Water damage Denver people. Oh, it’s so, so, so nice to check in with you on the evening of a beautiful weekend here. And um, what, um, where my mind is at today is a ironically, um, the place it is after going to, um, a little event at our football stadium last night called monster jam and a kind of a trip. I’ve got two, two younger children and uh, we’ve got a great little mini community here in my neighborhood. We, um, we’ve got, we just happen to really luck out with some fabulous neighbors, a lot of people that just are genuinely nice people. And I know how, unfortunately, how, how unique that is these days. We lived before we moved to this house, we were in a community for about 10 years and it was, I guess, you know, decent community. I mean, I’m sure a nice, nice mix of people, but we just never got to know our neighbors.

And our house was kind of set up in a, in an interesting way. We, um, we didn’t live on a typical block with, you know, neighbors lining the street on east sides, but we tried to get out and about, you know, we had our two little ones there. And so we would go on walks with the dogs and with our two little kids and stuff and just never got a real, real friendly vibe from people in our neighborhood. We’d walked by. And more often than not, they’d kind of, if they were out, they’d walk towards their house and away from us, um, as opposed to just Nodden or waving or saying hi and chatting like the good old days. So in any case, we’ve got some cool neighbors and we get together, um, every once in awhile, not too much, but, uh, just, you know, we, the adults get together to play games and just kind of hang out and chat.

And all of our kids, you know, aren’t necessarily exact same age, but, uh, they just get along nicely. So, um, we, we do an event every once in awhile. We, we, uh, we enjoy each other’s company and we went down to, um, this monster jam monster truck rally. And, uh, I’m not a big gear head or a mechanic by any means, but I always think it’s Kinda cool to see different stuff and, and, um, kids are easily impressed. So, uh, we wanted to check this thing out in, it was cool. Uh, we went down first to, uh, what they called the pit pass party or something like that. And, um, all the trucks are out and the drivers are out and sign autographs and shaking hands and taking pictures and it’s kind of cool. Um, merchandise Galore, as you can imagine. Nothing water damage Denver related, but, uh, you know, I mean, it’s good to get out and, and kind of decompress sometimes.

So, um, it’s interesting, you know, uh, like I said, not anything having to do with water damage Denver, smoke, mold, any of the things that we do, but inevitably after going to just about any sort of event, I reflect later or kind of think about what I’ve just seen and I’m able to apply it in some form or fashion to the industry, the people that we serve in the metro area. And um, and so here’s what my takeaway was, is that man, we’re these things, powerful man did the amount of, um, torque and horsepower and just bra crazy power. It was, it couldn’t have been more evident than it was with, with these vehicles. And I don’t even know what these things cost to build, maintain, but I mean, when you’re, when you’re looking at, you know, Toyota Camrys and, um, Subarus and things drive up and down the road and then you see these, these trucks, these vehicles, it’s just a different world.

And so hearing the noise, smelling the fuel, seeing what they could do was, was just insane. And even for people like me that aren’t big into cars big into racing or you know, big and mechanics, it was, it was incredibly cool to watch and to, to witness. So, and you know, I mean just live too. I mean the whole in person dynamic, um, it, it just takes it to a different level. So water and most much the same way and in resulting water damaged in very much the same way. Fire damage. Uh, it both, both very powerful forces of nature and, um, you know, there’s a certain area in the country right now, unfortunately that’s, or not, yeah. Not In our country, but actually up a little north in Canada right now. That’s, that’s got some flooding going on. And I’ve seen pictures of their efforts for trying to prepare for the flood and prepare for these rising waters along the banks of whatever river, whatever body of water it is.

And the water’s rising. And it is, it’s just crazy how, um, you can tell, I mean, they’re doing their best to prepare and to build levy or your life, isn’t it? It’s not really the right word. We’re up probably, but just all sorts of supports to, to prepare in as this water rises. You can just see these, the stress levels on, um, on the little structures that they’ve built and stuff. And um, it’s, it’s sad, but it’s just, you can tell the power of the water. It, it’s not going to be denied. It’s, it’s unfortunately, it’s probably gonna snap these wooden structures like twigs when there’s enough pressure behind them and watching these trucks last night, um, you know, they’re, they’re gearing up there. They’re just whatever they’re doing, I’m not sure exactly how if they gear down or or whatever, but as the approach, these jumps just punch the gas and before they know it, before you know, these huge things, or I don’t even know how far they are on their 20 feet, something like that.

But just craziness. And you know, they come down and they’ve, the last event of the night is called freestyle. So it’s their time to really show off what they can do and drive all over the whole field and, and just go crazy. I mean these things are doing backflips off this one particular a mogul thing they have set up, but I would say probably path of the vehicles and I think there are probably like 14 trucks. I didn’t really count them but say 14 1516 trucks, um, participating. And I want to say in that last freestyle event, probably half of them had to get towed off because the power just overwhelmed the at the, the metal, the, the fittings, the bolts, the nuts, the screws, the hoses, all of the, all of the material that was made to put these things together, the power and the torque and just coming down off, you know, these huge jumps would snap axles, would snap, you know, drive, trains, snap, you know, all, all these super strong materials.

Um, you know, or the engine would just blow or you know, the guy that I was, that I was with was explaining in more a little more technical Water Damage Denver terms what was going on with respect to the different parts of the motor and stuff. And it was just clear, like the power of these things were even overwhelming for, you know, the housing that, you know, the, the highly skilled engineers had developed, uh, to put these things together. And so the moral of the story for me as I, as I reflected and thought about kind of water damage Denver smoke, not really some smoke but fire, fire, water damage Denver, um, those, those two components specifically, it, uh, it just made me under understand and once again kind of stopped to appreciate the power and the respect level that, that we have to have for, you know, two of these elements that, um, that we deal with, you know, and as a result of, of a loss in, in our industry, there’s lots of things that, you know, we’ve developed and not, um, you know, like we’ve talked about before, um, the different first responders in different, you know, people that really study, um, disaster and how to contain fires and how to, how to prepare for floods and things of that nature.

Um, you know, how they can really take a potential horrible situation and, and really kind of cut down or um, limit limit damage or limit the, the extent of what could happen. But still, I mean lives are going to be effected, things are going to burn, things are going to, are going to experience, um, you know, damage from, from water, water damage number at it. It’s something that we don’t see a lot here from, from a, uh, from a nature perspective quite some much. I mean the coasts get it a lot or different parts of the world, but um, it’s inevitable happens everywhere and when it does, you just have to appreciate it. And um, kind of come to terms with, with how powerful everything is. So maybe a little weird to a associate monster jam monster trucks with, uh, with what we do. But I did and so thought I thought it was kind of an interesting correlation.

Not a, now here’s the thing I was asking, I was asking this, this gentleman that I was with, it’s kind of into this stuff, you know, as the, is monster jam, is it really a competition? Is it something that truly all these, all these trucks really have a legitimate shot at, at winning these events or whatever. Or is that Kinda like WWE where you’ve got your popular trucks, like you have your popular wrestlers, of course, grave digger and I think Water Damage Denver El Toro Loco and one other one are the ones that all the people seem to go kind of nutty over when, um, when they come out. Uh, I, and you know, just like wrestling with, you know, all a, certainly all the people we, I grew up with, old school, Ho Cogan, macho man, Randy Savage, ultimate warrior, Andre the giant. And those were, those were the stars. And we wanted to see those, those guys went.

And it was kind of a bummer if they ever lost, especially to, you know, maybe a wrestler that wasn’t a very big name. So he, he said, yeah, it’s kind of half and half. It’s, you know, something where truly you just never know what’s gonna happen when these trucks, you know, try to do their tricks and do their races. Um, you know, all the drivers are skilled and stuff, but he felt like there was kind of a, Water Damage Denver a show component to it. Like, you know, ultimately the motor popular ones would, would have the better chance of winning. So he didn’t really know how it worked. But in any case, I thought that was was interesting because at the end when all the scores had been tallied and they had determined there are winners for that night and apparently that was the very last event for their season two or season two or whatever.

And they’ve got finals I guess, and Florida, her Vegas maybe, I’m not sure, but this was the last like road stop. They awarded all these uh, things. And it was just kind of funny. It kind of reminded me of, of wrestling and was just a little cheesy, but it was cool. It, uh, it was definitely different. Something that I can say I’ve never experienced and, um, wasn’t really in my element, but it was super fun and it was cool to certainly see kids get, get juiced, um, and get, you know, anything that makes them happy is, is worth it. So anyway, um, friends, we, we sure appreciate the continued support. Uh, we’ve had, um, some phenomenal reviews and really just appreciate, uh, every one that we’ve been able to work with. Um, and those that have reached out to us for help was water damage Denver. It’s, it’s just humbling, um, to be able to help our folks in the community. Um, referrals, you know, we just, we’ll take care of every one. Like they were our own family, so any water damage Denver and he smoked and he fire any mold, any thing that we can possibly be of assistance with. Seven, two, zero five, seven, five foot five, seven, five, three, six, six, eight. We will take care of you. We will talk to you soon.