the original category three Water Damage Denver leak, uh, we were able to assess and take care of this other problem that they had previously had. And so it was kind of like killing two birds with one stone. I mean, it was maybe just bringing back to light the serious seriousness of an issue that they already knew they had. They had dealt with before but maybe, uh, pushed to the back burner. But in fact it was something that needed to be streamlined a bit and taken care of.

So that’s just the thing. Sometimes you just never know. You get into what you think is just a maybe more of a simple Water Damage Denver situation. You start getting investigative and it turns out it’s maybe just a touch more complicated than what you may have thought. So, um, it’s good thing was good thing to find. You know, obviously it probably boosted the bill up just to touch more, but they’re able to go ahead and attend to these situations, get the leaks fixed and get a this bathroom back in shape where it’s safe and it’s healthy and it’s, you know, obviously something that all the kids can use and not have to worry about any longer. So just a, a little story time for a water damage. Denver job that we did fairly recently. If you have anything similar that you need to reach out for Bigfoot four, please feel free, be happy to help till next time you stay safe.